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Norwegian Cruise Ship Docks With 2 Dead Passengers In Boston

Go put your feet up and relax. You think so?

In the last few years there have been a slew of deaths on these pleasure cruises that have not been explained and the ships owners walk away without any consequences. One of the semi-legal strategies with the cruise line owners is to register the ships under a Liberian flag so they circumvent the laws and limit their liabilities in the event any dilemmas surface.

It sounds incredible but take a look at a list of people that have died either by natural causes or otherwise. Some of these deaths sound very “fishy” and are subject to some scrutiny.

Cruise Ship Deaths

New – Baby Doe – Newborn infant was found dead in her mother’s cabin October 12, 2011, by a cabin steward, the mother somewhere else on Carnival Dream having fun after giving birth aboard.

Andy Knebel – Andy was bleeding internally and it was serious. In the following four hours he lost 4 liters of blood and was in critical condition. He was given 14 containers of saline fluid to replace his blood loss. He died bloated, labeled “obese”.

Angelo Faliva – 31, a chef aboard Coral Princess went missing on November 26, 2009 while the ship was in the Caribbean.

Annette Mizener – 37, in a sign of a struggle, her small black, beaded evening bag along with an overturned drink glass, and scattered papers was found alongside a railing on a lower deck of the cruise ship. She had won the cruise in a contest.

Anthony Burger – 44, from Brentwood, Tennessee, was a contracted gospel pianist performing aboard Holland America Line’s Noordam in the Caribbean. He dropped dead on stage.

Antonio Matabang – 25, was off-duty when he was standing on a railing posing for a photograph, lost his balance and fell 80 feet into the sea, witnessed by other employees who threw Matabang a life ring then put out the man overboard call.

Ashley Barnett – 25, from California was an aspiring actress and had been working with composer John Debney. The day after boarding Carnival Cruise Lines’ Carnival Paradise, in Long Beach, California she was dead after drinking cold medicine that was tainted with methadone.

Barbara Davey – 56, died as a result of a head injury, when the ship’s captain deliberately sailed the cruise ship into a severe storm in the Mediterranean Sea resulting in severe damage to the ship, passengers and crew.

Belinda Clark – 35, was on a Norwegian Star 7 night Mexican Riviera cruise with her family when she disappeared.

Billie Jean Hunt – 77, was on a cruise aboard Carnival Cruise Lines’ Carnival Conquest on February 9, 2007 when another passenger found her inside the Jacuzzi, on her side, her head under the water.

Bruce O’Krepki – 18, from Louisiana went overboard from the Carnival Cruise Line’s Fantasy. O’Krepi was part of a group of 30 or so high school graduates from the St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Hammond, Louisiana.

Camila Peixoto Bandeira – 28, from Brazil was found hanging in her cabin on January 09, 2010 aboard MSC Musica where she worked as a bartender. Her death was ruled a murder.

Colleen Skantar – 24, the Palm Beach teacher was aboard Scandinavian World Cruises’ Scandinavian Sun when a fire broke out in the engine room, filling the ship with smoke. She died in the fire.

Darrin Joseph San Fillippo – 44, from Hillsborough, New Jersey died while cruising with his family aboard Carnival Cruise Line’s Carnival Miracle on Saturday, June 27, 2009 near San Juan, Puerto Rico. He was found unconscious on the floor inside his cabin.

David Lee Fitzgerald – 76, contracted Norovirus on board the Carnival Liberty along with 535 other passengers and 143 crew members while on a transatlantic cruise from Italy to the U.S. He died as a result of the illness while aboard.

David Ritcheson – 18, from Texas had departed Galveston, Texas on a five day cruise to Cozumel, Mexico aboard Carnival Cruise Line’s Ecstasy, when he suddenly jumped overboard. Ritcheson, before the cruise, was the victim of a male on male sexual assault.

Dianne Brimble – 42, from Brisbane, Australia was a mother of three children. Family said days before the cruise aboard P & O Cruises’ Pacific Sky, she began having nightmares about the cruise. She ended up drugged and naked on the floor of a cabin occupied by four men. She had won the cruise in a contest.

Don Bryce – Norovirus illness aboard the cruise ship results in death during dream cruise.

Dr. Michael Bedford – 70, in rough seas, Bedford and his girlfriend decided to move to the front of the ship in order to get a better view. The ship lunged while they were on the stairs, he was tossed, dying a few minutes later.

Edith Horn – 78, from Essex, England, a retired school teacher on a cruise around Norway died from Norovirus.

Eileen ‘Gay’ Gibson – 21, London, England Actress, was murdered by convicted ship’s steward, James Camb, 31, who then shoved Miss Gibson out the porthole of her cabin, her body never found.

Elizabeth Galeana – 22, a special needs adult, jumped overboard from Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines’ Voyager Of The Seas on July 22, 2006.

Erica Cummings – 19, from California, a student at Baylor University, drowned in the Holland America Line’s swimming pool aboard Rotterdam that was supposed to be closed for the night.

