Her dream came true …

House transmits Trump impeachment articles to Senate, paving way for historic trial


I said this yesterday when I saw this article. This what it was all about for Nan the Hatch Lady; getting her name in the history books.

This should be a very sad day in the history of the USA and this knuckle-head is enjoying all the attention she is getting. She even went so far as to have pens made, with her name on then to commemorate the occasion. Talk about a piece of work!!

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Her dream came true; look at her expression, she looks like she is arousing herself and really enjoying her hatchet job.


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They have the crown, all they need is a job ….

Just last week, the Duke and Duchess announced plans to “step back” as members of the Royal Family and “work towards financial independence,” which means Meg is bidding adieu to her reported $500,000 clothing budget. And while they might not lead the same life of luxury the crown allows, at least Harry’s got some job prospects. Burger King just took to Twitter to remind the Prince he’ll “always have a job in our kingdom.” 

I am not sure if either one of the #USED-TO-BE ROYALS would know which end of the spatula to use when they are flipping burgers.

Bad idea.

Based on the kind of $oldi they are used to living on, they are going to be #hard-pressed to find a job making the $big bucks to maintain their lifestyles.

The real test; IFFFFFFFFFFFFF Harry ever goes bust ( I really doubt it) how soon there after will Meghan be getting her bonnet?? #Food for thought.

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Two legged #encyclopedias …….

Ken Jennings wins ‘Jeopardy! Greatest of All TIme’

The word #BRILLIANT is not good enough to describe the three men that were in the SHOOT-OUT last night on #Jeopardy


This Jeopardy! contestant is the greatest of all time.

That answer finally got its question — who is Ken Jennings? — as the iconic game show’s epic tournament came to an end on Tuesday. Jennings won his third match on the tournament’s fourth episode, defeating opponents James Holzhauer and Brad Rutter and officially earning the title of Jeopardy! GOAT.

It is mind-boggling that anyone can retain that much information as these three men have. They all must be blessed with photographic memories. Ken Jennings (the winner) ,  James Holzhauer and Brad Rutter are simply #amazing people.

Jennings got 1 million dollar$ for 1st place and the other two got 250,000$ for their performance.

While on the Jeopardy subject; I would like to pay a HUGE tribute to Alex Trebek for the bravery he has demonstrated fighting pancreatic cancer head-on. Alex is one #tough customer. I wish him the best and hope when the time comes, he cashes-in as peaceful as possible.

Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek, who announced in March that he had been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, has released a public service announcement to help raise awareness of the disease. … He announced in early October that he had begun another round of chemotherapy to counter the cancer after being in remission.


I don’t know of many people that would continue to work and keep the good-old-stiff-upper-lip as he has based on all he has gone through.

My hat is off to all four men and special good wishes to Mr. Jeopardy Alex.

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All part of the #act ….

‘AGT: The Champions’: Simon Cowell steals Howie Mandel’s Golden Buzzer, dangerous act stopped


I watched the program last night. It was all a big #rouse and a #staged outcome. There is NO WAY that any of the arrows could have killed the dare-devil.

The cross bows were all preset and rigidly set in place NOT to be aimed anywhere but the outside perimeter of the board. The contestant was NEVER in #danger.

Ben Blaque is one performer who was eliminated, after his act was stopped by the judges’ buzzers earlier in the show, when his crossbow roulette appeared to be heading into dangerous territory. The performer competed on “Britain’s Got Talent” in 2016 when the same trick malfunctioned, causing him to retire the stunt. 


That is SHOW BIZ folks.

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Bleeding hearts always finish last …..

New York lawmaker says Cuomo will have ‘blood on his hands’ if bail reform law isn’t changed

Bleeding hearts like Cuomo have no idea what it is like to operate a criminal justice system. All they look at is; how abused the #criminals are. The fools loose sight of the fact they are called criminals because they are criminals and broke the law in some fashion.

I am not talking about a jay-walker; I am talking about someone that committed a crime and they are released without bail for what the new law considers a non-serious crime. What the hell is bank robbery if not a serious crime?? AXE the tellers if they feared for their lives.

New York Republican Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis slammed the state’s new bail reform law, which has come under fire after an accused serial bank robber allegedly struck another bank days after he was released from jail.

