Just another bimbo looking for a free ride and a meal ticket.

That’s probably one of the biggest deficits of being a celebrity; you don’t know if people are kissing your ass because they genuinely like you or they want to get next to that big fat wallet you have bulging out of your pants. Especially when you have unlimited resources six or eight mansions around the world, 14 cars, and easy pickings for the opposite sex.

Look at the price that ex-Prince Harry paid for having a hard pecker and getting tied up with this gold digger he’s stuck with.

Maybe the ex-Prince and the Tiger should get together and compare notes, or even the possibility of swapping Broads. Those kinky arrangements are made every day.

It is a never-ending vicious circle out there. The slime bags that are making the most of it are the ambulance chasers. They take these fools to the cleaners every time they pick up a phone or scratch a note on the back of a business card. They even stay on the clock while eating lunch.

On average, California divorce attorneys’ rates range anywhere from around $200 to $900 an hour.Jan 11, 2023

The Tigers guy summed his case up pretty well. “Ms. Herman is a not a victim of sexual assault or abuse sought to be protected by Congress when enacting the statute,” said the document Murray filed Monday. “Rather, Ms. Herman is a jilted ex-girlfriend who wants to publicly litigate specious claims in court, rather than honor her commitment to arbitrate disputes in a confidential arbitration proceeding.”

So goes the complicated way the world turns in the lives of the rich and famous. Many of them out there are just fresh bait waiting to be cast out into the ocean to see what they can pull back. It wouldn’t surprise me if a good percentage of them would just want to be an average ordinary person and stay out of the limelight.

BUTTTTTTTTTTTT, then we have M & M and her ex Prince Charming, sucking it up for all they can get. Can we live without all the dirt they are kicking up??

The old boys from way back when used to refer to IT as the golden snapper. My brother used to say poontang was the most powerful thing in the world. He may have been right for once in his life

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Free – Free – Free, that is why these pricks keep getting the check marks

Newsom’s California pushes billions in reparations payments as state faces budget deficit disaster

State task force proposes doling out $360K per person as amends for slavery

This sick puppy and his crew have put California billions of dollars in debt. It will probably be 50 years or better if they ever do pay off what they owe, yet this simpleton, mental Midget, irresponsible bastard wants to give two $326,000 to each black person in this state for reparation. The guy is out of his fucking mind. How in Christ can you control dictators like this?? They are runaway trains with nobody at the clutches and their brake pads are completely worn out, but yet they wanna go 600 miles an hour.

He probably just pulled that finger out of his ass ORRRR someone else’s.

I believe that the only way to straighten this country out entirely is to have a complete revolution and have the best team win. There is no end to the insanity of these progressive Social Democrat assholes.

Many of the people on social services have been there for 8 to 10 decades and do not know what it’s like to be responsible and work for a living. How can they teach their kids how to develop into solid citizens, if they are bums themselves.

It is called entitlement where people believe that they are really entitled to certain perks even though they do not deserve it. It’s more powerful than COVID. When receiving reparation the lazy son of a bitch can sit home and get paid. On the flip side when a person had COVID they had to stay home and not get paid. That really pisses them off.

Ladies and gents the people in question are absolutely pathetic and wouldn’t take a fucking job if you gave it to them, drove them to work, gave them a 3-hour lunch break, gave them 20 paid holidays a year just like our congressman get, they don’t want to work, They spend most of their life waiting for that social service check to come in, Paying them reparation is only going to put gasoline on an already raging forest fire.

I really believe with people like Kamikaze Joe and Newsome and the rest of the people running this country eventually will win the war and drive this country into oblivion. Just encase you have not noticed, it is well on its way already. There is no stopping it when there are more fucking morons in this country of voting age that will vote for any person who will completely support them rather than encourages them to work for a living. That is a new 4 letter word WORK but these fools absolutely detest.

Do you really believe that people like Newsome honestly have any concern for the American people?? You are dead-wrong. They are only in it for the long haul to see how much they can steal and commandeer to fill their coffers.

I hope there are people out there that could put an end to this insanity of passing out money to irresponsible causes. If gruesome Newsome has his way it will be a snowballing effect around the country.

I remember years back when the government saw fit to pay the Indians (who justifiably deserved it ) reparation for being thrown off of their land. If I am not mistaken the number was about a half 500,000 to each person. In no time at all the majority of them were flat broke, the alcoholism rate was astronomical, and the suicide rate was equally as high. In a nutshell, this entire initiative backfired. All they did was create worthless, irresponsible zombies. The same thing will happen if Newsome’s plan goes through.

