Turn Around SHOULD be fair play …..

‘This is propaganda’: Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo slammed for ‘softball’ Trump interview

It seems to me that the liberal media will not give PDT one ounce of slack. They still want to bust his balls or give him a beat down every chance they get.

Let is take a few steps back in time and look at all of the negativity regarding the other side that was never covered by the far left media. The door should swing BOOF ways!!

I will not imply that Fox News gave PDT a total free pass, but they did support him when he was right. That is the way it should be. When he was wrong, they followed the same pattern. BUTT, the other side, never and I mean never, gave Trump one ounce of slack.

They all are what journalism is NOT supposed to be all about.

Following Sunday morning’s Fox News interview with Donald Trump – his first since the election – anchor Maria Bartiromo faced criticism for not challenging the president on his unsubstantiated claims of widespread election fraud. 

“Let’s be clear,” CNN contributor Amanda Carpenter tweeted. “Maria Bartiromo is not interviewing the President (right now). She is providing him a free platform to feed his base talking points uncontested. … This is propaganda.” 

Amanda honey; if you truly want to be clear, admit all the unfair butchery you and the other lynch mobs pull on Trump for 4 years. That was not bad when he deserved it (many time he did) BUTT you were not decent enough to acknowledge the good he accomplished. PTIYFPAST.

Go get a life girl!!

What is meant by the phrase 'get a life'? - Quora

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