Seal of disapproval

Fox News

Seal calls out Oprah Winfrey for hypocrisy, calls her ‘part of the problem’


Internationally renowned musician Seal trashed Oprah Winfrey on social media just days after her widely praised speech at the Golden Globe Awards on sexual misconduct in Hollywood, calling her a “part of the problem for decades.”

In a fiery Instagram post Wednesday, Seal republished a pair of photos of Winfrey with disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, including one in which she appears to be kissing the producer’s cheek. Overlayed on the photos, in all-caps, is the text: “When you have been part of the problem for decades, but suddenly they all think you are the solution.”


It is possible she also may be whispering in his ear???? Whatever the case, the pervert seems to be enjoying it.

I guess human-nature and hypocrisy many times walk  hand in hand. It takes a bigger set of tomatoes to discredit one of the Big Boys as Seal did, when they are at their peak of popularity, BUTT, very easy to do when the rest of the world are throwing stones at them.

A good percentage in the circle of people I am referring to, all come from the same place; it is called hypocritisville. They are professionals when it comes to jumping on the get down band wagon, BUTT their courage only surfaces after the fact.  They are the kind of people that throws an anchor instead of a life jacket to one of their ostracized landsmen  when  their ship is going down.  They can be categorized as the; NO HONOR AMONG THIEVED crowd.

I have seen it many times. There is ALWAYS a guy in the crowd that jumps into the fight after it is all over and beats his chest on what a hero he is. Sound familiar??

You all can bet the house on one thing.  If that  pig Wineburger was never exposed by some of the brave ladies that came forward, ALL of his  Boulder Rollers, knowing what they know about the pig, they would ALL STILL be standing in line to kiss his ass. Why? Because he was a heavy hitter and sad to say a very influential person in the industry. We can call Wineburger the Bernie Mad-off of Hollywood.

Friendship and loyalty in La La Land;  lasts about as long as it took Jesse Owens to break the 4 minute mile in the Olympics.  They will stab each-other in the back, lick off the blade and go after another outcast, BUTT only if it will do their career any good.

I will totally agree Oprah has done many good deeds for society and is a very benevolent women. BUTT; one speech is NOT the only thing it takes to qualify a person for sitting in the Big Chair. After her speech at the awards show, mostly all of the fools in La La Land and beyond had her running for president.

Would she make a good president if she ran and got elected?  Hard to tell. I have seen worse; especially in the guy that she supported 110% and in the END, the family turned their back on her  like she was a plate of week old, left over egg foo young.

Michelle Obama’s ‘jealousy’ and ‘resentment’ led to rift with Oprah

As I alluded to; Oprah was thrown an anchor when she needed a life jacket. After all she did to get Mr. O elected, she was thrown into the garbage like an old shoe. That is what the beautiful people call gratitude and loyalty.

I always said that Obama was elected for couple of  reasons. 1st – the American people did not want 4 more years of the disastrous republicans governing the country. 2nd – GWB and his president Cheney pushed the country into wars that will take 100’s of years, if ever, to mend the wounds. 3rd – Oprah’ support of Obama.  Without Oprah’ support, he would have not won the election.  What did the Obama’s reward her support and loyalty with??  They showed her the servants entrance at the rear of the Casa Bianca and told her not to use it.

Oprah was just another in the very long line of, for the lack of a better word (status seekers) kissing Wineburger’s ass before the brave ladies dropped the bomb on the pig.

The next election is 3 years away; no one can tell me with 100% certainty if it is going to rain or snow tomorrow; who can predict what the future has in store.

The only thing I do know;  USA the laughing stock of the world with all of the political disarray going on. It doesn’t and should not be that way. The majority of the friction is being initiated by some very selfish, far left, self-centered people that STILL can not accept, they lost the election.

Does PDT have some peculiar characteristics? Absolutely; BUTT, looking at the big picture, he is doing his very best to bring the USA back to greatness. Are some of his methods unorthodox? Absolutely yes, BUTT he has done more for the country in 1 year than Obama did in 8.