In 1946, Congress created the Indian Claims Commission, a body designed to hear historic grievances and compensate tribes for lost territories. It commissioned extensive historical research and ended up awarding about $1.3 billion to 176 tribes and bands.

Unemployment reached about 80%, and alcoholism became so rampant that booze was banned from the Indian reservations.

I remember seeing videos of the Indian reservations back then where brand new vehicles, hundreds of them were parked on the side of the road and abandoned because they ran out of gas. Instead of filling them up, they went and bought another one. The Indians went through that money like the water goes through the calendar on Sunday spaghetti. When we were kids we used to call the calendar, spaghetti stay water go.

Not minimizing what the black people had to go through, but in my opinion, the American Indians had it 50 times worse than they did.

I have been telling you for years that the socialist movements in this country are bound and determined to bring all of its citizens of this country to their knees where they are totally dependent on them so they have absolute control. But all the fucking parasites can see is the word FREE.

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 Gotta call them as we see them ….

Energy Secretary Granholm claims US can ‘learn from what China is doing’ on climate change

Granholm praised China for being ‘very sensitive’ to the world’s climate needs, investing in clean energy

To start and end with, if we took politics and corruption (same thing) out of politics this entire world would be better off without those bloodsucking parasites. We never know who and what to believe.

If this article is correct and the Chinese are truly concerned with climate change, I think it would be a lot more productive if they did something instead of just talking about it. Talk is cheap. I am making reference to the Chinese government and Charlie Chan, not the Chinese people.

I am not trying to give the Chinese government a Carte blanche on how they handle worldly affairs. I always tell it like it is regardless of the circumstances.  As we know my slogan is, shooting from the hip and telling like it is, giving everyone a fair shake and an honest assessment.

I spent several years in the Far East serving in the USMC. Before I got to the LAND OF THE RISING SUN, it was slightly after the Korean War, WW II was barely in the rear-view mirror. The consensus of opinions from people around the world, the Far Easterners were despicable people. I had to learn for myself.

I rarely take the opinion of another person as to the charter or quality. I have to evaluate people on a 1 on 1 basis. They’re being said; after I intermingled in many different ways. the far eastern people I found them to be very respectful, disciplined, honest, extremely hard working and very accommodating, Overall great people.

I have done my fair share of world traveling and have always been of the opinion that the governments of other countries are the ones that are fucked up, the vast majority of the citizens are very honorable and respectful people.

Although; the opinion of the American people world-wide through the years has dwindled significantly because of wrongdoings. Most of which are, justifiable.

I rarely take the opinion of another person as to who is decent and who isn’t. I like to evaluate people on a 1 on 1 basis. They’re being said after I was exposed to the far eastern people for a short amount of time I found them to be very respectful very disciplined very honest very accommodating and overall great people.

Without getting into too much detail, it is endless, I can say without reservations that the United states was supposed to be the shining light in the world, the example setter, has crossed over to the other side of the tracks too many times where they were not welcome. Consequently, our once shining star has become very tarnished in the last few years. The only thing that the USA was/is accepted for is because of the stupidity of its leaders and the unexplainable, unjustifiable generosity forcing many of our citizens to eat out of garbage cans while we are serving caviar to foreign countries. Tell me it makes sense and I will tell you that you are nuts.

Especially with this administration; no one in their right mind would open the vault and let anyone and everyone walk in and helping themslves There must be some enormous-sized envelopes being Shuffled in the dark of night back and forth to the war-mongering parasites to keep the game going,

I would love to know how many billions, maybe trillions have been put into climate change throughout the world over the past 20 years. The numbers have to be astronomical. And I will guarantee you that a very high percentage of the funds that have been have been misappropriated in one way or another.

Without getting into too much detail; as a result of incompetence, theft, and mismanagement in offices our government is constantly between a rock and a hard place forcing many of our citizens to eat out of garbage cans while we are serving caviar in the foreign countries. Tell me it makes sense.

I can say without reservations, the United States was supposed to be the shining light in the world has slowly crossed over on the other side of the tracks, illegally invading too many times places where we were not welcome. Consequently, that once shining star has become just a small candle becoming very tarnished in the last few years. The only thing that the USA was/is accepted for is because of the stupidity of its leaders and it’s unexplainable unjustifiable generosity.

