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Huffington Post

WOMEN 07/21/2017 06:02 am ET

After 55 Years, Navy Gets Its First Woman SEAL Applicant

Two women are applying for the Navy’s most elite combat roles, including the SEALS

As long as the ground rules for the ladies remain the same as for the men – as long as there are not any consideration or breaks because of their  sex – as long as the highest traditions of the Seals are upheld – as long as they can cut the mustard, which I doubt; then and only then should the ladies be considered.


The Navy Seals is a hard hitting, ass kicking organization that undertakes gigantic and extremely dangerous operations/responsibilities in most of it’s missions. They do not need to drag an anchor along on a mission just because the pathetic powers to be capitulated to PC pressure.

I have always been in the ladies corner as to equality between sexes. If they can do the same job as their male counterparts, without any slack or quotas that need to be filled because of their sex, they should not be shut out of any position or make any less $oldi than a man does.

BUT, the BIG BUTT. In my opinion there are particular occupations that males perform that MOST women are not suited for. Like running a 90-air-hammer all day long as the men do. If we have to pick and chose what is suitable for them based on their physical capabilities, they should not be hired.

In the same token; there are occupations that women do that are not suited for men.


I think one very important element that the government has over looked is the harassment factor. The male Seals are going to literally take these ladies over the coals and possible be more severe with them than they would be with the men.

It is just like when the BRA BURNERS wanted to infiltrate the YMCA. I asked WHY??? There is absolutely nothing wrong with male and females having separate organizations.  All of this non-sense was generated by some left-wing screwballs that had nothing better to do.

You can take my word for it. This is not going to be walk in the park for the gals or a glamorous Hollywood setting like with Dimi Moore in the movie G.I. Jane. I will go out on a limb and predict that these two ladies are going to regret the day they ever wanted to put on a jock-strap. Like with the YMCA; WHY???


I am not a male chauvinist pig; just a realist that would want the person that is the foxhole with me to be able to carry their end.  These two ladies are going to have to be exceptions to the rule and not just run of the mill intruders. They may be weeded out before the sun sets.

IF – IF – IF, they are given any slack because of their sex, the person in charge should be shit canned on the spot. This is not a game of hide and go seek or pin the tail on the male; this is very serious, life on the line business.

I would like to see the media do a follow up on the two gals to see if they made it to the finish line. If they possibly make it, the liberal media will have it all over the front page. If they fall out; we will never hear about it.

I don’t want to see them fail but if I had my choice of having a Male Seal or a Female Seal on a mission with me; I would take door #1. The PC-ers are going to love that one.

You know what I say; my name is Donald Duck and you know the rest of the verse!!

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