She told the reporter “fuck my parents”

Many of our modern day children are a total disgrace and who’s fault is it:

Parents; aren’t you just beaming with pride when you see what some of your kids are doing on spring break?  They used to say; they are doing everything but getting laid on the beach in broad daylight but now they are. Society calls it progress.

It may be just me but as I see it the girls are more out of control than the boys. Is it that they do not want to be austorsized, shunned by their peers or are they just stupid. Possibly a little of each.

To start and end with; why do kids need a spring break? What is it that they need a break from? Can’t be hard work or studying too much in school.

Some of the poor darlings going to college have a very grueling 3 hour a week schedule that they are forced to take. That is why some of our future leaders take 6 years or more, that is if they even graduate.

Parents, don’t you just love seeing your little Johnny and Janie burning up your hard earned money on weed, snorting the white powder and getting smashed out of their minds? Someday when the shit really hits the fan, you goof ball parents will be asking yourself WHY.  Look in the mirror and you will have your answer.

The straw that broke the camel’s back for me in these reports is when a reporter asked this out of control drunk little tramp if her parent would disapprove of what she was doing and her answer was, on camera, fuck my parents.

If I had to guess, when the little Janie gets her disrespectful butt home, her PC parents are going to have some nice hot chicken soup to help nurse back to sobriety. Maybe send her to Europe for a year or two to find herself. 

Many of the parents out there have created monsters and don’t know who to deal with them. They want to be their friends. Be a parent first and then a friend.

If and when they decide to try and get a handle on the brats’ behavior, they usually wait until they are 12 or 13; by that time the die has already been cast. Bend the tree when it is young not when it is fully grown.

Aside from the ignorance of the parent initially, I have to blame corporate America. It is all about the money. Cities like Panama could put an end to this type of misbehavior by banning spring break. But just like the greedy sports venue owners that sell their overpriced beer at sporting events and then complain about the violence at games. It is all greed. What hypocrisy.

Whatever happened to the energetic kids that got a job on spring break so they could help their parents with their college expenses? Hen’s teeth.

Our hypocritical society sits on their hands and tries to comprehend what went wrong with the kids today only after one of them get kidnapped, they overdose or gets killed. It is one word; PARENTS or the lack of.

In part I blame Natalee Holloway’s parents for her disappearance. They should have never have let her go to Aruba on spring break.  I am sure if they were asked that question today their answer would be no-way!

I have maintained all my life; don’t go where you don’t belong. 

Some of the parents today are worse than their kids. They think a role model is a fat lady doing a TV commercial.

To put everything into prospective; our kids are on a very dangerous slope toward disaster and possibly past the point of no return. There are not many people of authority out there doing anything about it. If it doesn’t hit them square in the ass . it doesn’t exist.

What has the government done about this catastrophic situation? Not much. Their answer to any problem is to put together a couple of 100 do nothing committees at some outrageous cost to try and figure the whole thing out.

I have been standing on a soap box for years stressing that EDUCATION is the only resolution to 98% of the problems we have today in this country with our kids.

To sum it up, the parents in this country are too busy with their careers and social lives, don’t give a shit what their kids do and want to be friends with the little brats.

The government has its head up its ass and does not know how remedy the problem. Has to be PC. This country was not built on PC-ness. If anyone can take a look back 30 years and tell me that things are better today, they have their head where the sun doesn’t shine.

If an initiative was started this morning making the necessary changes to get the future generations straighten out, it would probably take 3 generations to get things turned around.

We live in an instant gratification society where people have gotten used to instant results;  if any task is too difficult, they give up on it immediately. Take a look at the divorce rate; you burned my toast, I am leaving. 

So to you idiotic parents out there that can’t figure out why Johnny and Janie are out of control, get you heads out of your ass and face reality. Is it more important to you to live your life like you are still 18 or is it important to you that your kids grow up to be responsible and respectful people that don’t tell their parents to go fuck themselves? I hate to hear your answers

Your responsibility as a parent is to cultivate your kids into stand-up, responsible, respectful human being, not to be friends with them. Once that is established, the rest comes naturally


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2 Responses to She told the reporter “fuck my parents”

  1. Isaiah says:

    Your obviously one of those fuck boy parents cause your very biase in this article

    • explaining something to an idiot like you is useless. If you think this little broad or any other kid should be that disrespectful to their parents, you need a shrink
      I hope you have a kid some day that tells you to go fuck yourself!!!

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