The most necessary natural resource ….

Water crisis ‘couldn’t be worse’ on Oregon-California border

Oregon’s Klamath County is experiencing its driest year in 127 years

What do you have if you own a 200 million dollar mansion and 500 acres, but do not have water?? Nothing!!

This is what it is coming to in some of the western states. They are experiencing the most severe drought in 127 years. It has gone way beyond critical to catastrophic. Is mother nature playing a game of get-back for all the abuse mankind has put on her??

What is the answer?? I am afraid in some situations there is none. Pray – rain dance – seed the clouds?????

It is incredible. It seems to me; in the last few years, mankind is taking a ready beat down from Mother Nature; much of which was precipitated by man; with earth quakes – tsunami – abuse of the planet – exploding volcano – floods in some places; that is on top of all self inflicting disorder with, civil unrest – terrorists – immigration – mad men with finger on the RED button threatening to blow up the world (depressed yet) – racial divide – manmade diseases like Covid19 – political upheaval, with worthless politicians that do not deserve to serve the public – a horrendous degree of sexual abuses of children coming from most the once most respected organizations – did I say, miserable/greedy politicians; the list is endless.

Pete repeat; mankind is going to self destruct and by the looks of it, we are well on the way. Is there a resolution to all of these dilemmas?? Not likely.

Further more we are experiencing more and more extra-terrestrial sightings. The Na New Na New crowd may be getting ready to pounce. We just may be getting nailed for all sides.

Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

To all the high flyers/special/powerful people that think they are invincible, think again. If so; let us see you make it rain.

We all are just an insignificant spec of dust waiting to get blown away.

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