PDT is not going anywhere, let alone going to get impeached. With the cooperation of everyone concerned, the country can come out of this dilemma in one piece by supporting him, instead of in shreds as it is headed.

Let us not focus too heavily on who is going to get the nod in 2020, let us ALL support PDT and try to make some positive progress. We don’t have to like the man, BUTT as good Americans, we should support him to try and make the future a little brighter for ALL of the young ones coming up today.

I say that Seal should be credited with have the goolunies to comment the way he did.  It takes a lot of guts to go against the grain, especially  in La La Land. Ask him if he cares.


I would assume Seal will not be asked to MC any of the awards in the future. Just a guess.

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Just another porno pig pastor pig!!!

Fox News

Illinois priest charged with multiple counts of child pornography

Just another disgraceful pig and another black eye to the Catholic religion is Gerald Hechenberger, 54, who serves at three parishes in St. Clair County, Ill.

The swine was arrested Monday after a search warrant was executed at a church rectory in Mascoutah, Ill, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. What authorities found in the raid was deplorable.


This sinning scumbag that calls himself reverend is an associate pastor at Roman Catholic churches in Illinois. He not only faces 16 felony counts on child porn charges, he is a junkie as well. The raid on his living quarters uncovered methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia. Who knows if the scumbag used some of the drugs on kids in the parish.

He looks like someone that I would want to tell my sins to in the confessional.

Although they are making some progress in the right direction, the RIGHT HANDERS still have a long way to go. At the very least, as fas as we know, now the sinning priests are being held accountable and arrested for their crimes.

The bond for this hypocritical pig has been set at $2 million, Fox 2 Now in St. Louis reported.

Through the years, the Catholic religion has aided and abetted their sinning priests by covering up their crimes and hiding out the criminals. All of the concealment revolved around $$$$.  If they would have come forward at the time the crimes were committed, it would have cost them a HELL of a lot less than the billion$ of hush money they paid out

The most damming example of their deception was a priest that ADMITTEDLY rape over 2oo deaf boys under his care and the pope refused to take action against him. No that is a sacrilege!!


Earlier in his life, this sinning son-of-a-bitch had ties to Hitler’s Nazi youth groups.

No one can convince me that he was not up to his ass in alligators when he SUDDELY retired as pope.  Possibly, someday the truth about him getting his hat prematurly will come out.

I have always maintained; the perpetrators are despicable people, BUTT they are mentally ill. The people that cover up for the criminal are worse, because they are SUPPOSED to be mentally stable.

Through all of the turmoil the Catholic church has gone through over the decades, many of these situations could have been avoided or reduced IF IF IF  the people at the helm did the right thing and turned them in at the time of the crime.

Why do so many people believe that a sinning priest should get a pass when it comes to sexual charges or other crimes is beyond me.  I believe they should get a more severe penalty because they not only committing a crime against humanity, more importantly, they are misusing their positions of power as a weapon of evil.

The devil has a special place for these sinning pigs; right on his lap.


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What’s cookin Mr. O?? Double dribble??

Fox News

Obama criticized for lavish library plans, including ‘test kitchen’

Reports first surfaced last fall that the monument to the first black president’s legacy was taking on an activity-center vibe. There would be a museum – but also a basketball court, possibly a room for yoga classes, and a test kitchen to teach visitors “about the full production cycle of nutritious food.”

I can’t even begin to imagine what the hell is Obama going to fill up this behemoth of a library with? Can we really call it a library or should it be labeled an entertainment center?  The best part being, it is  not going to cost him one thin dime.


To start with, monuments (pyramids) like this were built for and by the Pharaohs’ that ruled the lands to commemorate  their accomplishments and their lives.  Do I have to go any further??

Possibly the reason Obama is having a kitchen and a basketball court built into his pyramid is because he is at a loss to find anything significant in his accomplishments to fill the voids.

“What brought me up short was a space in the adjoining Forum building labeled ‘test kitchen.’ Presumably that reflects Michelle Obama’s war on junk food. The museum’s champions similarly suggest it could host yoga classes,” he wrote. “President Obama, is that how you want to be remembered? As the healthy-eating and meditation-advocating president?”
He added, “That’s not how I want the story to come down to my grandchildren’s children.”

