Mirror into the future …….

Charlie hit the nail on the head.

I will continue to ram information like this down the throats of every fool that voted for the socio/democratic imbeciles that tout/approve with this insanity.

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I want to make this as easy to understand as possible, so none of the fools that support this can not say they did not get it.

You are at the beach with some friends. The kids are playing in the water; all of a sudden a huge wave comes in and sweeps out two kids. One of the kids is yours and the other is a stranger. As bad as you feel, you can only save one. Which one will it be??

Now how simple can that be. Some people in our country need as much financial assistance as some for the foreigners we are supporting. Our kid is drowning and we are saving the other kid. Does that make sense.

The most pathetic part of this scenario; many of the people that voted for these fools knew in advance what their mental instability, BUTT voted for them anyway.

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It is all common-sense.. You NEVER save another kid if your kid is going down next to them.

In all of the post I have done on this subject, I NEVER suggested that we totally ignored people in need; all I have said is; take care of ours first. I may have said that before PDT. We have to take care of our own. When that is accomplishes then we look to help others. Simple mathematics.

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How hard is it to fathom; CHARITY SHOULD ALWAYS BEGING AT HOME!!!

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