The worst of the worst – lowest of the low !!

Scams likely to heat up after COVID-19 vaccine rollout

Anyone that would try to hustle someone with a phony vaccine is a no good son of a bitch, PLUS PLUS PLUS.

Sometimes, scam alerts get out there to warn consumers about an ongoing trouble spot – such as a flurry of robocalls from someone pretending to be from DTE Energy and ready to shut off your heat or someone pretending to be from Amazon or Apple support as you’re shopping online.

With all of the #illnesses – #deaths – #heart breaks and #devastation connected with #COVID-19; for some #reprobate, #low-life #snake that crawls out from under a rock and try to hustle a #placebo on anyone is #unconscionable.

They are as bad or #worse than the #TIN MEN – #HUSTLER that invade areas after a natural #disaster hits, preying on the unfortunate. WTF makes these #scumbags tick is beyond me. They take a downpayment and the #poor #unsuspecting people never see them again.

10 deadliest US tornadoes on record - CNN


What are some red flags of a COVID-19 scam?

Here’s a quick list of potential scams to avoid in the coming months, according to the FTC and others:

  • If someone tells you they can get you on a waiting list to get a vaccine, forget about it. They’re going to tell you that you need to buy gift cards or hand over cash to get on that list. Hang up; it’s a scam.
  • No one is going to be calling you about the vaccine and asking for your Social Security number, your credit card number or your bank account number in order to make sure you can get the coronavirus vaccine. Again, it’s a scam. 
  • Scammers are likely to pitch other “products, treatments, or medicines,” according to the FTC, that they might claim prevent the virus. You want to check with your health care provider before paying for or receiving any COVID-19-related treatment.

After you tell them to go take a flying F; hang up on them. No reputable organization will ever ask you those personal questions over the phone.

People the bastards prey on the most are elderly people who are lonely and have only half their marbles. Lonely?? Go buy a cat or dog.

Thanks to PDT project Warp Speed will save 1,000’s of lives.

Trump hails vaccine 'miracle,' with millions of doses soon

This is what he should get the Nobel Prize for!!

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