Ernestine Vivian Bressel – 23, was shot to death by the married man she was having an affair with, Louis Campagna, 46, while sailing on Cunard Line’s Vasari, that sailed out of New York harbor.
Everard Simmons – 20, from Bronx, New York was on a graduation cruise along with 400 students, guests and chaperones when he jumped overboard, later found dead.

Frank Kochish – 82, committed suicide by jumping overboard from cabin M236 on Carnival Cruise Line’s Inspiration, May 19, 2006. He left a suicide note.

George Allen Smith IV – 26, from Greenwich, Connecticut was on his honeymoon cruise. He partied with two Russians and a teen until the wee hours of the morning while his drunk, teacher bride was somewhere else on the ship. When the sun rose, a bloody trail would lead investigators to what has been called the cruise ship murder overboard case of the decade.

Gerhard Szimke – 68, died from drowning during the fire and ultimate sinking of the cruise ship Achille Lauro.

Grant Medeiros – 14 from Canada, argues with his parents and jumps overboard while the ship is 12 miles off shore. A life ring is later found on the shore.

Gregory Gonzalez Navarro – 27, a crew member from Peru, was found hanging by his neck on an outside deck by lifeboat #8 aboard Carnival Cruise Lines’ Carnival Victory.

Hayman Ronald Lucas – 14, from Elmont, New York, died eleven days after his fourteen birthday from alcohol poisoning with a blood alcohol level of 0.29 from alcohol supplied by a passenger.

Herman Augustus Charles – 28, from Jamaica was working as a crew member on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines’ Song Of America. He was murdered, shot to death, by another crew member.

Howard Crager – 92, had survived the 1989 antarctic sinking of the Bahia Paraiso with over 200 aboard when he was 72, the worst environmental disaster in Antarctic history. He
didn’t survive his last cruise though.

Isabella Negrato – 22, from São Paulo, Brazil was a University student in São Paulo, Brazil. She fell ill and died aboard the MSC Opera

James Michael Burgess – 49, was found laying face down in a pool of blood from a head injury, inside a cruise ship public restroom,

Jean-Christophe Allain – 45, and his 16-year-old daughter, Maud Allain from France, died during the sinking of the Sea Diamond. Their bodies were never found.

Jennifer Seitz – 36, went overboard after she and her husband played a newlywed type game aboard the ship where he answered a sex question with, ” We’ve done it on cruise ship balconies. We’ve done it in cruise ship bathrooms. We’ve done it all over cruise ships, all over. We are cruisers, and we do it all over the cruise ships.”

Jessie Harper Mozee – 53, from Nome, Alaska traveling alone, was found dead in the water having been tossed overboard. She had been beaten and robbed. A large amount of cash and jewelry was missing from her cabin. Her husband, a U.S. Marshall launched an investigation into her death.

Jonathan Hamilton – 14, died in the fire aboard the Castle Line Inc’s SS Yarmouth Castle on November 13, 1965. Jonathan was on the cruise with his family. His Mother Mary Hamilton was severely injured in the fire, and lost a leg afterwards.

Jonathan Kallas – 21, died after contracting Norovirus aboard Carnival Miracle.

Joseph Thomas Gavigan Jr, – 80, from Orleans, Massachusetts was sailing aboard Celebrity Cruises’ cruise ship Solstice when he contracted Norovirus, along with over 100 other passengers and crew.

Karen Roston – 26, on her honeymoon after marrying Chiropractor and author Dr. Scott Robin Roston, 36, she was murdered and tossed overboard from Sundance Cruises’ (Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines) Stardancer. Her body found, her husband was convicted of her murder. He claimed Israeli spies murdered his wife to frame him for the book he wrote about them.

Keith Shaw – 77, an artist teaching aboard the ship from the United Kingdom, died after a neck injury sustained during rough seas aboard Saga Rose.

Kipi Holcomb – 32, found dead in her cabin, blood-alcohol level was .27 and cocaine and THC from marijuana was found in her system.

Laura Gainey – 25, was the daughter of Bob Gainey, general manager of the Montreal Canadiens Hockey Team, washed overboard during high seas.

Leon Klinghoffer – 69, from New Jersey, disabled and wheelchair-bound, was murdered, shot in the head and chest aboard a cruise ship by terrorists.

Lizzy Carte – 63, an actress, singer and dancer from the Uk, died aboard the
P & O cruise ship Oriana, after collapsing on stage during a performance and going into a coma.

Lorenzo Lombardo – 21, from Sydney, Australia, died after contracting meningococcal disease aboard Pacific Sky.

Lynn Kauffman – 23, was murdered while the ship was in the Port of Boston, beaten severely in her cabin, rendered unconscious, then thrown from the ship, her body half nude, into the harbor, a distance of forty feet, where she then drowned.
Lynsey O’Brien – 15, was served alcoholic drinks to excess, got drunk, in the wee hours of the morning, was out on the balcony of her cabin, vomiting over the railing only to fall overboard.

