May be Munchhausen

(Fox news) Mother Accused of Pouring Bleach into Infant Daughter’s Eyes:

Jennifer L. Mothershead is in police custody after doctors discovered that she possibly poured bleach in her 14-month-old daughter’s eyes.

About one year ago the “mother” was given drops for a problem her daughter was having with her eyes. Over a period of time the eye problem continually got worse.

When the child was taken to the hospital an examination revealed that there may be something else besides the medical eye drops being administered to the child.

The Sheriff was dispatched to the home of the “mother” where he found the bottle that contained the drops. He tested the drops by put a drop of  liquid on his arm and immediately experienced a burning sensation. Upon testing the bottles contents it was found that there was bleach mixed with the drops. This sick “mother” was subsequently taken to jail where she belongs.

As a result of this sadistic act; the poor little girl is permanently blinded in here right eye.

What in the world can be worse than a helpless child having a sadist for a parent?

It can very well could be that this “mother” is suffering from an illness called Munchhausen by proxy syndrome (MBPS). It is a relatively uncommon condition that involves the inducing of, exaggeration or fabrication of illnesses or symptoms by a primary caretaker to gain sympathy.

The illness was named after Baron von Munchhausen, an 18th-century German dignitary known for telling outlandish stories and exaggerating medical conditions to gain attention.

Whatever the case may be this nut case has to be put away and have her child taken away from her permanently. Too many times these situations have occurred; the parent does their time in a padded cell, the child is returned to them and they repeat the same thing all over again.

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