Gerod Woodbury, 42, was charged Wednesday with robbing four Manhattan banks since Dec. 30, according to reports. He was released the following day under the new law, which did away with bail in cases involving so-called nonviolent crimes, according to the New York Post.

The criminal knows the authorities are stupid.

On Friday, just a day after being released, Woodbury made his way to Brooklyn where he allegedly robbed another bank — his fifth in a two-week span.

The Post reported that after Woodbury was released from jail Thursday, sources quoted him as saying, “I can’t believe they let me out. What were they thinking?”

I AXE you, why no bail?? Whose side are these law-making fools on anyway?? The fact of the matter is; the criminals are smarter than the law-makers and are using their stupidity to work against the system. No bail – no jail is their new slogan.

Is there an end to the ignorance of the people that were elected to protect the public?? All of the imbecilic moves these fools make are definitely coming back to bite the entire country in the ass.




Before we know it; Cuomo and the other bleeding-hearted fools will start supplying the criminals with weapons to make their crimes easier to commit.

As our #world #spins #out-of-control.

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When you live in a glass house ….

Alec Baldwin blasts Trump supporters, saying they’ve caused ‘colossal destruction’ to America


Alec Baldwin blasted Trump supporters on Monday for what he described as the “colossal destruction of everything that matters” in America.

With a track record like this clown has; he should not be rolling boulders at anyone.

Anyone that talks to his daughter like that is a real piece of work. That goes along with all of the other tirades and temper tantrums the out-of-control fool has thrown through the years. His problem is; he hasn’t run across the right guy that will jack-up his jaws for him.


www.youtube.com › watch
Alec Baldwin Angry Moments Compilation – YouTube

Jul 12, 2016 – Watch Alec Baldwin lose his cool with photographers and reporters.

hollywoodholler.com › 2017/10/12 › drunk-alec-baldwin-temper-tant…
A Drunk Alec Baldwin Has a Temper Tantrum On The Street …

Oct 12, 2017 – Alec Baldwin melted down in New York City this week, according to a pedestrian who told Page Six that he was exchanging cross words with a …

www.queerty.com › alec-baldwin-throws-yet-another-temper-tantrum…
Alec Baldwin Throws Yet Another Temper Tantrum, Calls …


Nov 14, 2013 – Actor/MSNBC host/slimeball Alec Baldwin has once again been caught demonstrating poor anger management skills and allegedly using …www.pressreader.com › usa › life-style-weekly
ALEC BALDWIN’s recent arrest causes tension with wife Hilaria.


Nov 23, 2018 – 2, Alec Baldwin was arrested for allegedly punching a man in an NYC … of example are you setting for your kids with your little temper tantrum?

Where does Alec get the tomatoes to hassle PDT you may axe?? He is s hypocrite like many other of Trump’s adversaries. I say to all the Boulder Rolling fools; look under your own bed before breaking someone else balls.

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Don't mess with Mother Nature …..

Last night I watch a segment on 60 Minutes of Venice being flooded; one of the worst floods in 100 years. It may have been shot a few months ago.

The frequency of the flooding is what is the biggest concern. What used to be occasional, is now more frequent and more severe.

Now I am reading that as of today, the canal that bring millions of tourists to Italy are dry as a bone. Go figure.

The arrogance of mankind often makes them believe they can control everything. Absolutely wrong.

Through the years, many structures, bridges, buildings, the Titanic, all claimed they were indestructible and were Mother Nature proof. There is nothing on this planet that is MOTHER NATURE PROOF. Mankind only exists on this planet Earth because Mother Nature allows us to. Anytime she is ready; at the snap of a finger, we will all be a bad memory and a pile of ashes.

So goes Venice. One day she is flooded, the next week her canals are as empty as the safe in a bank that John Dillinger robbed.

If we are smart – if we are smart – I repeat; if we are smart (I really doubt it); the powers that control this planet better get their heads together and heed the messages The Old Lady is sending us.

Personally; I think the time to turn it back around and reverse the damages we have caused; are long gone. The generations that are coming up are really going to have to pay the price/suffer for what our generation and those that came before us, how we so severely abused Mother Nature.

I think the Old Lady is good and pissed off and is showing her bad side. The signs are all around us.

There are or were solutions way back when; BUTT the greed of the high rollers in all the countries of the world and their obsession for power, wealth and control , continued to put it off and put it off until it is/was to late to reverse.


Later may be here in more ways than we can imagine.

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