No arrests??????

No arrests after 2,000 teens fight at Louisville mall:

Not only do the civilized American people have a terrorists threat to deal with,  they also have to worry about being caught up in the cross fire of some rioting thugs at their local malls.

Yesterday at a mall in Louisville, not 2 thugs- not 20 thugs- not 200 thugs but 2,000 thugs were involved a riot (that is as many people that live in some small cities). Rioting and behaving like idiots seems to be the favorite past-time for thugs with too much time on their hands and nothing better to  do than put other peoples lives in jeopardy because of their animalistic tendencies and dangerous misbehaving.

I can’t get over the fact that out of 2,000 rioting thugs, there were no arrest.

Under similar circumstances; last week one such thugs was not so lucky. On Christmas Eve the thug 18-year-old Daquan Antonio Westbrook, who was not a stranger to law enforcement, was shot and killed by mall police  at Northlake Mall in North Carolina.


Westbrook, also known by his gangster moniker Donkey Cartel in the Hip Hop world were he was an up and coming star. Donkey Boy  was firing shots at some men he had an on-going feud with when an off duty mall cop  did the world a favor and sent sent the Donkey’s ass  to the big Hip Hop store in the sky.

According to the cops, the 18-year-old would be bad ass had a long criminal history.

Anyone that was born more than 30 years ago (if they have any sense) can see the regression of our society and how it is getting worse day by day.

What we need in this country are more mothers/fathers like the one in the Baltimore that slapped the shit out of kid for hanging with the wrong crowd.

Parents that react in that manner truly love their kids; something a PC-er can not connect with.

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