Look how nice the kids are playing councilman

One of the primary reasons ANYONE would consistently commit the same crimes or continues to maintain an unacceptable lifestyle is when they are constantly being defended and sheltered for their actions by their parents or people of authority.

I know a lady,  if she saw her son standing in front of a bank teller with an AK-47, she would say look how nice Junior is playing cops and robbers!

Take a look at Carl Stokes, a councilman for Baltimore objecting to the thugs that are burning down buildings, cutting fire hoses, dropping concrete blocks on the cops and looting being called thugs.

In true fashion and showing a lot of class Stokes said; they might as well be called niggers. When are some of the leaders in all communities black and white going to stand up and chastise their people for their unacceptable behavior?

As far as Stokes using the word ni–er; everyone of all races should make a concerted effort to drop that offensive term from their vocabulary.  Some of the black people use that word as a badge of honor which is ridiculous.

What these kids need is a mother or parents that will whip their kid’s ass for getting involved in situations that are illegal or dangerous like this stand up lady did to her out of control kid. She should get Mother of the Year Award.


I can’t help but wonder if Carl Stokes owned a business or a house that was burned down by the thugs if he would object to them being called thugs?

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