Maria Mercedes Bonastre – 62, was boarding a cruise ship when a gangplank gave way, dropping her from 50 feet into the sea. She hit her head and died from those injuries.

Marvin “Sweet Louie” Smith – 68, one half of the R&B duo, the Checkmates, died in his cabin

Mervyn Bregstein – 8, a student at Public School #185 in Brooklyn, New York, son of Brooklyn Doctor S. Joseph Bregstein were aboard the Ward Line, SS Morro Castle when the ship caught fire and he died.

Micki Kanesaki – 52, was sailing with her lawyer ex-husband when she disappeared in the middle of the night. Her body was later found floating in the sea.

Mindy Jordan – 46, in rough seas and high winds Jordan was climbing on her balcony, when the wind caught her and tossed her overboard.

Muriel Barnett – 80, the widow of a wealthy San Francisco lawyer was viciously murdered, beaten to death, during her voyage by Robert William Dion Frisbee, 59.

Neuna Shah – 14-months-old, drown when disembarking to a launch in rough seas after falling into the water in an regular size life jacket because the cruise ship didn’t have infant size life jackets.

O’neil Persaud – 31, from Canada is on a pre-paid land vacation at St. Maarten when he boards a cruise ship with a woman. He’s later arrested, subdued by security and dies from having them sit on his chest.

Paige Washington – 18 months, from Detroit, Michigan was murdered by her mother aboard Emerald Seas on August 4, 1986.

Przemyslaw Moranski – was found hanging by his belt in his cabin, the second travel photographer to die aboard Carnival Inspiration within a few month period.

Raymond J. Malace – 55, was found dead in his cabin on February 21, 2008. Malace was a travel photographer who had done work for Soldier Of Fortune and Law Enforcement Technology among other publications.

Reves Geryes Boustani – 31, from Sydney, Australia, was aboard P & O Cruises’ Pacific Sun when a brawl broke out, he was sucker punched, later fell to the deck and died. He had won the cruise in a contest.

Ricki Locklear – 56, found face-down on his cabin bed, Locklear had a violent criminal career past, including an incident with 100mph police chase.

Robert L. Moody – 24, who worked as a butcher, died of a basal skull fracture suffered after two cruise ship officers beat him to death, during a disturbance.

Ruby Roegge – 37, a widow from Hollywood, California who worked as a Magnetic House Cleaning sales person, was poisoned to death while sailing from New York to California.

Santo Piazza – 78, died after falling in his cruise ship cabin bathroom.

Shirley McGill – 55, from Winnetka, California was cruising to Mexico on when she and her husband Robert McGill argued in their cabin. McGill was beaten to death in her cabin. Her husband confessed, stood trial and was convicted.

Shirley Rosette – 42, died along with her boyfriend Gerald Foisey, 46, during the late night grounding and resulting sinking of the Queen Of The North.

Spencer Yu – 46, an attorney and gay activist, was aboard Royal Caribbean International’s Mariner Of The Seas on Saturday, October 24, 2009 when he died while the ship was near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Steven Paul Hirschfield – 37, jumped overboard from a gay pride cruise in San Diego, while suffering from hallucinations later determined to be caused by Ketamine. He was shot and killed by police during his rescue. The family says his drink was spiked.

Sumith Gawas – 22, from Collem, Goa, India was aboard P & O Arcadia here he worked as a junior waiter on Friday, July 16, 2010 when he was found hanging in his cabin.

Tammy Grogan – 35, went overboard from Carnival Imagination while her mother was passed out. The mother didn’t drink alcoholic beverages but her water was found with a date rape drug in it.

Terrorists Murder Ship Passengers – 11 died after a group of terrorists boarded and attacked the passenger ship City of Poros, carrying 400 passengers and 71 crew members

Tina White – 39, her mother says the USCG told her that Tina was arguing with her boyfriend at the time she went overboard.

Walter Wanderwell – 39, world traveler, solider of fortune and suspected spy, was found dead, shot in the back.

Yang Wenjuan – 43, a teacher from mainland China, died on September 24, 2010 when her husband, Wang Weilie, 47, tossed her overboard. He said he found her dead and thoughtfully buried her at sea.

There are a lot more that I am not listing.

I am relatively sure that all of these people went on their cruises with the intent of getting away from it all, having some fun in the sun and eat and drink to their hearts content.

If the death occurs within the territorial waters of a state, that state’s wrongful death law would apply. However, when an accident occurs more than three miles from the shore and results in death, the Death on the High Seas Act (DOHSA) applies. In this event, there is no recovery for pain and suffering. What this means is that the only recovery that can be made by the survivors of the deceased is the amount of money that the deceased would have contributed to their support and wellbeing. There is no compensation for pain and suffering. This means that retired persons who are not currently employed probably have very low pecuniary damages. The same would apply in the case of a child.

So fellow fun lovers and cruise ship nuts, make sure you have your sun tan lotion and are wear your expand-o-matics when you go on your next cruise but beware of what is behind that cabin door before you swing it open. It may swing back at you.

Bon Voyage



P.S. Leave your rope at home

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