It may be just me but …..

$153 million in Bill and Hillary Clinton speaking fees, documented:

It may be just me but there is not anything the Clinton’s can speak on that would be of any interest me.

Usually when a person gives a speech, they are conversing on a topic they should be a specialist on. There is only a very few topics that I can come up with I would consider  the Clinton’s are expert on. The big one for the old boy is philandering.  He should be able to captivate an audience for weeks on that subject

As far as the Misses goes; what she is exceptional at is confine and concealment. Hide the truth so no one can find it.

In this interview she is clearly stuttering.


Hillary Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, combined to earn more than $153 million in paid speeches from 2001 until Hillary Clinton launched her presidential campaign last spring, a CNN analysis shows.

In total, the two gave 729 speeches from February 2001 until May, receiving an average payday of $210,795 for each address. The two also reported at least $7.7 million for at least 39 speeches to big banks, including Goldman Sachs and UBS, with Hillary Clinton, the Democratic 2016 front-runner, collecting at least $1.8 million for at least eight speeches to big banks.

Guys; these are all heavy hitters that kick in to support her campaign. Their payback comes if and when she is elected. BA BA BLACK SHEEP DO YOU HAVE ANY SENSE?????

Do her supporters find her unethical practices admirable?  Looks like it to me.

If there is one thing that the both of them excel on is in capitol letter is; DECEPTION.

What the attraction to this women is, I will never know.  All I can say is, the people that still support her after all of the bad ink she has received have to be some of the most gullible people ever born.

Jump sheep – jump.


As for Wild Bill; I will never, ever condone what he did to that starry eyed, foolish intern while in the Casa Bianca. It was inexcusable.

What if she was your daughter or grand-  daughter FOLKS?  I know, you PC-ers love them anyway.

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