Police drop charge against Black man, 18, arrested while walking in Texas snowstorm

It looks like to me that these good old gals and guy that wear the blue in The Lone Star State, need to find something better to do than harass some poor guy walking in the street in a snow storm. They are a complete joke. The poor guy didn’t eve have a coat on.

All they had to do was ask him why he was walking in the street and then offer him a ride home.

Wake up boys an girl, you are suppose to serve and protect; not bust balls.

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Fauci is putting the hammer to all of the cinemas & eateries ……

Fauci cautions against dining out, even when vaccinated

Data is still out on how transmissible the virus is from someone who has been vaccinated


In my opinion; as long as the public continues to wear a mask – social distancing is applied – restaurant owners practice the sanitation guidelines by efferently disinfecting each table and chairs between guests – servers and cook wear masks; I don’t see the necessity of closing them down. These poor businesses are #STARVING and need to be reopened.

If there are establishments that do not abide by the rule; they should be closed permanently. This has to be a give and take proposition to kick the shit out of Mr. Corona. You scratch my back, I scratch yours.

The movie industry is a little more complicated to control. There has to be adequate spacing between seats – ingress and egress areas have to be #constantly-sanitized – concession stands and seating areas have to be #policed for #sanitation-purposes – ushers have to make sure the rules are adhered to. By the way, start by cutting the cost of the popcorn.

I predicted long before Mr Corona came to town, the theater industry is going to blow away like tumbling tumbleweed. With the virus combine with all that is accessible on the TELE, why go to the theaters?? Pop corn a only 1.00$ a bag.

It really surprise me and at the same time it doesn’t. These fools have yet to get a handle on how to control covid-19. It still is a gigantic guessing game. #Open-schools – #close-schools – #open-bars – #close-bars – safe distancing is 6 feet, safe distancing is 15 feet – the #germs-spores can travel 10 feet, the germ spores can travel 25 feet. WTF.

These dudes that run the show are like an #inexperienced-car-mechanic. They keep changing parts until they find the right one.

I say; open up the entire country – practice safe habits – those that do not, DFWT, thrown their ass in jail until Mr Corona has left town for good. This economy has to get going or there will be nothing left of it.

Fauci; put a lid on it and quit scaring the #shit out of everyone.

Personally, I think Mr Corona is going to be around for long time yet. It should be like having to get used to some #pain-in-the-ass that moves next door to you. What do you do; get used to them.

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Huge mistake ……

Indiana House votes to eliminate license to carry a handgun in state

The bill specified that certain offenders still could be prohibited from carrying handguns


The #legal-licensed-gun-holders are not the problem, it is the #criminal-element that is.

There have been many incidents where legal gun holders saved the lives of innocent people because they were at the scene of a crime and took out the criminal. Taking away that advantage or level playing field spells disaster.

Guns Saved These Americans From Assault and Robbery in …www.heritage.org › firearms › commentary › guns-sav…

Aug 7, 2019 — Legal Fellow, Meese Center … The vast majority of lawful gun owners will never use their firearms for unlawful purposes. … Yes, firearms can be used to carry out horrific acts of violence, and we should absolutely pursue ways …

Gun Owner with Concealed-Carry Permit Stops Chicago …www.kadn.com › content › news › Gun-Owner-with-C…

Dec 27, 2020 — A gun owner with a concealed-carry permit shot and killed an armed robbery suspect at a Chicago cell phone store on Saturday night, …

Licensed holders are a #huge part of the reason the #crime-rate is not higher than it is. It makes some of the criminals think twice before #committing a crime. By taking the permits away from the #law-abiding #packing-citizens is only opens the door wider to the criminals.

Rubbish like this is just another indicator of the lefters mentality. Next step will be to take away shot guns and other fire arms that are used for hunting.

I do agree that NO ONE except military or the cops should have #automatic-weapons. A person does not need an #AK-47 for deer hunting. If the government were able to #disarm all of the criminals first, than I am sure more people would be inclined to give theirs up.

#Common-sense: If the criminals were the only ones packing, can we imagine what chaos there would be. It is astounding that some #feeble-minded-lawmakers do not see the logic in this.

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Slap on the wrist or the back door….

“Israel is reporting that they’ve vaccinated half of their population. I’m going to guess it’s the Jewish half,” Che said on the long-running NBC show.

Will Che be given the boot or because he is black, get a pass??

Personally I think all of the #wack-jobs go way #overboard with their #super-sensitives, but if they want to play the game, the rules should apply to everyone.

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What if his name was not Cuomo ….

Legal experts warn New York Gov. Cuomo’s nursing home scandal may rise to federal level of criminal offense

Legal experts say Cuomo’s nursing home scandal could be more than just political nightmare


Based on all the #documented-evidence; is there any question as to the #severity of the #deliberate-crime Cuomo committed and his guilt??

Everyone that had a relative who was a victim of Cuomo’s diabolical scheme to CHA should initiate a law suit against him personally and the State of NY.

