Put it on my tab

Obama in Jordon:

I couldn’t believe my ears when I was listening to Obama on TV who was in Jordan doing what he does best; giving speeches.

I thought I was hearing things when he “pledged” billions of dollars in aid to Jordan for them to “repair roads, build and maintain bridges, develop their water and sewer systems and improve their schools and hospitals.

Isn’t that what our country need so desperately?

This guy is giving away money to other countries all over the world; money the USA doesn’t have.

Whatever has happened to common sense, logic and charity beginning at home?

I can’t see how anyone with half a brain, even the ones that put Obama back in office, how they can see the merit in what is going on.

I think he is like the guy that goes into a bar and buys everyone a drink because he wants everyone to like him.


Put it on my tab!!

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