The Judo guy would have rather had CHC on the mats ……

Trump says Russia would rather have President Hillary Clinton

I made that same observation way back when the WITCH HUNT of the century first started. If CHC would have got the nod (GOD forbid), this country would have truly witnessed the power and ruthlessness of the Judo Guy. He would have slammed her around the mat like a rag doll.

The witch hunt by the liberal media, democrats and the The Ship of Fools trying to roast PDT at the stake, made the Salem in the 1600’s look like a Girl Scout outing.


President Trump said on Fox News’ “Hannity” on Wednesday night that the Russian government preferred Hillary Clinton as the president because she wouldn’t have stood up to Russia’s energy industry.

“I will tell you this about Russia, if they had anything on me, it would have come out a long time ago, probably a long time before I ran because they would have been much better off,” Trump said in his first interview since the end of Robert Mueller’s investigation.

“I hope we really get along well with them but they would have been a lot better off with Hillary Clinton as president,” he continued.

Regardless of The Judo Guys history as a tyrant, the USA is better off having an amicable relationship with him than not. That goes for China and North Korea as well. Remember a very important saying a dear friend of mine had when he was forced, for peacekeeping purposes; I will break bread with the, but never sleep with them.

That is a very important lesson in life. Many relationship are developed as a form of necessity, not necessarily because we like them. We don’t have to like the person we are dealing with, but for the betterment for all concerned, we have to look at the Big Picture and work accordingly. That is exactly what PDT is doing.

In the BIG POKER GAME of life, never show your hand to your opponent. Keep wearing the poker face.


All of the American people should be very thankful that The Donald got the tap instead of WB & CHC. The cliche the Clintons live by; LOVE ME, LOVE MY PET!!

Was PDT the ultimate best choice in the country, possibly not, but he was the best choice running.

I firmly believe, IFFFF Trump could put all of his idiosyncrasies in the closet for awhile, he may go down as one of the best to sit in the Big Chair. In many respects, THE MAN is his own worst enemy. Will he change completely?? Doubtful, but I DO think he has seen the errors of some of his ways and is trying to turn the corner.

Anyone that can or will not admit their faults and continues to stick their hand in the mouse trap, is a complete fool!! Self-admission in any situation is the only answer to reform.


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