Snap the shutter closed


Greed is a powerful thing that has brought down many a civilization, country, big business, dishonest people and even religions. Neflix is not any different.

When you have the world by the ass and don’t know it, it is a sad state of affairs.

From my prospective, Netflix was a rip off even at $ 7.00 a month. Their “new” movies were from the 70’s and 80’s and not even a good selection. The one thing that they do have is very good are their documentaries.

My wife and I started to watch the series The Tudors about Henry the 8th. When we got to the end of the series that Netflix provided, we had to go rent the last two because they did not offer them. This happened more the once.

Anytime I called them to check on a movie or it’s availability they always had some half-baked reason why a particular movie was not offered.

When was “lucky enough” to talk to one of their highly trained techs that should have gone to Dick Blake’s charm school, all I got from the “piranhas” was a lot of lip service. Finally I had it and cancelled my subscription I was so disgusted.

Some people in business don’t understand a very important fundamental. The people that work for them, regardless of what capacity they are in, are representatives of the company.

There is nothing worse than an impolite person on the other end of the line. I think her name was Gordon and she slurred her words every time she took another chomp of her Bazooka Bubble Gum. I got a different Gordon every time I called with a question. They must have a big cloning operation going on there.

There also were several occasions that the billing was .50 a month off. Imagine 25 million x .50 = $ 12,5000,000 a month. Not bad. I cannot be convinced that they make the mistake deliberately.

There are a lot of people that do not check their bill and just pay it. Netflix had to come away with a pretty penny every month in overcharges.

My old man used to say “the son of a bitch has a loaf of bread under each arm and is still complaining”!

When you are well off, appreciate what you have. Serve the people that are keeping you in business with respect and honesty. Give them what they pay for. Quit putting green tomatoes in the salad over the wilted lettuce.

“The last few months…have been difficult for shareholders, employees, and most unfortunately, many members of Netflix,” Netflix CEO Reed Hastings wrote in a letter to shareholders. “We’ve hurt our hard-earned reputation, and stalled our domestic growth.”

I am all torn up about this!!

Are we supposed to feel sorry for Reed Hastings? He had his hand in everyone’s cookie jar and the lid slammed on it. Should have been another body part but it was probably too small to hang over the jar. It would serve him and all the other greedy people in his company well if they lost all of their subscribers. My towel is still wet after my shower, otherwise I would offer it to Netflix and the head crooks to wipe up their tears.

Netflix is offering one free month to try and re-coup some of their disgruntled customers that dropped off their mailing list. I am going to subscribe and cancel it on the 29th day.

Don’t forget the popcorn. No butter please.

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