If the truth was going to be told as it should be with every x-president; in Obama’s case, there would not be too much to brag about.

Monuments should be built by admiring citizens that want to acknowledge the persons accomplishments, not orchestrated by the person themselves.

There are many articles of the pros and cons depicting what Obama did or didn’t do while sitting in The Big Chair. I guess it is a matter of what one wants to believe.


As far as I am concerned, there were too many negatives in the mix to do hand stands over.

One example is the unemployment statistics. THEY say that the reason unemployment went down while Obama was in office,  is because there were so many people who were discussed with the system, not able to get a job,  they did not register. The beat goes on and on and on!!

It has always amazed me that 100 people could witness the same crime and there will be 100 different accounts of the incident and 100 different descriptions of the criminal.  I guess it is called  the frailties of human nature. 

I would like to quote the old cliché. A person can do 1,000 thing right and no one notices; that same person can do one thing wrong and that will be what the person is most remembered by. 

I like to use Pa Pa Paterno as an example. At one time he held a godly status at Penn State. In his career he was viewed by most people as a man among men, a person to be admired for all of his accomplishments and good deeds. That was until, it was disclosed  he kept silent about the Sandusky molestation situation. In the end, what will Pa Pa Joe be most remember for??

I personally do not support a lot of what Obama did or didn’t do while in office.  We can argue all month on who is right and who is wrong. BUTTT; there is one thing, in my opinion that he  will always be remembered by; something whose ugly head has not yet surfaced, the Iranian whore deal. That in-it-self is going to haunt the entire world for centuries to come. I wonder if that is going to appear in his ACCOMPLISHMENTS list?

Did I mention; before Mr. O got his hats, he sent Iran 400 million dollars in cold hard American currency, to release American prisoners. The relaese  should have been the top priority even before negotiations began. No release, no deal; that way we could say, we did come away with something.


EVEN his staunchest supporters have to admit, those two incidents were one-sided disasters.

I guess the moral of the story is; if we are going to tell a story about someone and have it inked in the history books for eternity; let us tell the truth about them. (Hitler was a good guy, except) What is accomplished by camouflaging or sugar-coating what any person did if the truth is not told?

Let us take a step back and really critique the critical issues of where the kitchen and basketball court should be placed.  Those two items alone tell a big tale about Mr. O’s and what his presidency and his accomplishments left with the American people.

One fact that can not ever be disputed; he was the first multi-racial person to sit in The Big Chair. Based on that fact, he dodged many a bullet any other president would not have, only because people were hesitant to criticize him because he was half black. They did not want to be ostracized or labeled as racists.


Chew on this one folks: Obama’s Library Architects Say Project May Need $1.5 Billion:

That is a BBB not an MMM – WOW!!

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A Lady with a set of big ones!!!

BBC Journalist Quits After Finding Out Her Male Colleagues Made 50 Percent More

Carrie Gracie wrote an open letter accusing the news outlet of breaking equality law.


I give Carrie a lot of credit for telling her boss to TAKE THAT JOB AND SHOVE IT.

A few years back Johnny Paycheck wrote this song specifically for Carrie.

It only take one word to challenge why a women, who has the exactly the same qualifications as a man, does the same job, in some cases better, does not get paid the $ame amount for doing the $ame job.


Ladies and gents; this is the year 2018 AD (After Domination) where all people are supposed to be treated equal.

I am not suggesting that special considerations or changes in policy be enacted to make sure it fits into a women’s realm of capabilities. I am suggesting that if any women can do the same job as a man, she should be paid the same.

Now, there are jobs men do that I believe a women is not suited for because of physical restrictions, as well as jobs women do where men should be kept out of.

Keep the ladies sports casters out of men’s locker room. Do male reporters go into ladies locker rooms for interviews??

Ever since the cave man drug his women around by her pony tail, in some circles, women have been viewed as 2nd class citizens.


As an example; if someone was prevented from learning how to read  their entire life and someone put a book in front of them, how are they expected to perform that task.

