Very disturbing and damning accusations if true ….

This article is very lengthily; but worth reading. It was sent to me by a friend of mine. Figured I would share it.

Either way; it is a very sick piece. If it is true what the general claims; Car-Mella should be taken out back and …….

If it isn’t true or if someone doctored up what the general wrote, they are very sick bastards. Who in TF are we supposed to believe. We are surrounded by devious son-of-a-bitches that are constantly keeping the hatred fires burning in this country, either by their actions or the propaganda they spread.

The History of Kamala Harris

For your knowledge and interest about the Biden VP.  Here is a timely editorial that exposes the hidden background of Kamala Harris from the Combat Veterans for Congress Political Action Committee that is posted here with permission of the author. CVFC PAC supports the election of US military combat veterans to the US Senate and House of Representatives.  The editorial begins:

Kamala Harris’ father was an avowed Marxist professor in the Economics Department at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA. Both of Harris’ parents were active in the Berkeley based Afro-American Association; Fidel Castro and Che Guevara were the heroes of the Afro-American Association.

The group’s leader, Donald Warden (aka Khalid al-Mansour), mentored two young Afro-American Association members, Huey Newton and Bobby Seale; they created the Maoist inspired Black Panther Party which gained strong support from Communist China; the Black Panther Party served as the model for creation of the Black Lives Matter Marxist organization Khalid al-Mansour subsequently went on to arrange financing and facilitated for Barack Hussein Obama to be accepted as a student to matriculate at Harvard Law School.

Following her graduation from college, Harris returned to California and subsequently became the mistress of the 60-year-old married Speaker of the California Assembly, Willie Brown, Jr. Brown’s political campaigns were supported and funded by Dr. Carlton Goodlett, the owner of The Sun Reporter and several other pro-Communist newspapers.

Brown was elected as Mayor of San Francisco, and strongly endorsed Harris’ Marxist political philosophy; he guided Harris’ political rise in California politics, leading to her election as California’s Attorney General. Willie Brown, Jr. was a well-known long-time Communist sympathizer. Willie Brown, Jr. was initially elected to public office with the substantial help of the Communist Party USA.
Today, Willie Brown is widely regarded as one of the Chinese Communist Party’s best friends in the San Francisco Bay Area.

While serving as San Francisco District Attorney, Kamala Harris mentored a young San Francisco Radical Maoist activist, Lateefah Simon, who was a member of the STORM Revolutionary Movement; Simon currently chairs the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Board. Simon has always been close friends with the founder of Black Lives Matter Marxist Domestic Terrorists, Alicia Garza, as well as STORM member and avowed Communist, Van Jones. Harris has been openly and aggressively supporting Black Lives Matter Marxists; Kamala Harris is still closely associated with Maoist Lateefah Simon and Marxist Alicia Garza.

Kamala Harris’s sister Maya Harris was a student activist at Stanford University. She was a closely associated with Steve Phillips, one of the leading Marxist-Leninists on campus and a long-time affiliate with the League of Revolutionary Struggle, a pro-Chinese Communist group.

Steve Phillips came out of the Left, and in college he studied Marx, Mao, and Lenin, and maintained close associations with fellow Communists. Phillips married into the multi-billion dollar Sandler family of the Golden West Savings and Loan fortune. He funded many leftist political campaigns, and the voter registration drives in the Southern and South Western states in order to help his friend, Barack Hussein Obama, defeat Hillary Clinton. Phillips has been a major financial sponsor for Kamala Harris’s political campaigns for various California elective offices.

Harris’ husband, Doug Emhoff works for the law firm DLA Piper, which “boasts nearly 30 years of experience in Communist China with over 140 lawyers dedicated to its ‘Communist China  investment Services’ branch. He was just appointed to Professor at Yale to school future lawyers in the fine points of Communism. When she was elected to the US Senate, Kamala Harris appointed a Pro-Communist Senate Chief of Staff, Karine Jean-Pierre. Jean-Pierre was active with the New York-based Haiti Support Network. The organization worked closely with the pro-Communist China/Communist North Korea Workers World Party and supported Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the far-left Communist former president of Haiti and the radical Lavalas movement.

