Show of strength ……

Russian Navy conducts massive drills in Pacific before Biden-Putin meeting: report

The Russian Defense Ministry said the drills involved ‘up to 20 surface combatants, submarines and support vessels’

The Judo Guy does not do anything without a purpose. This display of power is a sign/message to the world, especially the USA; DFWM!!!

Putin wants to make sure when he meets his INSULTER; he wants to already have made a big impression.

If I were Putin; I would AXE J J (Jokin Joe) to repeat the insults he threw at the Russian leader, and say them to his face, like calling him a killer.

Where I came from; there was a rule of thumb; If you did not have the balls to SOUND ON someone to their face; STFU!!

Let us do a wait and see as to how their meeting goes. I do not predict a happy marriage.

I still contend; it would benefit both sides to have a good working relationship with each-other and not be so concerned on what the other does to keep their country in line. In my opinion, based on conditions on their home turf, neither one should be rolling boulders at the other.

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