They are caught at the teller window w/the AKA-47 …

Fox News confronts Democrats in Washington about the border crisis: ‘They own it now’

Nancy Pelosi struggled to defend the Biden White House’s handling of the crisis

They are caught at the teller window w/the AKA-47 and can no longer deny they are robbing the bank.

OK folks; it is about time. They dropped their dirty drawers, admitted they ALL have a filth ass, finally fessing up, telling the truth that are totally incompetent fools and are in complete denial concerning THE BOARDER crisis. What they’re going to do about (if anything) is the $64,000 question

It is beyond comprehension this impossible catastrophy has continued as long as it has. They could no longer deny the obvious and pretend it does not exist. Even the staunchest of the pathetic elite ( NASTY NAN) can no longer defend her party.

Meanwhile, Democratic leaders on Capital Hill struggled to defend Biden’s handling of the immigration crisis. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi acknowledged the need to “secure our border” but insisted Biden “has a plan to address that.”

GMAGFB!!! They say that Kamikaze Joe has a plan??  Whatever plan (I do not buy into it) they claim he has, if so he probably lost it the same way he lost his mind.

It must be Thursday, we always have chicken soup on Thursday, or is it Sunday??

Can someone please explain to me; WTF are they waiting for?? There has been so much damage inflicted on this country on account of the borders neglect, it probably will never be able to be reversed.

The powers in DC now admit there is a problem but I do not see anything in place were they are going to try to stop it or eliminate it. As always, just lip service.

I think one of the main factors that got them nervous is when they woke up and saw all the immigrants on their front lawn that were busted from down South. They do not give 2 shits or even 1 shit about the American people as long as their pampered, delicate asses are not affected.

Keep those buses and trains rolling governors. This seems to be the only message they understand. As a matter of fact; I would suggest you double down and triple down.

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