Fortunately for V/P Harris, but potentially disastrous for the Republic, elected office holders are not subject to the security clearance process. If the FBI did a Background Investigation on Kamala Harris, she never would have passed security clearance because of her 40-year close ties with Marxists, Communists, Maoists, and Communist China. Harris would never have been approved for acceptance to any of the 5 Military Service Academies, been appointed to a US Government Sub-Cabinet position, or would have been approved to fill a sensitive position for a high security defense contractor. Yet, since Joe Biden was elected, Harris could be a heartbeat away from being President.

The US Constitutional Republic is being threatened by the People’s Republic of Communist China (PPC) externally, and by their very active espionage operations within the United States. The People’s Republic of Communist China (PPC), with 1.4 billion people, is governed by the 90 million member Chinese Communist Party (CCP), that has been working with Russia to destroy the US Constitutional Republic for over 70 years.

If the American voters read the background information (in Trevor Loudon’s article) on Kamala Harris, they would never support her election as Vice President of the United States. Joe Biden is suffering from the early onset of dementia and will continue to decline in cerebral awareness; he will never be able to fill out a four-year term of office. Since Biden was elected, the Socialists, Marxists, and Communist who control Kamala Harris, are planning to enact provisions of the 25th Amendment, in order to remove Joe Biden from office, so Harris can become the first Communist President of the United States.

[Since Biden was elected, because Biden would not be up to it, Kamala Harris would lead the effort to appoint very dangerous anti-American Leftist, Communist, Socialists, and Marxists to fill highly sensitive positions in the Washington Deep State Bureaucracy. She would fill all appointive positions in the US Intelligence Agencies, in the Department of Homeland Security, in the Department of Defense, in The Justice Department, the Department of State, the FBI, the CIA, most cabinet positions, the National Security Council, and in the White House Staff.]

American voters must alert their fellow Americans that Kamala Harris is a very serious National Security threat to the very survival of the US Constitutional Republic; she has been a fellow traveler of Marxists, Communists, Maoists, Socialists, Progressives, and Chinese Communists for over 35 years. President Trump had much more background information on Kamala Harris than we presented here, and he was correct, when he accused Kamala Harris of being a Communist subverter.

Geoffrey B. Higginbotham
Major General, USMC (Ret.)

Geoffrey B. Higginbotham
Major General, USMC (Ret.)

This is my response to the email I received.

It would be really nice to know if there was anyone or anything on this sick planet we can trust.

I looked  up this article on Snope to check the validity of it and much of it contradicts what the article has to say about Car-mella.  If I had to put money on it, I am leaning in the generals direction, but with reservations.  

How the hell do we really know if Snope is on the up and up?? They are supposed to be the go to people that validated or disproved garbage like this. We don’t know. 

It is very disheartening that we have to live in a world of such deception as we do, not knowing who or what we can trust. If in fact General Higginbotham did actually write this piece, I don’t know if any of any of it was taken out of context. Whatever the case; either way, we are inundated with some sick MF’ers. Who can we trust?? I guess no-one. 

Parting thought for to chew on:  How can one person, if true, have such an extensive dirty laundry list as according to the article Car-mell does and not be exposed before the election?? I think that is a great question?? I think that great question deserves a answer.  I have to believe, if this information is accurate and was out there before the election, the outcome of the election would have gone the other way.

There used to be a few people in this world a person could rely on or trust. Those numbers are dwindling down rapidly. Many times, it is the people in a person own family that are the most devious.

Don’t trust anyone; but what a hell of a way to live.

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J J may think he is The Lord, BUTT he AIN’T ….

Battered Biden under siege as crises confound the White House

Remarkable 5 days of bad developments stretching from Israel to Mexican border, up East Coast via Colonial Pipeline

How about some of Dr. Sid’s snake oil for this migraine

The old proverb is;

Romans 12:19 KJV – Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves … › passageDearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.

