Another Supreme blunder

SCOTUS rules in favor of Muslim woman in suit against Abercrombie and Fitch:

CNN) The Supreme Court ruled in favor of a Muslim woman who has sued retailer Abercrombie & Fitch when the store failed to hire her because she wore a headscarf called a Hijab in observance of her religion.

Even our Comment allez-vous friends across the pond have more sense than the American Supreme Court Justices and did not capitulate to outside pressures.

In 2010 the French outlawed anyone from wearing face coverings which included the Burka. The move did not sit well with the Muslim community that claimed wearing the cloth was part of their religious fundamentals.

According to Muslim tradition a woman is supposed to wear the Hijab in the presence of non-Muslim people, especially men, to demonstrate their modesty.

The Hijab covers the head and shoulders while a Burqa covers the face, head and shoulders.

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My contention is; an employer should have the right to expect their employees to dress in an acceptable manner favorable to their workplace.  The judge’s’ decision appears to me just another way of caving into political correctness.

It certainly pays off for the presidents’ when they appoint the judges to the Supreme Court that will dance to their tone.

What rights does an employer have? The employer in this case is not objecting to the women being Muslim, they are objecting to her wear clothing that is not conducive to their dress code or method of operating.

All of this nonsense revolves around the ever growing trend to political correctness. PC-ness has be twisted, turned and manipulated as many ways as possible to satisfy some very insecure people in this country and it is getting worse by the day.

Because of the Supreme Court (why are they referred to as Supreme) the normal, well rounded, secure, stable individual is having all of this political correctness stuffed down our throats.  With decisions such as this, they are setting a precedence in our country and turning it into a PC zoo.

These are some great examples:

One more that is a zinger.

Professors and other employees at the City University of New York’s Graduate Center have been forbidden from addressing students and prospective students with the title “Mr.” and “Ms.” because, campus leaders say, the terms may be offensive and is gender specific.

How things have regressed in the USA. It used to be a sign of respect to call someone mister or misses; now it is an insult.

This PC business is way out of control. Before you know it, it will be Un-PC to call a dog a dog because it may have some negative connotations that will give all the dogs on the planet an inferiority complex. Chew on that.

I wonder if these obsessive PC freaks ever stopped to look in the mirror and see what fools they look like?

The crazy part about most of this PC-ness; the majority of it comes from supposedly highly educated people. I have always maintained; I would trade scholastic accomplishments 100% for common sense and street sense. There are some people in this world that are so out of touch with reality; if it is not written, it doesn’t exist.

I would like to get a new definition circulating for the acronym PC; we can call it Pathetically Contradictory or even Pitiful Conversation.

The government intervention at every turn is totally out of hand. Let’s start giving some rights back to the normal citizens of this country and the people that sign the pay checks.

Can I go take a piss now or should I have said a pee?

Commander and Chief

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