In some cases, years back, that same example applies to the ladies that were never permitted to advance themselves because of the male dominated mentality, marital and parental responsibilities.

It is a new day and age. The ladies have spread their wings and filtered into mainstream society and the business world. I know of many women that are far more superior to men in politics, medicine, engineering and many other fields in the professional world. BUT; they were never given a chance to prove themselves or be exposed to the higher echelons of responsible positions. Now that they are, they ABSOLUTELY should be paid the same as their counterparts.

What they have to do is create an association/metaphorical union that goes on strike until the big boys come around with equal pay for equal work.  It has to be a unanimous undertaking or they will fail.

There are some very powerful women out there, in some very powerful positions that should support their sisters in-arms and help them achieve equality. It is not that the Big Boys don’t have the $cratch to pay them, they are just ignorant, greedy bastards.

Although the Golden Globes (in some areas was a joke) was held last night; today I want to give Carrie Gracie her award for standing up for her rights. Hopefully, if they persist in unison,  she and her sisters in-arms will come home with the bacon. She has my vote.

Ladies like Hoda Kobt who replaced the pervert Matt Lauer have to stand up and be recognized. According to reports, she is receiving ONLY 1/3 of what Matt the Mauler was getting paid. That is totally unacceptable. If she settles for that, she not only is she defeating her own position but also all the other ladies that are trying to climb the corporate ladders.


Hoda baby; remember, the squeaking wheel gets the grea$e.

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Call em like you see em

Fox News

Trump keeps his promise: Blacks and Hispanics do better with him than Obama

How can anyone disputes facts and figures?

Democratic warnings that President Trump would make life worse for minorities were discredited once again Friday, with the release of new unemployment statistics for December. In just under one year in office, the president and the Republican Congress have helped minorities make dramatic gains.

Since taking the reins from President Obama, President Trump and the GOP-controlled Congress have embraced free-market and pro-liberty economic policies. Now – after a year of reducing regulations, approving a tax cut, and encouraging stricter standards for numerous welfare programs at the state level – the economy is thriving. Working-age minorities are benefitting in ways they have rarely, if ever, have enjoyed in the modern era.

The U.S. Labor Department reported Friday that the unemployment rate for African-Americans fell to 6.8 percent in December – the lowest rate since recordkeeping began in 1972. That’s an astounding drop from the 8.3 percent black unemployment rate in October 2016, just before Donald Trump was elected president.

Hispanic unemployment was at a near-record low of 4.9 percent in December – down from 5.7 percent the month before the election of President Trump. Additionally, there were four months in 2017 in which the Hispanic seasonal unemployment fell below 5 percent – the only time that has occurred in a single year over the past 44 years.
Asian-Americans, the demographic group that typically has the lowest unemployment rate, enjoyed a 2.5 percent unemployment rate in December – the lowest figure since 2006.
The overall U.S. unemployment rate in December was 4.1 percent, matching the lowest level in 17 years – down from 4.9 percent in October 2016.
In addition to putting more Americans to work, President Trump’s economic and job-creation policies are creating once-in-a-lifetime economic opportunities.
The Trump-era economic gains are allowing more and more families to move off welfare rolls and enjoy self-sufficiency and the pride that comes with regular work.

Under the Obama administration, welfare programs were expanded dramatically. Many policies that have a proven record of keeping people from getting trapped in a cycle of poverty – such as work requirements and time limits for working-age able-bodied people collecting government assistance – were temporarily removed or watered down. This disproportionately affected blacks and Hispanics, especially in lower-income urban regions.

There are a particular breed of people, whose ONLY solution to correcting a problem, is to throw good money after bad. That seems the way the liberal-left operated when Obama was in office and still continue to do so. Folks, their methods do not work.

I did a post recently on the 10 most %$#&*^ %$ cities in the USA, all governed by liberal mayors.

