Hunters book; who really cares????

Hunter Biden says he was ‘smoking crack every 15 minutes’, more jaw-dropping moments from memoir ‘Beautiful Things’

I can’t help but wonder if J J, the permissive father held the torch to the crack bowl. If J J would have kicked Hunters ass when he was a kid, he would not have gone down that nasty road.

One thing I do know, J J approved of the affair that Hunter was having with Beaus’ wife.

They have mine and (wife) Jill’s full and complete support and we are happy for them.”

Hallie, Hunter, and Joe Biden are seen here as they mourn Beau's death


Did Joe Biden’s son Hunter date his dead brother Beau’s widow, Hallie?

  • New York
  • Jan 20 2021, 12:04 ET
  • Updated: Mar 26 2021, 18:24 E

Do these scumbags ever consider the effect their escapades have on he kids?? Hell no; if they did they would set a better example. I guess when a person is jacked up on coke, nothing else matters. What world we live in.

For J J and his wife to approve of the affair, is unspeakable.

Biden’s; tell-all book

Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, has seen his fair share of ugly things. His alcohol and drug addiction sent him spiraling for years and led him to cook his own crack cocaine. But he’s seen a lot of beautiful things, too – namely the love he shares with his father and brother Beau Biden, who died of glioblastoma in 2015. 

Shortly there after, Hunter was crawling through his dead brother back window, getting it on with Beau’s widow. She has to be a piece of work as well. Some people do all kinds of crazy things, BUTT shacking up with your dead brothers wife is really crossing the line. That in-it-self is not a forgivable offense.

I will commend the guy for kicking the habit, as he claims. It is not unusual for the Biden clan to exaggerate their situations.

You will not see me in the line for the book signing

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