Give her keys to the State

Missouri mom allegedly assaults drug dealer trying to supply son with heroin:

A Missouri mother is facing assault charges in a case where she allegedly struck a man she says was supplying her son with heroin, Fox 2Now reports.

Sherrie Gavan says she felt threatened during a conversation with the man. Gavan’s son Clayton is a teenager who got hooked on the drug while still attending high school. He tells the story so many do about trying to get clean.

If the judicial system is ignorant enough to prosecute this woman there should be a revolt against the courts.

This lady should be given the “Key to the State” and made a hometown hero and have a parade held in her honor.

There should be more parents like Sherrie that care enough about her son to try and protect them from these scum of the earth drug pushers that are literally killing the younger population of this country and world.

This is a tough question. I haven’t figured out yet what is the lowest form life on this earth; a pedophile or a drug pusher. They are both are equally destructive in their own sick ways.

The government can hire all the drug Czars they want and spend trillions of dollars to try and suppress the sale of drugs but will never overcome the drug problem. The key to eradicating the drug use is; education. Where is education supposed to begin; at home. Not in school but at home.

The only time there will ever be an end to drug use is if people quit buying the poison. With no sales; the drugs in one week the pushers will be out of business.

This country and the rest of the world have so many parents that are responsible for the miss-behavior of their children by the piss poor examples they set for the kids. After the cell door slams in the kids face or something tragic happens to them they are trying to figure out; why?

Parents; it is incumbent of all of you to set a good example for your kids. Secondly; scrutinize the people that they associate with. “When a person sleeps with a dog they get flees”.

Good parenting is the foundation of raising a stand up citizen. If no effort is put into those areas, the outcome of the kid is very questionable. At the same time there are kids out there that no matter how hard a parent tries and how good of an example they set for them; it just isn’t there. The only satisfaction that  the parent has is to say to themselves “I truly did my best”. Nothing else you can do.

It definitely is a lot harder to be a good parent then a bad one. A bad parents always agrees with their kids because they don’t want to piss the kid off. A good parent will say no if they feel what the kid is doing is not right. Be a good parent first and then a friend after the fact.

If you don’t get any co-operation from the kids and they are hooked on drug, turn them into the cops. In the long run they will thank you.

Sherrie is a good parent. I think she should have shot the pusher.

I truly hope the judge that is assigned this assault against Sherrie if it goes that far  has the wisdom to throw it out of court and put the degenerate drug dealer in jail for about 20 years.

Judge; don’t forget the parade for Sherrie!!!

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