Pardon me – hell no!!

It is about time we have a president that is not getting his prime greased or is a bleeding heart, passing of pardons or clemency like it’s candy.

Anthony Calabrese was convicted of robbery and sent to jail for 60 + years not to be released before 2061. It does not look like he will make it to his due date. Molto bene!!

Because he has cancer and claims he is no threat to society, he feels that he is deserving pardon.  Fa -Get -about – it, is the message that PDT sent back to his ambulance chaser.

In the mix, PDT also denied 179 other criminals that are looking for an early out.

WASHINGTON — President Trump has denied clemency for 180 people who had applied for pardons and commutations through formal Justice Department channels— even as he’s short-circuited that process to pardon political allies.

The denials, decided last week, represent the first movements in the Justice Department’s clemency caseload since Trump was inaugurated last year, according to the Office of the Pardon Attorney.

Among those denied clemency: Anthony Calabrese, a 57-year-old reputed mob hit man from Chicago convicted of three robberies and sentenced to 62 years in prison. He had requested compassionate release after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.


How compassionate was Calabrese with his victims??

I am a big believer in Mr. Karma and what goes around comes around.

Possibly Calabrese contracting cancer is the payback for his life is crime. Is society supposed to feel sorry for thugs like him? They should take a survey among his victims families and ask them if he deserves an early out.  I don’t have to guess what their answer will be. Hai commesso il crimine – devi fare il tempo.



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