Hypersonic weapon

The most powerful and deadly weapon ever invented

If you have any doubts that China is working day and night trying to takeover the entire world at some point in time; you can put your doubts to rest; the time has already arrived; Charlie is just waiting for the right time to push the button.

They have developed a weapon called a Hypersonic weapon/rocket that is used from outer space. It is so fast it travels at over 6300 miles an hour and is virtually undetectable by radar. There is literally no defense against this weapon.

This is one of the reasons why I baffled at what Kamikaze Joe logic says publicly about the Chinese government. We should not be poking a stick into Chinese bee hives. Think what you want, but only say what is necessary.

Diarrhea of the mouth is something many politicians suffer from. In order to stay relevant, they are constantly running their mouth. Included are the high profile fools like JAWS (Fauci in Italian).

Fellas and gals, take 2 and call me in the morning

At any given moment Chinese can literally destroy the world by the use of this technology. They possess the most powerful and deadly weapon the world has ever seen. Although the USA is trying to play catch-up; their attempts have failed.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is some frightening and very deadly stuff, something not to be taken lightly. I wish for the sake of mankind, peace can be achieved by all parties concerned, but I have my doubts. Using a weapon like this will devastate Mother Earth and it’s inhabitants for centuries.

The only thing that could possibly prevent Charlie Chan and his clan from using this monstrosity, is common-sense and compassion for mankind. Something I know they’re not big on. They have their back against the wall financially and as they view it, they may not have any other course to take. It has been the Chinese’s ambition to takeover/dominate the planet for a very long time.

To think that there is such a deadly weapon in existence is frightening. For someone/country to use it against another human being, it’s unconscionable.

US conducts 'successful' test of hypersonic missile technology

The facts as we have witnessed, Charlie Chan’s demented determination to take over the world, something he is not keeping under his vest. I firmly believe that’s this weapon it’s part of their long-range plan of domination. Not very encouraging or uplifting when we think about it.

The only way to combat against this possible threat is to have a weapon that is equally as powerful and capable or through peace negotiations. I hope all part is concerned knock on door # 2.

I have stated this frequently; mankind is on a fast pace to self-destruction. This and other deadly elements are proof.

No crawling under the bed will not save you.

Man Revisits Old Hide-and-Seek Spots During Uncle's Thanksgiving Tirade

Folks; I wish there was some uplifting news to blog about, but it is like hen’s teeth, it is very hard to find.

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