Especially with this administration that is racing hot and heavy toward socialism, , no one in their right mind would open the vault and let anyone and everyone walks in have to run to discretion; There has to be some enormous sized envelopes being Shuffled in the dark of night back and forth to the war mongering parasites to keep the game going and everybody involved jamming their pockets with dead presidents.

I would love to know how many billions and maybe trillions have been put into climate change throughout the world over the past 20 years. The numbers have to be astronomical. And I will guarantee you that much the funds that have been donated to that cause have been misappropriated in one way or another

In ending another one of these ridiculous hypothesis; if the Chinese government was so intent in doing whatever they had to to make climate changes, ensuring that mankind could live many years in healthy environment, they sure fucked up when they invented COVID-19. Putting every human being, plant, and animal in jeopardy of surviving the horrid concoction Chuck was instrumental in the development of.

I would not trust Chucky Chan any more than I could toss THE KID_DICK-TATOR across the room. Chuck put up or shut up, talk is cheap, proved that I am wrong, I will bet you 30 capacoli sandwiches against 15 pounds of your chicken chow main that I am right.

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Bullshitting Buckwheat…….


Published March 11, 2023 3:51pm EST

Karine Jean-Pierre torched for ‘word salad’ defending Biden’s border policy: ‘40 seconds of total nonsense’

This two-bit lying broad should be ashamed of herself and should be prohibited from standing in front of the American flag while she spews out all her irresponsible rhetoric, deliberately not answering questions, deliberately trying to confuse the public, deliberately holding back vital information about the country’s wellbeing from the American public and deliberately knowing she is lying through her fucking teeth. I will AXE again, Why even have press conferences when we know, all they are going to tell us is what they want us to know.

I have to take this all to the top. Even though the prick KJ is so senile and doesn’t know which leg of his pants to put on 1st, he and all of his other conspirators should be held countable for all the turmoil, disruption, destruction, and even deaths caused by the United States and concealing it from the public.

EXAMPLE: Causing the death of someone In Ohio, this offense is a felony, and the sentence may be up to 11 years in prison.

Between Afghanistan and the open border, should Kamikaze he and his Co-conspirators who directly or indirectly caused the deaths of thousands of people. be held accountable and pay the price for his poor decision-making?? Abso- fucking-lutely !!!

Because of their backdoor, underhanded, crooked illegal dealings they have caused thousands upon thousands of deaths and the destruction of the United States that has not yet come around full circle

‘Emptier words have never been spoken by anybody not named Kamala Harris,’ one Twitter user wrote

During the cumbersome speech, Jean-Pierre discussed Biden’s border security goals and accused former President Donald Trump of having “truly gutted” America’s immigration system.

Internet users blasted Jean-Pierre for both her “word salad” and the substance of what she was saying

I think all of the citizens of the United states are entitled to know the truth about what’s going on with this government. There is too much secrecy, too many clandestine operations too many dead presidents changing hands that keep this political monstrosity greased up.

There ought to be total transparency. Personally; I want to know if someone’s on his way to kick my ass. I don’t wanna be caught sleeping.

Don’t tell me how fucking good things are in this country when they are on the verge of collapsing. I cannot wish these bitches more bad luck than the pathetically addicted gambler who keeps betting on the same horse and doesn’t know or doesn’t care if the nag has been dead for 12 years.

There cannot be anybody in their right mind who can look at current conditions and be pleased with it.

Keep that lying bitch in her twin sister away from the cameras and microphones if it wasn’t such a sad situation and where even be comical.

Girl-sister, I swear it was that big, you know I never lie.

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They must be getting nervous already …..

White House ramps up attacks on DeSantis ahead of likely 2024 presidential run

If they were confident, they would be silent – looks like they’re shitting in their pants ready.

I made this observation so many times it’s ridiculous. When anyone runs for a political office or a prestigious position his/her vetters/hatchet people go all the way back to when this person was still kicking shit out of their diapers.

They do not leave a stone unturned as to how they can proverbially execute their opposition. That is not just for one side or the other, it applies to every condition where control, money, and power are present.

Where a person has to get the upper hand on the opposing side, they are gonna make sure that even if Ronnie boy peeked under his school teacher’s skirt while she was sitting her desk with her legs crossed, or uncrossed, they will undoubtedly find that out.

OK; it’s sad to say that these people could be so ruthless. They do not leave a stone unturned or a hollow tree not looked into. They literally spend hundreds of millions of dollars trying to make their opponent look bad. That just goes to show you what the payoff is worth once anyone gets an office.

