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Surprise – Surprise – Surprise ….

California bill to expand gun-takeaway law advances to governor’s desk It is long over due that Jer and Company came up with a COMMONSENSE solution to curbing crime by becoming proactive. I am very surprised that the ACLU hasn’t jumped … Continue reading

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Just what the doctor ordered

Trump hints at steel tariff flexibility for ‘real friends’ For years; the intelligent people in the USA had the wisdom to see what we needed to get this country out of a jackpot was a GOOD/EXCELLENT/OUTSTANDING businessman running it, instead … Continue reading

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Days of charity are gone

Fox President Trump signed a $110 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia on Saturday, the initial day of his first foreign trip since taking office. “That was a tremendous day. Tremendous investments in the United States,” Trump said. “Hundreds of … Continue reading

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Face to face – the best means of communication

U.S.: China sends ‘positive signals’ it will help defuse North Korea crisis What does a good salesman do when he want to get a point across or impress a client. He gets on a plane, makes a visit and does … Continue reading

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