Gotta stay away from that fire-water lad ….

Fox News

Mississippi state rep allegedly punched wife after she took too long to undress for sex: report


I looks like Rep. Douglas McLeod should have married a stripper that is used to shedding her garments rapidly. His wife was not as quick as he expected when he wanted a little nookie, so he blasted he in the face. Totally unacceptable.

I wonder how hard it would be for him to get Stormy Daniels number? She may be unemployed presently. I wonder if Mike would want to give her number out??


The local Gendarmerie were called; arrested the horny pugilist and threw his drunk, bully ass in the slams for beating his wife.


Like Mikie did; I wonder if McLeod had any aspirations of running for The Big Chair like so many other fools in politics do?? If so, I will surmise he just shot himself in the foot.

My recommendation to Rep. McLeod stay away from the fire water. Gator Aid is a lot cheaper and would be better for him.


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Is this another privileged pay-off ….

Penn State frat brothers linked to pledge’s death won’t serve jail time, judge rules

A Pennsylvania judge has traded in jail time for a more lenient sentence for three former Penn State fraternity brothers who pleaded guilty to charges related to the 2017 hazing death of Beta Theta Pi pledge Tim Piazza.

I can bet that Piazza’s parents are elated!!

Why bother with a trial when a fix may have been in before the trial starts??

Piazza, a pledge at the time, died Feb. 4, 2017, after suffering injuries following a night of heaving drinking and hazing.

This may be just another story where; money talks and the pampered little brats get away clean with little to no consequences.

I have to blame some of the colleges that still allow hazing, or that knows it it going on , BUTT doesn’t punish the participants.

That is just the phone call all parents dread, getting a phone call saying their kid is dead.

Remember the Affluenza Kid who was spoiled rotten. What a number his ignorant parents did on this brat, constantly buying his spoiled ass out of a jam.

This situation should serve as a lesson to the all the parents that shelter their brats and continually buy their way out of a jack-pot. BUTT it doesn’t. They have to pay the Piper for their mistakes or they get the wrong message.

Anyone looking to buy their brats way onto the rowing team??? I know a guy that knows a guy …… Cash is acceptable.

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I can’t do much worse ….

Bill de Blasio (AKA Warren Wilhem) announces 2020 White House run, joining crowded field

How can a guy who changed his name from Warren Wilhem to Bill de Blasio be trusted??


Just like Albert Sharpless wants to be like the white man (the people he always bad-mouthing) by slicking his hair back; Warren changed his name from Wilhen to De Blasio (his mothers maiden name) because he wanted to be identified as an Italian. A person can change their name every day; BUTT it is what is under their epidermis that counts. That will never change.


The people that support some of the off the wall candidates must have money to burn. The chances of these fools ever getting elected are little to none. They must want to get their names in the history books stating; at one time, this fool ran for The Big Chair.

As of January 16 2019 nearly 500 have registered to run for president in 2020 (so far) While the 2020 U.S. presidential election is still more than a year away, many people are gearing up to run for the nation’s highest office — 482 people

Possibly I should throw my campaign hat into the mix. I could not do a hell of a lot worse than some of the 482 wanna-bees.


If you vote for me; you can be absolutely sure of a couple of thing; I shoot straight from the hip – tell it like it is and don’t take any prisoners. Try to top that Warren.

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Why not …….

Fox News host Pete Hegseth has privately encouraged Trump to pardon servicemen accused of war crimes

One of the soldiers under consideration for a pardon is; Army Major Matt Golsteyn, a Special Forces soldier and Afghanistan veteran, has been charged in a 2010 killing of a suspected bomb maker in Afghanistan as part of a battle in Helmand Province. His lawyer has maintained the death occurred during a mission ordered by his superiors.

I think it is stinking, rotten shame that the men and women of our country are placed into combat situations where they do not know if they will see the sun set that night. Yet they do not have the support of the government when they are following orders.

They are given orders to take out the enemy and after the fact they are prosecuted.

Remember Lt. Calley in the Vietnam war? The exact thing happened to him. He was following orders from his commanding officer to takeout the village. The village was infested with the NV.

My Lai Massacre – Wikipedia

The Mỹ Lai Massacre was the Vietnam War mass murder of unarmed South Vietnamese … Twenty-six soldiers were charged with criminal offenses, but only Lieutenant William Calley Jr., a platoon leader in C Company, was prosecuted.

On 17 November 1970, a court-martial in the United States charged 14 officers, including Major General Samuel Koster, the Americal Division’s commanding officer, with suppressing information related to the incident. Most of the charges were later dropped. Brigade commander Colonel Henderson was the only high ranking commanding officer who stood trial on charges relating to the cover-up of the Mỹ Lai massacre; he was acquitted on 17 December 1971.[92]

During the four-month-long trial, Lieutenant Calley consistently claimed that he was following orders from his commanding officer, Captain Medina. Despite that, he was convicted and sentenced to life in prison on 29 March 1971, after being found guilty of premeditated murder of not fewer than twenty people. Two days later, President Richard Nixon made the controversial decision to have Calley released from armed custody at Fort Benning, Georgia, and put under house arrest pending appeal of his sentence. Calley’s conviction was upheld by the Army Court of Military Review in 1973 and by the U.S. Court of Military Appeals in 1974.[93]

If I were either one of these falsely accused men, I would be the biggest propagandist against the USA that ever lived. It is never the Chief on the Great White horse that goes to the gallows; it is always the little Indian sitting on the Pinto that swings.

Where is the loyalty that should be shown to the people that are protecting us by serving?

Let us support our troops not try to hang them for following orders.