I would like to see Danny or another person of equivalent/ideologies get into office in 2024 and set the record straight once again. I don’t know if that’s possible. These socio-bastards are very strong very, ruthless, conniving, dedicated, and very determined to hold on to what they have, in expectation of turning this country into a socialized state 

As we can see that does not apply to every situation. Kamakazie Joe is absolutely dirtier than at Lucy’s skivvies she changes once a year, maybe. Yet with all the dirt on this bum, he got elected. How was that possible you may ask? He had big money behind him, and enough to buy off anyone that would dare try to make mud stick to his bathroom wall.

Contrary to the Phony tough-ass demeanor he puts on, the façade, KJ is nothing but a weak M-fer with a big mouth who has gotten away with everything including, possibly murder.

Tell me how many people is he responsible for killing crossing the border. Tell me how many people is he responsible for killing in the abandonment of Afghanistan. I say he should go up on charges for each one of those deaths.

I will guarantee you one thing for sure if the situation were reversed, the person in his position would have his head hanging out of the front of the guillotine and his ass facing the crowd.

There is a very big difference between the socios and the Republicans. From what I see,  The Republicans are not willing to get down and dirty, and pull out all of the stops like the socios are. They have no boundaries, no limits, no morals, conscience, probably no Ma Ma and could care less who they steamroll over.

They are gonna make/invent hypothetical accusation, dig up trash knowing whether it is right or wrong just stir up the shit pot.

In the past election I did not see that the Republicans had the balls or the sense to use those kind of tactics.

At the end of a war and everyone gets their hat, nobody really gives a shit who came in second and how they got there, the only thing people remember is who came in first.

Fools; take them fucking gloves off and do what you gotta do to score the W.

You wanna win this war ladies, better start getting nasty and ruthless now, don’t wait till next year.

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Just what the world needs …..


Scientists have revived a ‘zombie’ virus that spent 48,500 years frozen in permafrost

There is no doubt in my mind; the scientists who found this a zombie virus that’s been dormant for nearly 50,000 years, they will keep prodding and poking and maneuvering this thing until the fuckin zombie wakes up. Isn’t that what scientists do??

Possibly, if they get stuck on the project, they can always call JAWS (Fauci) for assistance.

CNN — 

Warmer temperatures in the Arctic are thawing the region’s permafrost — a frozen layer of soil beneath the ground — and potentially stirring viruses that, after lying dormant for tens of thousands of years, could endanger animal and human health.

I say no shit, leave well enough alone. Put the son of a bitch back where you found it and then blow the whole area up with about two cases of TNT. The world has got enough on its plate right now, let alone dealing with some 50,000-year-old potential killer.

But like everything else on the edge, their curiosity is what drives these super sleuth scientists.get involved in, Many times they really have no idea when they’ve crossed the threshold into dangerous areas.

Don’t go where you don’t belong

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Holy Toledo Batman – brilliant deduction ….

DC police chief offers simple solution to get homicide rates down: ‘Keep violent people in jail’

The D.C. Council Chairman just pulled legislation Monday that would have reduced maximum penalties and abolished minimum penalties for various crimes

Metropolitan Police Chief Robert Contee gave a simple solution for what Washington, D.C., can do differently to get homicides down Monday: “Keep violent people in jail.” 

No shit Sherlock. I’ve been saying this from day one about these crazy M-fers in this country that do not believe in giving the most severe punishment for crimes committed, or for that matter, some, no punishment at all

What these progressive sons of a bitches have developed is far superior monster than Godzilla that is highballing it out of control.

If there comes a time in your life when you are forced to relinquish something under duress, you better know before you do it, once you give it up you will never get it back.T

This very same thing applies to our freedom and independence. Like Mexico has found out, once you relinquish your power, and your authority, you make the enemy much much stronger and you will never retrieve the ground you lost. So goes the United States in so many critical areas.

It’s like lending your Stumblebum brother-in-law a $1000 and expect to get it back. You should have never given it to him in the first place. Once you let up on lawlessness by allowing let it fall into mass chaos, continue to let it snowball, chances of stopping or turning that runaway train are very minimal If not impossible.

Since I have been posting on WordPress I can comfortably say that I have been right on the money with about a 75 to 90% rating on my accurate predictions.

I do not see this thing turning around. It is gone too long and too far to put it in reverse. The same thing is happening in our country that it is in Mexico where the fuckin banditos have taken control of the country. Put that in your marijuana pipe and smoke it.

I don’t like to put the Maloochio/whammies on anybody, but I sincerely hope that these people that foster this type of law enforcement/way of life become victims themselves of the insane laws that they are trying to impose on the United States.

