Who said the USA is still the superpower ????

Just Look At What The Chinese Have Already Built! – YouTube

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Take a good look at this video and you will have the answer. It is totally astounding what Chuck (Charlie Chan) and his crew have accomplished coming back from, supposedly at one time one of the poorest countries in the world.

On the other side of the coin, the richest country in the world (at one time) has been sitting on their hands with all their arrogance trying to help the entire world while many of their own people are starving and the countries infrastructures are rotting away, giving all their food, money and possessions to people that are not even citizens of the country. That is on top of all the wars (they lost) costing the USA trillions of dollars and massive loss of lives, sticking their nose where it did not belong, all in the name of $$$ – greed – arrogance and stupidity.

We can’t thank these two characters (I’m trying to be polite) for all of the unrest the world is experiencing today. They are all tied together.

Dicky Boy – the fools bought into our line of shit

If I live to be 100, I will never be able to understand the stupidity of our political leaders. The only things they are very proficient at is, bullshitting the public (the gullible that actually believe them) giving the entire farm away and raising taxes to cover their unconscionable free money handouts.

When the bottom drops out (recession) and the day of reckoning comes around as it presently has, the lying bastards tried to deny there is a recession.

I think the USA has been living in fantasyland for the past few years. While our politicians are sitting around beating their chest, telling the public how great they are, with their thumbs are stuck up where the sun doesn’t shine, the Chinese government is slowly but surely taking control of the world. Watch this video in its entirety and you will see where I’m coming from.

If there was ever such an exact same comparison (carbon copy), I never saw it.


Once again I repeat folks, Better learn how to use chopsticks.

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