Let the #games begin …

A #fight is breaking out among Democrats over who President-elect Joe Biden should choose for agriculture secretary, with one of his key allies advocating for an African American lawmaker to head the department and refocus it on hunger rather than rural America.


Let the games begin.

The Colosseum – From Gladiator Fights to Gory Executions and Sea Battles |  Ancient Origins

Give them all enough wine and razor blades they want – lock them in an enclosed fenced in area so they can not get out; in two weeks they will have solved all of their differences.

It is very interesting to see the infighting among constitutions and how fast relationship are ruined when there are big chips at stake. Power – money – greed, is the name of this game.

Just like all politicians that make it to the top, J J has to pay off all the favors and donations people extended to him during the campaign. How does he do that?? Favors and appointments to key positions and extend courtesies outside of BAU. It is a vicious circle.

Quoting John Ruskin:

John Ruskin is famous for many things as a 19th Century industrialist and philanthropist. “There is no such thing as a free lunch”,

Is anyone foolish enough to believe there is a free lunch?? Wake up and smell the napalm!!

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