J J may think he is the The Lord and his crew thinks they are his disciples; BUTT in reality they are just irrational piss ants trying to do a get back at PDT, attemting to destroy everything beneficial he did for the country; Y you may axe?? Because they do not like the guy and they are still grinding the ax over the defeat of the election.

The pipe line – the boarder are the two outstanding blunders this fool and his bosses made that are coming back to bite the American people in the ass big time. Y you may AXE?? Because they don’t like him. GMAGFB

Anyone paying more for gas lately thanks to J J????

Give me one solid – sensible reason for the moves J J has made and I will agree with him BUTT there are none. Y you may AXE; they don’t like PDT.

new poll (AYSM) shows J J the puppet; because of the deals that blew up in his face at the border and the pipeline, his popularity is diminished with only 43% of those surveyed approving of his immigration policy. The 43% that approve must all be imbeciles. Take a look at this and tell me there is nothing wrong with these pictures.

Image result for chaos on mexican border

In both of these scenarios; it has cost the taxpayer trillion$ of dollar$; Y you may AXE; they don’t like PDT. GMAGFB

If J J calls this normal; he better switch his suppliers. Whatever they are selling him is too powerful for the old boy. He can’t stand to be any more confused than he already is.

J J and his destroyers better get their heads out of the ass and come to realization this is not a game they are playing. This ass-a-9 moves are impacting and costing this country dearly. Y you may AXE; they don’t like PDT. GMAGFB

We all knew this was going to happen; yet some very foolish fools put their X in the wrong box. What a price to pay for their ignorance.

A little advice to pass on to all those fools that are taking this country down. You are not the Lord or his disciples; cut out the vengeance thing and start making decisions with common-sense and for the betterment of the country; not because you are obsessed with revenge.

Your ignorance and ass-a-9/nonsensical decision makings are killing this country.

On one hand, what I would like to see is J J get the boot; butt on the other hand, who would move over to the # 1 & #2 seat; none other than Car-mella and Nasty Nan. I truly believe, some way somehow that will eventually happen.

Enjoy the accolades while you can Joey.

Heaven helps us.

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It id tough call to make ….

Florida mom accused of ordering son to fight another child: report

Gensler allegedly told authorities that her son was being provoked throughout the day, the report said

It is a tough call to make as to how you raise your kids. If Johnny keeps getting the shit slapped out of him every day by the Bully Butch and does not defend himself, Johnny is in for a long life of being picked on and abused.

On the other hand, in this day and age of lawsuit and sissies, if Johnny retaliates and give Butch the Bully a good ass whipping with a ball bat, Butch’s bully parents are most probably going to take Johnny’s parents to court.

Back in the old days; most of the kids parents allowed the kids to settle their own differences. To my way of thinking, a good clean fist fight between kids is a healthy education. It is a very cruel world out there and without knowing and using the proper skills to defend ones self, Johnny and Judy become a target for every bully in the neighborhood.

Fast forward 40 years. We are now in the age of Shootem Ups. No longer do most people settle their difference using their hands, now it is, shoot them, stab them. It is a different day and age all the way around.

Like everything else in this complex world we live in; I don’t know the answer. I know what the answer should be, BUTT that is not always the way to everyone’s satisfaction.

Life is one gigantic learning experience. If a parent constantly intervenes in their kids affairs, trying to protect them, the kid never learns the real facts of life and the art of survival. A good old fashion ass whipping is good for the soul.

Years ago; a kid I knew was constantly getting slapped around by the neighborhood bully. Day after day the kid was taking a beating from the bully. One day the light went off in the kids head and he asked himself; what is the worst thing that can happen, as is stands I am getting beat up anyway.

The next time the kid saw the bully, he was the first one to attack and knocked the bully square on his ass. That was the last time the bully picked on him.

Folks; sometimes in life we have to take a stand, even if we get beat, we have to let them know we are there, or become the punching bag for the world. Let the kids settle their own scores, as long as it does not get out of hand.

I would recommend a GOOD Martial Arts School with a highly qualified teacher (more frauds out there than not). The results, if taught properly and studied properly are amazing. Discipline – confidence – self control – respect for other; the benefit are endless; best of all, the end to the bullies.

