New Democratic Party slogan “Get out the chains and whips and keep beating me because I love it”

There are 4 Senate seats left in play

Fox News Decision Desk projections so far: Democrats to win 12 seats. Republicans to win 19 seats.





51 needed

36 votes

12 votes

0 votes

19 votes

29 votes

+1236 no election

+1929 no election

There are 64 House seats left in play

Democrats projected to win 172 seats. Republicans projected to win 199 seats.






172 votes

199 votes

Stupid is a stupid does:

It is almost impossible to fathom that as bad as things are in the United States that the election turned out the way it did with the races being so close, results have not yet definitely decided.

That can only mean one of two things – the voters have their heads up their asses and do not know what’s going on in this country (I can’t see how that’s even possible) or the idiots are a bunch of masochists that love to have their asses kicked and being used and abused. There can be no other explanation. As dismal and pathetic as conditions in the country are, spearheaded by the Democratic Party and they still come away with as many votes as they have, it’s absolutely ludicrous and unfathomable.

These fools must walk everywhere they go and do not have to put gas in a car – these fools must not go to the grocery store and see that everything has gone up so dramatically – these fools must not go out to restaurants to eat and see how prices have almost doubled in the last few months – these fools must not have to buy clothing and shoes for their kids – these fools must not have to decide between buying their medication or their food – these fools must not see the legal immigrants invading this country by the millions sanctioned by the Democratic Party and its pathetic leader. WFT are they looking at.

The election should have been us landslide and not even close.

So you ask yourself; why the fuck does this idiot I work with keep sticking his hand into the red hot furnace time after time and burning the shit out of it but does not have sense enough to shut the furnace door?? Why you asked?? Because he is a fucking idiot.

Don’t misunderstand me. I am not implying that democratic politicians are in worse than republican politicians because I think they’re all a bunch of parasites. It is just my opinion and must be factual based on current and past conditions, it seems to me that Republicans have been more conciliatory toward the citizens in this country than the Democrats have.

It has been very high on the liberal left Democrats’ agenda to turn the United States into a socialist government and they are absolutely destroying it. But I guess the fools that voted for them must live in a cave and are just too deaf, dumb, and blind to realize it.

Be careful what you wish for folks.

Ignorance to them must be a compliment

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