Trading in his $2,000.00 vine (street for suit)

Michael Avenatti sentenced to 4 years in prison for defrauding Stormy Daniels

Avenatti was convicted of aggravated identity fraud and wire fraud earlier this year

Stormy sure took the wind out of this fools sail.

Avenatti is going to find it very difficult trading in that $4,000.00 vine he is so used to wearing for a $10 pinstripe suit.

It is always amazed me how some very talented, successful people are not satisfied with a piece of the pie, they are gluttons want the whole thing.

Avenatti is just one of the thousands who have been on the top of the world BUTT because of their greed and dishonesty found them self in the slams, sleeping in the gutter, and destroying their entire life along with their families life.

They are not smart enough to know, if they just steal on a very small scale and stay under the radar, they probably will beat the system. But when they get greedy, the hogs usually go to the metaphorical slaughter house.

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