In the meantime; kids (boys and girls) have to learn how to deal with Butch the Bully. A swift kick in the nuts is always a good attitude adjuster. Leaves no evidence and the recipient is too embarrassed to admit he got his balls rung.

Who did you call a bitch??
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And we wonder why …..

NYPD mom’s dash to save toddler caught on camera: ‘I have a baby myself’

Colorado gunman walks into party, kills 6 and himself; children watched in horror; no motive

Person of interest in Times Square shooting allegedly intended to shoot brother when he shot a child: report

Secrets of troubled marriage revealed after husband’s murder arrest

Left cancels the word ‘mom’ on ‘Mother’s Day’ but it backfires

Texas sheriff blasts Biden administration for making National Guard clean up migrant’s trash

ANDDDD; that was just yesterday.

Anddddd we wonder why the entire world thinks the people in the USA are nuts!! Evidently a large portion of us are.

Where does all the insanity end?? Who the hell knows; possibly when everyone kills everyone else off or Jimmy Jones reincarnated pass out some more Cool-Aid.

Jonestown Massacre - Crime Museum
What was in the Kool Aid at Jonestown?
Residents of the commune later committed suicide by drinking a flavored beverage laced with potassium cyanide; some were forced to drink it, some (such as small children) drank it unknowingly. Roughly 918 people died.

Insanity?? Hell yes, BUTT so is what is happening everyday on the streets of the USA.

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Talk about powerful ……

Andrew Cuomo investigation expands over politicization of vaccine distribution

New York State Attorney General probes top Cuomo advisor overseeing the handling of vaccines

Andy “The Powerful” has a giant set of balls. If nothing else – nothing else – nothing else; he has to be given credit for his obstinance in not relinquishing his throne as governor of NY. Did I say nothing else??

The guy has more charges and accusation against him than John Dillinger had and still hangs in there not willing to give up his seat.

This just goes to show us just how powerful, corrupt and devious politicians are. These are just some of the reported incidents.

Timeline: Accusations against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo …


Apr 09, 2021 · Cuomo has been accused of inappropriate behavior by multiple women. Timeline: Sexual harassment allegations against Andrew Cuomo New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is embroiled in the biggest scandal of …

  • Author: Marlene Lenthang…

Sexual Harassment Claims Against Cuomo: What We Know So Far

Mar 19, 2021 · Sexual Harassment Claims Against Cuomo: What We Know So Far Multiple women have accused Gov. Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment or inappropriate behavior, prompting calls ……

A look at the workplace sex harassment claims against Cuomo

Apr 07, 2021 · FILE – This Monday, March 8, 2021, file photo shows New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo speaking at a vaccination site in New York. A lawyer for Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Thursday that she reported a groping allegation made against him to local police after the woman involved declined to press charges ……

Lily Burana : Andrew Cuomo’s sexual harassment charges …

Mar 09, 2021 · Lily Burana Andrew Cuomo‘s sexual harassment charges make … was New York’s Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo. … The touchy-feely-nosy maneuvers like those cited in allegations against Cuomo have a ……

Andrew Cuomo Scandal: Everything We Know

Apr 07, 2021 · Here’s everything we know about the allegations against Governor Cuomo: Lindsey Boylan first accused Cuomo of sexual harassment in December. Boylan served in the Cuomo administration as executive vice-president of Empire State Development and then as a …

Yet, I say yet, this guy refuses to budge. Even if 1/10 of the accusations are true, it should be enough to give him the old heave ho.

The political criminals protect one another, many times even from different sides of the fence. Many are fearful, if the flood gates are ever opened on their cousins, somewhere down the line they will be sucked into the tsunami.

The most recent charges against him: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has once again found himself in hot water as new reports indicate the State Attorney General is widening its investigation into whether the administration pushed vaccine access for political gain.

What the hell does it take to get this poor excuse of leader out of office?? Most of the accusations against Cuomo are not of the Jay-walking nature, they are serious crimes.