I don’t care who these politicians are or what their last name is; if they commit a crime they must do the time.

NY Health: 15,000+ nursing home, related facility, residents …www.wwnytv.com › 2021/02/11 › ny-health-nursing-ho…

Feb 11, 2021 — (WWNY) – More than 15,000 residents of nursing homes and related facilities in New York died of COVID-19, according to data released this …

15,000; that is more people than live in some small towns in the USA. Essentially, we can say Cuomo covered up the deaths of a whole town for his own political gain and to cover his ass Anddddd, the judicial system is trying to figure out if he committed a crime?? I don’t care what his last name is or who his father was. This was a deliberate act and he should be held accountable for it.

Take the politics out of it and do what needs to be done. It is only fair that the victims families get their pound of flesh and their 40 pounds of gold = 1,040,000.00 for their losses.

What if his name was Joe Blow, would it make a difference?? #You-betcha!!

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In true fashion …..

graphical user interface, website

Come on J J – at least give credit where it is due. If it were not for Trump’s Warp Speed in getting the vaccine made; if we had to wait for it to go through governmental channels; we would still be waiting for the cave man to chisel the wheel.

Image result for caveman chiseling wheel


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There is an unsuspecting freak at every turn …


Nothing but a degenerate in a tux.

James Franco wore a Time's Up pin on his lapel at the Golden Globes on Jan. 7,  2018, days before allegations of inappropriate behavior against him broke.

I know #sexual-imposition is not really about sex, it is about control. There are #sons-a-bitches like Franco who have a little bit of #notoriety roaming around, pretending to be good guys but are nothing but #degenerate-perverts, Dangling #the-golden-pork-chop.

It alleged that Franco “sought to create a pipeline of young women who were subjected to his personal and professional sexual exploitation in the name of education,” and that students were led to believe roles in Franco’s films would be available to those who went along.

Possibly the Tinsel Town freaks will give Franco a staring role in a new film to reward his #bad-behavior. Isn’t that how they roll?

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Should be a pistola on every-ones side ….

Louisiana shooting spree leaves 3 dead; armed citizens credited with saving lives

The crime happened near a gun store and range just outside New Orleans

If the playing (killing) field was even, there would be a lot less crimes and more dead criminals.

Did the banditos ever hear of the four letter WORK?? If they are shot dead in the commission of a crime; they have reaped what they have sown.

Of all places to try and rob, a gun shop. Should the stiff/dead guy have considered there would be armed people in the store?? Hello. Who ever said criminals were smart.

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When the dust settles and reality sets in …..

Rep. Jayapal’s tweet about canceling $50G in student loans doesn’t go exactly as planned

“Pls figure out what to give working class people who … feel they’re footing the bill with nothing in return,” one respondent wrote

Every imaginable lie has been told, millions of suckers bought into the lies, every bit of deceit that can possibly been spread has been, the votes have been counted, the bull-shitters have been elected. Now the time to come up-shooting has arrived, and now reality sets in. How do we pay the bills??

J J (Jokin Joe) #deceived the hell out of the #unions and #blue-collar-workers. He lied his way into the Casa Bianca and the 1st things he did was #shit-can the oil pipeline putting 1,000’s of workers out of a job. Do you think he would have been elected (if he really was) if he would have declared up-front what his intentions were?? Hell no.

Biden indicated Tuesday that writing off $50,000 in student debt is not something he believes can be “done with presidential action,” but said he was prepared to eliminate $10,000 for students.

Did Biden kill 11,000 jobs by ending the Keystone Pipeline …www.firstcoastnews.com › article › news › verify › veri…

Jan 27, 2021 — How many jobs are being lost after the order to stop the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline? How many jobs does he plan to create with …

Student loans is just the tip of the icepick. The time will come when the rest of the empty promises will become due and will always have the same question; how do we pay for it??

I watched that #ding-bat-Occasio do and interview sometime back. When the reported asked he how she intended to pay the tab for all the #FREE-BEES; her answer was, I don’t know but we always find a way.

Image result for ocasio platform

A few of her #pipe-dreams are reasonable; but mostly #hog-wash just to attract the votes. When reality sets in and it is time to come up with the #dead-presidents, they still do not have the answer.

Image result for money Dead Presidents

I don’t know if the general public is that #stupid or they just do not pay attention to what is going on around them. There are #no-free-lunches. Someway or another the Piper always comes around to collect what is due him.

Image result for pay the piper

No money – no music.

The Chinese also have a great saying; No tickie, no laundry!!

Image result for Chinese say no tickie no laundry

The absolute best of the best of the FREE-BEES is, the gigantic lie of Universal Income, that TMC and his crew were/are kicking around.

Image result for Universal income

The whole thing boils down to; every citizens gets a monthly check, but no one is compelled to work. Brilliant, HUH?? As you may have guessed; they don’t know how to fund it.