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The Judo guy is ALWAYS testing the water …..

NORAD intercepts 4 Russian bombers and 2 fighter jets near Alaska’s coast

Four Russian bombers and two fighter jets were intercepted near the coast of Alaska on Monday by North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), the organization said in a statement.  The Russian planes were entering the Alaskan Air Defense Identification Zone when they were intercepted, but they remained in international airspace — never entering American or Canadian airspace, according to NORAD.

View image on Twitter

North American Aerospace Defense Command@NORADCommand

NORAD fighters intercepted Russian bombers+fighters entering Alaskan ADIZ May 20. 2x Tu-95s were intercepted by 2x F-22s; a second group of 2x Tu-95+2x Su-35 was intercepted later by 2 more F-22’s; NORAD E-3 provided overall surveillance. The aircraft remained in int’l airspace

The Judo Guy is always sticking his toes in the water to see how cold it is. He is always pushing the limits to see what he can get away with. If left unattended to his devices, one day it will not be a test.

Gotta keep our eye on the HOG and our finger on the trigger. If we fall asleep at the wheel; there is surely going to be a gigantic collision.

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Why not before, always after…..

Browns running back Kareem Hunt turns to religion after assault video, baptized at Cleveland church


Cleveland Browns running back Kareem Hunt was baptized Sunday and the team’s general manager and head coach were there to support him.

Hunt was baptized at True Vine Baptist Church in Cleveland and John Dorsey and Freddie Kitchens made a surprise appearance at the ceremony.

Just like may of the convicts in the slams; they only SEE GOD after the fact. They walk around with the bible tucked under their arms like it is another appendage attached to their body.

I am not throwing stones at them for SEEING THE LIGHT, if it is legit; BUTT it would have been a hell of a lot better if they got religion before they committed the crime.

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Spy or not …..

Fox News

Your phone is spying? The truth behind the strange phenomenon

For years there has been the suspicion that our phone are eavesdropping on all of our conversations. According to the experts, that is not the case. I don’t agree with them.

Perhaps you’ve been talking to a friend about an island vacation, when suddenly deals for the Maldives or Hawaii pop up on your Facebook feed. Or you are talking to your co-worker about yard renovations when advertisements for lawnmowers litter your Twitter, or maybe you were talking about why you stopped drinking and a random sponsored article about the growing trend of “elective sobriety” is suddenly in front of your eyes.

According to Alex Hamerstone, Government, Risk and Compliance practice lead at information technology security firm, TrustedSec, “It’s easy to feel like our phone is spying on us. It is actually spying on us, but it is not eavesdropping. “The reason why we see ads pop up that seem to be correlated to the exact thing we were just talking about is because technology and marketing companies gather extensive amounts of personal and behavioral data on us, but it’s not from eavesdropping — it’s from surfing the web, shopping, posting on social media, and other things people do online.”

One other device that is under suspicion of snooping is the household gadget Alexa. According to Amazon; Amazon’s voice-controlled Alexa products are considered “always-on” devices — but that doesn’t mean they record customers’ conversations. The devices constantly listen for a user to say a “wake word,” which triggers Alexa to begin recording voice data and respond to commands.

Personally, I do not believe either one of the experts. I believe that these devices are snooping and listening to all of our conversations. There are too many co-incidents that can not be justified or considered by chance.

There is even some conversation that; when a persons cell phone is off, their conversation can still be recorded. I believe it.

Smart TV’s are another form of snooping. Every time I walk by one of these gadgets, I call it a dirty son-of-a-bitch, just in case they are listening.

There is no such thing as privacy anymore. The credit card companies, the government, even your local pharmacy knows more about all of us then we know ourselves.

If our cell phones are on, our every move is tracked and recorded. I have returned home from a restaurant and 40 miles from my house and get a text AXING me how the food was.

In one area of crime solving; the tracking of the phones has been positive, being able to place a suspect at the scene of the crime at a specific time. That is one plus out of the 1,000’s of intrusions.

Every-time we download an app to their phone or to our computer, we are AXED to relinquish all of the documents, photos and other personal information. Most of the people never take the time to read the fine print and automatically click OK. That is a very big mistake. BEWARE OF WHAT YOU CLICK ON.

One of the most powerful/intrusive companies out there is Google. Just how powerful is Google??

  • Google is a multinational tech company based in the United States with $75,000,000,000 of annual revenue and 55,000 employees.
  • Google has diversified its portfolio, acquiring YouTube, Waze, and Nest, along with expanding to the smartphone business with Android, researching artificial intelligence, and developing self-driving cars and wearable technology.
  • Through web searches and the usage of its products, Google is able to track the global arms trade, the spread of disease, censorship, and local crises successfully.
  • Google has shown it will not allow government censorship or interference from the U.S. or abroad.
  • A study performed showed that a political candidate’s ranking in search results could affect an undecided voter’s opinions.
  • Google has spent millions of dollars researching artificial intelligence, energy, and technology’s effects on people. As a leader in their field, the company is ingrained in politics, media, and technology.

With their tentacles into every facet of our lives, there is virtually nothing that Google does not know about any person after they have used their service. It is scary.

What is the solution to protecting our privacy?? There probably is no solution, except; shit-canning your cell phone, smart TV and computer; crawl into a cave about 2,000′ under ground and stay there for the duration.

I have always maintained; I question the value of any advancements in technology when there are so many negatives attached to them.

PETE AND REPEAT; We were all a lot better off in simpler times.

One good example of advancements in technology:


If this is considered progress and advancement; put me back in that cave I was talking about.

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