How has it been working for you ……

San Francisco turned ‘from paradise to purgatory’: Victor Davis Hanson

Democratic Mayor London Breed effectively ‘tied the hands of the cops,’ host Jesse Watters claimed

One of the saying Dr. Phil uses when he see that one of his guest are up to the neck in an alligator pit because of poor decisions they have made; how has that been working out for you??

In this case among any other, Phil’s little saying fits these fools to a “T”. Yet with all of the negativity attached because of their incompetency and liberal ignorance, many of the fools refuse to see the light.

My answer to them is; you bought the jacket, so you own it. The unfortunate side affect to all of the good law-abiding citizens, they are suffering because of their ignorance.

Pete – repeat: There can be no other reason except for their ignorance and attempt to run this country into the ground, these fools allow the lax forms of law except to deliberately destroy the country. I will give it an 85% deliberate and 15% stupidity at it’s highest level.

Mayor London Breed and the rest of California’s Democratic political majority have turned once clean and safe San Francisco from “paradise to purgatory,” author and historian Victor Davis Hanson told Fox News Thursday.

Hanson, author of “The Dying Citizen,” said he and others have long wondered what the timeframe is between “hothouse ideas” like the Green New Deal, Americanized socialism and critical race theory being cooked up in academia – and when their predictably disastrous effects begin to be felt.

“I think Joe Biden showed us it is about nine months,” Hanson said, pointing to $5-per-gallon gas in his home state of California and an announcement that Walgreens will close five stores in the city of San Francisco amid widespread theft following passage of a new law that slackens penalties for larceny under $900.

Steal 899.00$ it is petty larceny with little to no penalty; one dollar over put the thieves in a different pay-bracket. If the law makers want to be real assholes (as they have proven they are) why not make the ceiling amount 100,000,00 or 2,000,000.00$.

Folks; it is virtually impossible that any intelligent person, patriotic people (intelligent and patriotic being the key words) would ever conjure up conditions like this that knowingly will destroy their once safe and controlled legal system. WYFIIBTE???

In My Experience: Homeless in the Bay Area | KQED
Once safe to live in, beautiful San Francisco

No one BUTT a complete imbecile could say that these conditions are acceptable.

OK; message to the fruit cakes that govern the city: I make every effort to be consolatory at times and trying to see the other guys positions, with the possibility I am wrong. Have been a few times in my life.

OK; you had a brains storm – you tried it your way – it did not work, the results are disastrous – go back to the way it was. Don’t keep your heads up your ass and hope these conditions will just disappear.


Your fuckin ignorance is off the charts.

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