If we want justice, we have to take all of these accommodating pricks out into the backyard and take care of business. Once they’re all gone, our problem is resolved and the chief can go on with his sworn duties.

Conte is probably a very good person that is well-intended and wants to do his job, but because of the pressures put on many of the police chiefs in the United States by the wacky bastards that signed their paycheck, they are between a rock and a hard place.

We saw similar conditions in Seattle where the police chief finally, out of desperation, had to resign her position because she could not get any cooperation from Of the progressive bastards in City Hall to uphold the law. Whatever happened to this once beautiful country and what it regressed to???

Because she could not get any cooperation from City Hall

This good woman was forced to resign her position. Looking back at it, she was 100% right. She could no longer continue the work for brain-dead fucking idiots that were causing the destruction of their once beautiful city.

Is this what the fucking progressive socialist bastards think progress should looks like??

Take them all in the Back 40 where the hangman trees grow, give the taste of their own medicine. Essentially that is what they are doing is killing the country.

Is my method/message of getting across a little harsh?? Fuck yeah, it is, but it’s a solution. Would you rather take a cold-hearted step to correct the problem or sit back and watch these monsters destroy the country?? To me, the choices are a foregone conclusion and long overdue.

I hope that chief Conte and some of the other mentally stable enforcement authorities across the country join together, get all the support that they need to POSSIBLY make a reversal to our current conditions. My opinion, I don’t think they’ll get the support.

There are too many people behind this movement that are making gigantic amounts of money and will continue to do so. Their big payoff will come with an enormous amount of financial, power and control, the day the USA becomes a socialist state.

All of these hypocritical bastards like (TMC) Barack Obama will be looking down from their $10 million castles laughing at all the people that supported them. It’s so ironic to me that these vermin who spearheaded the anti-capitalist movement have benefited immensely from what they hate so much.

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If your father is a #low-down #scumbag #lying #asshole, chances are you are walking in the same shoes.

Same Daddy – different Mommy – One of the more outrageous phenomenons of nature. These two Broads happen to be twins

Karine Jean-Pierre scorched for commentary on cartel violence at border: ‘Completely out of touch’

White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre defended President Biden’s efforts to secure the border and seize fentanyl ‘in a historic way’

What more can be said:

I mean to say – I mean to say – I mean to say, a broad has to have a real good set of knockers (I said good not big) on her to make these bold face lying statements and look gead into the camera. The twins were very well trained.

A reporter once asked Buckwheat if she thought a pigs prick was pork. She threw her hooves up and answered, I don’t know you gotta AXE Uncle Joey.

On second thought, well – maybe. Uncle Joey is living proof

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Sub-human M-Fers ……

First of four Americans kidnapped in Mexico has been identified

Zalandria Brown said her brother and some friends visited Mexico for a tummy tuck surgery


The ultimate price foolish people paid and the money they thought they saved in some South of the border town was absolutely a loser from the get-go.

I have maintained consistently, don’t go where you don’t belong – all the glitters are not gold – the short way around was a long way home, and if you think you’re getting too great of a bargain, better look under the bed first.

This beast and others like him would much rather cut your fucking eyeballs out, put them in a frying pan with garlic, onion, and jalapeno, stirring up the conctiun and eat them, To top it off, after he pissed down your throat, he takes a good long siesta before scoping out his next victim.

Take a look at this typical Mexican Bandido then tell me there is not a stone-cold animal living behind that murderous glare. They have no heart, no soul, no compassion, no emotion, no conscience, and no moral compass they live by.

With all of the bad press Mexico has been getting over the years due to violence of all natures against tourists, getting worse every day, a smart person would not venture South of the border. It is not a wise idea.

Tell me, what are you going to do with that $300 savings when you are 6 feet under??


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What are three objects you couldn’t live without?

Air – water and crooked POLITICIANS

Follow my blog at The Goomba Gazette for more brain-smashing ingenuity and calling them like I see them. I have nearly 9,000 posts to date.

If you were looking for someone to bullshit you or not to putting the jacket of blame where the fault lies or the complements where they should be extended, you are knocking at the wrong door.

Semper Fi to all the good guys out there in all the branches –

Without each other support, all we’re doing is shoveling shit into the wind

The rest of you, don’t miss the boat headed for South Korea; it is suspected to set sail at 2100 hours tomorrow. Say hello to the kid dictator for me.

Get off your dead ass and stand at attention every time you would hear the Marine Corps being played. Get down and give me 50

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