Greedy gas gougers

Wall Street greed fueling high gas prices:

I am the first one that does not believe in government intervention but when something is as out of whack as the gas prices  are today and expected to go much higher, the powers to be should step in and pull the reigns in on the gas gougers.

One of the reason they probably will never intervene is because the majority of them, with the inside information that was available to them, all have stock with the major oil mongers.

There is an old say that “s— slides down hill” and we the people are at the bottom. These bandits are sticking up the whole world and  doing it without a gun.

The numbers are staggering. The oil companies have made almost $1 trillion in profits over the past decade, thanks to the good old boys making ridiculous federal subsidies and tax loopholes available to them from their partners in crime.

There is another reason the oil companies are taking our eyes out. Wall Street. Speculators are raking in huge profit betting on the dropping demand for oil consumption. It has been at its lowest level since 1997.

Only the complicated, devious methods of Wall Street could find a way to make money when the demand is down.

Just when a “Citizen Joe” thought he heard every way the government can put the shaft him they come up with a new way.

I really don’t think so but I hope there is a heaven or hell so some of these bandits can get what is coming to them in the hereafter. These dastardly dogs sure are riding on cloud nine now.

I have been troubled for a long time now trying to figure out why we elect these people to represent us in Washington when all they are doing is feathering their own nests?

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