Can it possibly be the weed??

Iceland remains most peaceful nation in the world, study says:

Six out of the top 10 most peaceful countries were European, with Denmark and Austria holding the second and third spots. Topping the list is Iceland.

Why is that? Who lives in Iceland? Icelandic people naturally. The population in Iceland is comprised of 93% of people from Icelandic origin.

On the religious side, 84% of the population worships the same, in the Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Statistics like that make for very harmonious living.

They look the same,  think the same, like the same food, worship the same, have been brought up in the same environment and have the same old school values. All of those elements combined are very important in a well-balanced society.

The fact that  Iceland Iceland is home to the world’s largest per capita population of weed smokers, may have something to do with their mellow mentality and dispositions.


The USA on the other hand is the melting pot of the world with a multitude of races and nationalities trying to co-exist and not doing a very good job of it.

What we have in the USA are 50 different nationalities or more, a multitude of different religions and people from many different walks of life trying to assimilate with one another.  It is not a good recipe for harmonious living.

One thing I left out. The intolerance between our races, cultures and ways of life are a disaster. Very few people know what the word compromise means. Most people always want to be right and are too ignorant to appreciate the other person’s point of view.

I spent some time in Amsterdam. When I looked down one of their streets, all I saw were 6’4″ guys and 6′ gals, all blond and beautiful, riding bicycles. They all look like clones. The look the same, think the same and act the same. That is a good thing. What do they have to argue about? Look down the street in any major city in the USA and what do you see?

Back in 1960 when our society was a lot less violent and more tolerant with one another, the majority of the US citizens were of the same race.

Changing U.S. Racial Demographics


Moving forward, as the percentages changed because of the birth rates and the immigration influx, harmonious conditions worsened. Race relations have gone backwards in this country instead of making progress, much of that I blame the government for.

This scenario is not prevalent only because we are the USA. Any other country in the world that would follow the same pattern of immigration and become a melting pot would suffer the same untenable outcome sooner than later.

If the graph can be viewed as a crystal ball or a barometer of what the future holds; looking forward to 2050 has to be very discouraging.

Possibly we can take it to another dimension and say; as time progresses the more intermingling between races will be taking place and the more people will be converged into the same racial group. If that eventuated, there still may be some hope for the USA and its racial strife.  Don’t hold your breath.

yyyy        yyyyyyy

If you feel the need to live a life of peace, tranquility and smoke a little dope; sell all of your worldly possessions and move to Iceland. A word to the wise; you better check with them first, you may not be welcome.

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