Lets face it, the name got him elected. If it were not for his father Mario, Andy would have been standing behind a hot dog cart on Time Square.

Hot Dog Cart Times Square Theater District Manhattan New York, New York,  USA Stock Photo - Alamy

It is disgraceful what politicians get away with. They lie – cheat – steal – philander – some have committed murder – some get caught red handed and red faced with their hand in a cookie jar or up some lady’s dress, many times on video and stilllll flat out deny it. If nothing else – I said nothing else, we have to give them credit for being good at at least one thing; top notch criminals with bullet proof jackets.

Speaking of being bulletproof, I am still waiting to see the repercussions on Wild Bill Clinton with his association with The Sex Island Guy Epstineburer, you know the guy that supposedly hung himself. That is all bull shit, THE BOYS had him rubbed out. He was going to take too many of his cronies down the tubes with him.

Bill Clinton was seen with Jeffrey Epstein on the sex offenders' island,  claims Netflix documentary | Daily Mail Online

With former President Bill Clinton slated to speak on the second night of the Democratic National Convention, some Americans were incredulous. 

“Anyone wanna explain to me how Bill Clinton who was photographed with the young women raped on pedophile island and on a flight log 26 times is the honored guest speaker at the 2020 DNC? No really PLEASE do explain,” one Facebook post says

The power of politics and money!!

The Teflon Don, John Gotti could not hold a candle next to these guys.

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Liberalism ….

Residents in Los Angeles’ Venice neighborhood frustrated over large homeless encampment, shootings, stabbings

Residents in Los Angeles’ coastal Venice neighborhood are calling for action

Once a beautiful tourist attraction has turned into a garbage dump and they have no one to blame BUTT themselves. Not only are these areas an eye sore, but they are very dangerous and unhealthy places to live or visit.

This is the end result of very poor or no governing at all. The leadership and discipline in some places is almost are nonexistent. Like Portland; the mayor waited until his city was half way destroyed, before he put on the brakes. Stupidity comes with a big price tag.

The USA was once the beacon/shining light of the world; in some areas is now very close to being a 3rd world country.





Is it incomprehensible that these places once were the crown jewels of the USA. This is what liberalism and lack of common-sense leadership eventually brings about.

Government without rules and regulation will NEVER be the key to success and stability. Like a spoiled rotten kid that is raised without guidelines; by the time they are 5 years old, they become unmanageable.

Is it coincidental that all of these jurisdictions are governed by socio-democrats?? Is this their answer to leading their people into prosperity and achievement??

I would much rather live in a place like Singapore that has harsh rules and regulations which may be off the wall, but the end result is what matters.

Crime in Singapore


Are some extreme?? You betcha, but at least their citizens can live nearly crime free, If that is the price; I would be willing to pay it.


Crime in Singapore is extremely low compared to other developed nations and the world in general. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit 2019 Safe Cities Index, Singapore was ranked as the safest city in the world, especially in regards to digital, personal and infrastructure security. Wikipedia


Chinatown. Walk Through The Chinatown Streets In Singapore Stock Photo,  Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 122541632.

The citizens know the rules and abide by them; if not they know the consequences.

That is what I am talking about.

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The four letter word they really hate – WORK ….


No alternative text description for this image

There are too many sons-a-bitches in this country that have entitlement tattooed on their forehead. They always have a 4 letter word that makes their skin crawl; the new one is WORK.

It is not totally their fault; I put a lot of blame o the government for aiding and abetting them.

The old story; give a fool a fish he will eat for a day; give a smart person a fishing rod and they will eat for life.

With all the time and money the government pisses away; why is it they can not set up multiple committees (that is what they do best) to go over the welfare books and demand that everyone on THE LIST who is not disabled, they must WORK (the 4 letter word) for their keep.

Like the Chinese say; no ticky not laundry!! They don’t work, they don’t get paid.

Will it piss off a lot of people initially?? Hell yes, BUTT we have to start somewhere. Complacency is killing the country.

I can tell them 1,000’s of jobs around the country that are in dire need of cleaning, repairing and fixing.

