If they don’t care about themselves, at least ….

Rise in drug-addicted babies prompts judge’s controversial solution

If they don’t care about themselves, at least they should have some, I said SHOULD have some, concern for the kids they are bringing into this world, already addicted at birth.

Just like a slow growing cancer. If the use of heavy duty drugs like cocaine, heroin and other super powerful drugs are not eliminated, the effect on unborn children will sky rocket further out of control then it is already.  I don’t see the resolve ever happening.

The government must go after drug pushers as they should be against terrorists and street gangs, with a fire in their soul to rid the world of their existence.

Drug addicted men and women are pathetic, helpless souls that have gone down the wrong path in their life for various different reasons. The chances of the majority of them kicking the habit permanently is little to none. In the meantime, these very sad specimens of human beings are having babies by the droves and many of them are born already addicted.

It is not sad enough that the druggies are literally killing themselves and %$#@ing up everyone’s life they are involved with. These hopeless souls are bring kids into this world; who, before they take their first breath have serious health issues.

Judge Benningfield is extremely concerned with the situation and says he wants to stop prospective mothers and fathers from passing their drug addiction to their children. He is offering what he believes is a heartfelt incentive with nothing but good intentions. But naturally,  the critics say the judge may be crossing the line. I disagree.


I would base my decision on the degree of the persons addiction and if they had any chance of turning their lives around. If not, for the most severe addicts, why not  give them a vasectomy or a birth-control implant as the doctor is suggesting.

“I’m not on a crusade of any sort, I’m trying to help — trying to help people,” said Judge Sam Benningfield.

Someone has to take the initial step in the right direction. We can’t leave sensitive alternatives up to the PC-ers to resolve.  Many of them are opposed to any suggestion anyone makes regardless of what is it or what it is about.  They are obstinate just to be obstinate.

The PC fools would rather see generations of deformed, mentally ill, disfigured and handicapped kids brought into this world then to have a few people get their plumbing fixed.

These unfortunate kids will have to live the rest of their lives in misery, through no fault of their won.



Despite all of the adverse documented evidence; there are women and men, boys and girls out there that will continue to produce kids while they are on drugs. In some cases the excessive use of alcohol may result in the some outcome.

I am afraid the judge will never get his suggestion brought to fruition; it makes too much sense.

As like all of the elements that plague the USA and the rest of the world; the day of reckoning is coming. It is just a matter of time before the Chinese are going to come across the ocean on the brand new aircraft carrier they just built to collect what is owed to them; meteorically speaking or maybe not.

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