America’s ten most dangerous cities—as measured by federal crime statistics—have one highly notable feature in common: All are led politically by Democratic mayors. Most, in fact, have been controlled by Democrats for a very long time. For example, Detroit, which in 2015 ranked as the nation’s most dangerous city, has not had a Republican mayor since 1961. The second most dangerous city in 2015 was Oakland, California, a Democrat stronghold since 1977. Third was Memphis, in Democratic hands since 1991. Fourth was St. Louis, which has been led exclusively by Democratic mayors since 1949. Fifth was Cleveland, where no Republican has been mayor since 1989. Sixth was Baltimore, Democrat-led since 1967. Seventh was Milwaukee, which has elected only Democratic mayors since 1908. Eighth was Birmingham, which has been Democrat-run since 1975. Ninth was Newark, a Democrat bastion since 1933. And tenth was Kansas City, Missouri, which has not seen a Republican mayor in a quarter-century.

Permissiveness and a PC mentality on governing has been proven NOT to work. It is just like raising a spoiled brat. The more they are spoiled, the worse they become.

Who is most at fault in situations like this? The brat or the enablers? I say, door # 2.

In order to repair a broken system, it is necessary to take a step back, look at what has been done to correct it, make the appropriate decisions, take some calculated cold hard steps in the right direction, as unpleasant as they MAY SEEM, and make the corrections. Being a good leader is not always a popular job.

By looking at the Obama methods of doing business and comparing them to the Trump ways of doing business  it is like night and day!!

The solution to the liberal-left method of correcting a problem is like the permissive parents that rewards their kids bad behavior.

Under the Obama administration, welfare programs were expanded dramatically. Many policies that have a proven record of keeping people from getting trapped in a cycle of poverty – such as work requirements and time limits for working-age able-bodied people collecting government assistance – were temporarily removed or watered down. This disproportionately affected blacks and Hispanics, especially in lower-income urban regions.

For the more intelligent,  advanced, open-minded, common-sensed people in the country, it has been their opinions for decades, the way to correct the BAU in the USA was to get someone in The Big Chair that was a fantastic business man, someone that was NOT a member of the good OLD BOYS CLUB, someone that could not be easily influenced and push around by domestic and foreign entities, a true patriot, someone that was not afraid to go against the grain of the establishment regardless of the fallout and most of all and probably the most important, NOT A POLITICIAN!! Ladies and germs, we got what we have been striving for.

Still to this day, over a years after the votes were counted, the motivation behind the BOULDER ROLLERS MOVEMENT is still being fueled by the fact that PDT kicked their ass.  Gotta a call em like we see em!!

IFFFFFFFFFF, the Boulder Rollers (liberal media included) ever wanted to take an honest look at the progress PDT has made and acknowledge them,  instead of nit-picking every move he makes; it would stop PDT from firing back at them with his ever so  deadly Tweety Phone,


put an end to the constant conflict between all parties and assist PDT to continue to making bigger strides to get this country turned around. That would be a win win for everyone. If he can accomplish what he has while under fire, just think what the man could do with some cooperation.

Being a very suspicious person  by nature; I still say there was a bigger picture that never developed because CHC didn’t get the nod.

As far a what Obama accomplished while sitting in the Big Chair; ask his people to be truthful and answer if they were better off when he was in office or now since PDT too the reigns.

As I referred to many time; the welfare system was initiated to help the unfortunate people that were not able to help themselves. That was a good thing.  It’s purpose was not to create a monstrosity of a system that made lethargic zombies out of many of its recipients. I really blame the government more then I do the welfare warriors. It is only human nature to try and take a short cut or the easy way out. It has been proven over time; the long way around is the short way home.

By now, we all know PDT has some hang-ups; BUTT on a scale of 1 – 10, looking at the big picture, I will give him a 8.5 for his achievements – a 10 for his patriotism – a 10 for standing up for America instead of the business as usual (bending over) – a 6.5 for using good sense and diplomacy and a 5 for his lack of self-control.

In life we have to look at the BIG PICTURE and his big picture sure looks a hell of a lot more hopeful for our country than it has with the last few characters we had sitting in the BIG CHAIR.

download (5).jpg   index

Remember; if you have not seen the movie The Manchurian Candidate, by all means do so. The similarities are shocking!!

