Afraid of making a mistake?? GMAFB!!!

Biden annoyed at Kamala Harris for not ‘rising to the occasion,’ VP scared of ‘messing up’: report

‘I don’t think that the president sees her as somebody who takes anything off of his plate,’ one former White House official reportedly said

When I was a youngster and full of piss and vinegar like all the other Italian kids I grew up with, we were smart enough to know that when we went to a wedding, especially an Italian wedding, where the two factions were and odds for years, a gigantic fight would always break out. We always bought our VINE (slang for suit) at men’s clothing store called Robert Halls.

Back then you could buy a decent suit for 25 or $30. the good ones were 75 and 80. We always try to stay away from buying a good suits. We knew invariably that there was gonna be a fight at the wedding and one or both of the sleeves would come off.

This is exactly what Kamikaze Joe did to pacify the pricks that pull his strings when he selected Car-mella as his vice president. He knew right off the bat that she was like a cheap suit from Robert halls and was nothing but a token. Now two years into his presidency he has no control over this incompetent bitch and the country is suffering for his poor decision making.

You know when you’re five years old and you’re gonna lie about something, you try to make it halfway believable.

Car-mella’s excuse for not being more proactive is that she is afraid of making a mistake. Give me a fucking break. The broad is not even a good liar. Carm is a cheap Robert Hall suit.

“I don’t think that the president sees her as somebody who takes anything off of his plate,” a second former White House official said, adding a “fear of messing up” had caused Harris to be late in joining important political fights, like the ongoing border crisis. 

She knew right off the bat that she was going to be in the second-highest position in the country and the responsibilities that went with the job. If she had any reservations because of her inadequacies, she had the latitude to refuse the job. This is about as humble of an excuse; she’s afraid of making a mistake?? GMAFB!!!

The biggest mistake was when Kamikaze Joe tapped her on the shoulder. She was appointed for two things and two things only. She is black and she is a female. That’s it. It is about time (I don’t ever see it happening) where people are picked for their qualifications not because of tokenism.

I totally forgot that Joey loves her mesmerizing smile.

Smiles don’t get it honey


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