Obama: Consider a universal basic income – The Weektheweek.com › speedreads › obama-consider-universal-ba…

Speaking at the Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture in South Africa on Tuesday, Obama raised the notion of …Jul 17, 2018 · Uploaded by NBC News

Obama speaks favorably about UBI but stops short of …basicincome.org › news › 2018/07 › obama-speaks-fav…

Jul 18, 2018 — Much of his work involves Universal Basic Income (UBI). He is a co-founder of the U.S. Basic Income Guarantee Network (USBIG). He served as …

Talk about turning this entire country into $worthless-zombies!! 25% of the country is headed in that direction already.

Give a man a fish he eats for a day; give him a fishing rod he eats for life!! There is a lot to be said for these old clichés.

J J and company would rather send trillions across the pond than take care of the needy in this country.


There is always a lag time for reporting accurate numbers, so for 2021, we’ll be using the numbers from 2019. In this year, the United States spent over $47 billion in foreign aid (on par with what it spent in 2018). Just over 35% of that budget went to just ten countries:

  1. Afghanistan ($4.89 billion)
  2. Israel ($3.3 billion)
  3. Jordan ($1.72 billion)
  4. Egypt ($1.46 billion)
  5. Iraq ($960 million)
  6. Ethiopia ($922 million)
  7. Yemen ($809 million)
  8. Colombia ($800 million)
  9. Nigeria ($793 million)
  10. Lebanon ($790 million) 

Does this make sense when some of our own people are destitute??

Folks; all I can say is:

Image result for TV program you asked for it

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Tricky Dick Cheney’s bedfellow …..

Blackwater founder Erik Prince accused of Libya weapons ban violations in UN report

Prince is likely to be referred to the U.N.’s Sanctions Committee, which could order a freeze on his assets or a travel ban

Making Sense Of The Blackwater Connection – CBS Newswww.cbsnews.com › news › making-sense-of-the-black…Aug 21, 2009 — A month later, Erik Prince, the company’s owner and a former Navy … for an investigation into whether Vice President Dick Cheney ordered the …

Now the guy that should have been investigated is Dick Chaney. DC has more twists and turns than Lombard Ave.

Image result for crooked street California

Just his connection to Haliburton, the defense contractor, where he was the CEO before he became VP with George H Bush was a very suspicious move.

Was it just a co-incident that Haliburton was GIVEN (no bid contracts) for restoration work Iraq. The arrangement was, We will blow it up and We will have an open bank account to fix it.

en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Halliburton

Halliburton has become the object of several controversies involving the Iraq War and the company’s ties to former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney. Cheney ..

When DC quit Haliburton and joined the George H Bush forces when he ran for president, DC was GIVEN a 36 million dollar #going-away-present. SOOOO; was it any surprise that Haliburton was awarded (#no-bid-contract) most of the #rebuilding contracts in Iraq war. Just one of the contracts was over 7-billion-dollar$, with no other competitive bidders.


Blackwater: bulging biceps fueled by ideological purity | The …www.seattletimes.com › opinion › blackwater-bulging-bic…

Nov 14, 2007 — BLACKWATER, the secretive private army now emerging into public view, is a … and Blackwater are the brainchild of Vice President Dick Cheney and … Cheney was hired as Halliburton’s chief officer, awaiting the return of a …

A Closer Look at Cheney and Halliburton – The New York Timeswww.nytimes.com › U.S. › Politics

Sep 28, 2004 — 17, Mr. Kerry declared: “Dick Cheney’s old company Halliburton has profited from the mess in Iraq at the expense of American troops and …

Contractors reap $138bn from Iraq war | Financial Timeswww.ft.com › content

Mar 18, 2013 — … of Halliburton, which was once run by Dick Cheney, vice-president to … Square shootings in 2007 in which Blackwater security guards killed …

Tip of the ice pick. And the guy was never investigated. That is some serious clout.

One of the reason these people are not investigated; the people that would have the authority to do the investigating, many times are connected to the #scams/crimes and will #implicate themselves or their cousins, maybe their Mama. One #vicious-circle-of-power.

Between GWB and DC they started wars in the Middle East that cost this country trillions of dollar$ and #1,000’s-of\-lives, all for profit. They both knew that Sad-Ham did not have weapons of mass destruction; their own chief inspector, who made a trip to Iraq, told them there were no such weapons, but they invaded anyway.

Much of the devastating positions the USA is caught-up in today, snow-balled and is a result of the Iraq war that should have never happened. Who was behind it; DC & GWB. Where was investigations?? How much of a kickback did GWB get out of the whore deals??

We can see the connections that Blackwater – Haliburton – Dick Cheney were all in bed together and probably still are.

Investigating people like this is #foolhardy and a waste of time and money, they never go anywhere. They are too heavily connected.

Let us wait and see if Prince, Dick Cheney’s bed-fellow is ever tried and convicted. Don’t bet on it. If the Prince is ever knocked off of his thrown, chances are DC and a lot of other big boys will go down with him.

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