The Manchurian Candidate

Directed by
John Frankenheimer
Produced by
George Axelrod
John Frankenheimer
Screenplay by
George Axelrod
Based on
The Manchurian Candidate
1959 novel
by Richard Condon
Frank Sinatra
Laurence Harvey
Janet Leigh
Angela Lansbury
Henry Silva
James Gregory

Paul Frees[1]
Music by
David Amram
Lionel Lindon
Edited by
Ferris Webster
Distributed by
United Artists
Release date
October 24, 1962
Running time
126 minutes
United States

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Holy Toledo Batman, did he really say that???

Trump: I’m a ‘very stable genius’

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump slammed reports questioning his mental stability in a series of tweets Saturday morning, writing he’s a “very stable genius.”

Remember me saying; I really like that person BUTTT I can’t stand him sometime.

Part of PDT’s statement:

“Actually, throughout my life, my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart,” the President continued. “Crooked Hillary Clinton also played these cards very hard and, as everyone knows, went down in flames. I went from VERY successful businessman, to top T.V. Star … to President of the United States (on my first try). I think that would qualify as not smart, but genius … and a very stable genius at that!”


I never claimed that I was the most articulate person on the planet BUT, neither is PDT. Is being, like, really smart the proper use of the English language? Sounds like what the Ding Dong Valley Girls used to beat into the ground.

I know a person very well that comes out of the same mold PDT did. This person has everything anyone can ever want. Money, looks, personality, charisma, did I mention money.  BUTTT,  she really has nothing.  It is always about her. She NEEDS to be the center of attention, reassured constantly, always interrupts conversations, does not listen to what the other person has to say and frankly, gets on everyone’s nerves.  Did I mention money??

Most people can’t help but like the lady BUTTT, she is a real pain in the ass at times.

Yesterday I did a post on someone having a honker hanging out of their nose and they are the only one that does not see it.


One would think by this time, the light bulb should have gone off.  Does this man take advice from anyone??

BUTTT; I will stand by my vote for president; the alternative sucks.  LIKE talk about another LIKE ego maniac!!

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Texas scumbag couple

Fox News

Texas couple ordered to pay nanny $121G in restitution

By now I think everyone knows where I stand with scumbags. An eye for an eye and a beating for a beating.

In this very sad and pathetic case, a couple of Houston scumbags were ordered Friday to pay more than $121,000 in restitution to a Nigerian nanny who worked in their home.

The scumbags pleaded guilty to federal charges related to forcing the woman to work nearly 20 hours a day, taking care of their home and five children without pay for two years, authorities said.

Chudy Nsobundu, 57, and his wife Sandra Nsobundu, 49, also were sentenced to seven months in jail and seven months of home confinement, plus three years probation.

To add insult to injury, they took their hatred out on one of their own. The scumbag couple slave masters were also Nigerian-born, but naturalized U.S. citizens.

When they hired the women, they promised her a $100 monthly wage. Instead, they abused her physically and verbally while she worked at their home in the Houston suburb of Katy from September 2013 to October 2015, authorities said.

The scumbag husband pleaded guilty to visa fraud in 2016 while his wife pleaded guilty to unlawful conduct with respect to documents in furtherance of forced labor.

According to court documents, the nanny worked every day from 5:30 a.m. to 1 a.m., with no breaks, and no fresh food, and at times was allowed to drink only the milk left in the children’s cereal bowls. Family pets are treated better then that.

As far as I am concerned; if any person has no compunction about calling me a dirty &^$# – @!&%$#@!, they should not be offended if I call them one or even ten. The same thing applies on how we are supposed to treat other, with respect and expect the same in return.


These two degenerate slave masters should be put in solitary confinement for the same period of time they held their maid captive and feed the the same things they fed their captive.  BUTTTT; I know, we are supposed to be living in a civilized society.  Supposed to is the key word.


What we see here are, the lowest of the low, two legged animals in the greatest definition of the word. Animals like them do not understand kindness or compassion. If they did, they would not have cross the line of decency as they did.  That being said, how can they take offense to being treated the same way?? In this life, if a person wants to deal, they have to shuffle.

As far as I am concerned, the judge went easy on them.

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