I know, the liberal idiots do not ant to piss off the fools that voted them into office. It is all a BFJ.

Tell me; what is one of the things a GOOD parent should teach their kids?? Be independent and self-sufficient. I did say a good parent. BUTT if that parent has been eating/mooching off of the welfare system all their lives, they play dumb like a fox and that is what they teach their kids.

Folks; get and handle on it. Inch at a time we are being driven deeper and deeper into the ground and the government is the main/principle offender.

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Female turn-key, hell no …..

There is no way any female should be allowed to be a prison guard. This is a good example of why not. It could have turned out much worse, with the coward putting the boot to her or even killing her. Administrative work OK, prison guard no.

The creep that nailed the guard is probably chosen by his inmates as THE MAN of the month.

I must say; the lady has a good jaw and can take a good left hook.

An ounce of prevention is ……

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Big part of the problem ……

LA County DA Gascón won’t seek death penalty for pair charged with torturing, killing boy, 10

A prosecutor in Gascón’s office has lashed out against the decision

A prosecutor with the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office is blasting DA George Gascón’s Thursday decision to drop the office’s bid for the death penalty in the case of a woman and her boyfriend accused of torturing and killing her 10-year-old son. 

Getting sent to prison is no big deal to these thugs. It is like old home week and a badge of honor for the scumbags. So what is the deterrent to keep them from committing a crime?? Nothing.

Liked Brer Rabbit being thrown into the briar patch, the fox thought he was punishing him, but that is exactly what he wanted.

I often wanted to AXE some of these liberal idiots who call themselves judges; what if it was your kid who was the victim of the heinous crime?? I would love to hear their answer (or maybe not).

How else can the justice system get a message across to these animals, if they do not make them pay the ultimate price?? I say ship all their asses to South Carolina.

South Carolina House adds firing squad to execution methods

The South Carolina House has voted to add the firing squad to the state’s execution methods amid a lack of lethal-injection drugs

By JEFFREY COLLINS Associated Press

May 5, 2021

Face fact folks; in the big scheme of things, the majority of people doing time are living a better life behind bars than on the outside. Adding to there reward for a life of crime, many prisons allow conjugal visits. SOOOO, tell me what the hell is the downside to committing crime??

As good as many motels
Next time, see if your sister wants to visit
Judge YFAH, take a good look at this precious kid and then tell me your decision was the right one.

It seems in many cases our judicial systems has more regard/sympathy for the criminals than they do the victims.

Very sad times we are living in all the way around.

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They are brutal bastards at our expense…..

Lawmakers want billions in government spending on unusual pet projects, Fox News investigation finds

Earmark requests from both parties top $6B in value

One party is no better than the other. They are all crooks who think when they get elected they have an open check book and unlimited access to the taxpayers hard earned money.

Is this why we bust our ass working all or lives and paying taxes so the crooks can piss away any amount of money on any pet project they have.

 $1,750,000 to spruce up the Japanese Garden in Portland. $436,100 for a “meditation and restorative yoga” program in New Jersey. And $250,000 to expand the Michelle Obama Library in California.

WRGAF about Michelle Obama’s library that they want to spend 250,000$ on?? Not me. Why does Michelle rate a library anyway; because she is the wife of the 1st Half white & half Black president??

The idiots allow a bunch of scumbag rioters to destroy their city (Portland) now they want 1.8 million to spruce up the Japanese Garden.

On top of that; 436,100$ for a meditation Yoga program in New Jersey. These bastards are insane.

With all the bitching and complaining the politicians are doing about being broke and having to raise taxes to make ends meet; one would think, they should not be allowed to spend a dime that is not absolutely necessary. The list of pet projects they are look to fund are endless.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind; one of these days, I have no idea when but it is coming, the ceiling is going to come crashing down and the USA is going to go belly up. It is virtually impossible to conduct business so recklessly and stay afloat.

Nearly HALF Of Small Businesses In US Could Go Belly Up - YouTube | Blog  talk radio, Small business, Talk radio

Mark my word.

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