Be proactive – lay down – play dead …..

Virginia Walmart shooting: 6 victims killed include 16-year-old boy

Chesapeake, Virginia authorities released the names of the other five people killed during Tuesday’s deadly rampage in the retail chain store

It is a total disgrace that subjects such as horrendous should even have to be considered or spoken about.

In the unfortunate event, you happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and some psychotic shooter comes out of nowhere and starts opening fire; if you CAN NOT run away or hide safely, there is no safe place for you to escape to, lay on the floor or ground, lie as still as possible, and pretend you are dead. That little tip, a bit of strategy may save your life.

Let’s face it folks; unless the PP (piss poor) politicians get off their dead ass and take whatever drastic steps are necessary for the prevention of these mass shootings; (eliminating automatic weapons) steps that I have recommended, we are never going to see the end of these horrendous conditions, they are only going to escalate.

Your chances of survival by using that strategy are not foolproof but will increase immensely.

Sad to say, while I’m doing this post there are thousands of mentally ill people or degenerates out there sharpening their swords, planning their next sick move so they can have their 15 minutes of fame. What a sick ass world live in. Do you think it’s going to get better?? Don’t hold your breath.

I can not stress this enough: only use this tactic if you CAN NOT run away or hide safely.

Don’t go where you don’t belong – always be very vigilant – as we have witnessed, these tragedies can happen anytime any place.

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All in the family – No Archie Bunker ….

In order of dictatorship, we had Kim Il Sung – Kim Jung Il – Kim Jung Un, now we have the vicious sister Kim Yo Jon kicking up the dust in the news by making threats against the USA mostly, but the entire world.

It’s just boggles my brain knowing that there are human beings (or at least that’s what they call themselves) who are that demented, in humane, and vicious as this quartet.

First, we had the founder of communist North Korea, Sun, then we had his fucking whacked-out son, Il, next came the even more whacked-out grandson, Un, and now we have his granddaughter, Jon another certified mental case that just may top them all in the lunitic department.

Are these people all just a lot of conversation with their threats?? I really doubt it. As I’ve said so many times before; saving FACE is very big in Oriental culture. The kid dictator has made so many threats up till now he would look very cowardly if he did not follow through with them. Especially if he became ill or flipped his already demented lid.

If all the North Korea leader (the Kid Dick-tator) is looking for is to be recognized as a nuclear power??If this will satisfy his monstrous, obsession/behavior and have him back off, why not give it to him. No one can deny that they are nuclear power and a severe threat to the rest of the world. These would be intended to be only words and not a sign of defeat.

BUTT, more over, ALWAYS keep your eye on the hog and finger on the trigger, being 1000% vigilant just in case, preemptive if necessary, if this guy and his wacked-off clones need to be silenced.

When dealing with lunatics such as these four, there is no telling when or where they might pull the pin. I their twisted minds, they are not smart enough, humane enough and can careless for civilian casualties,

They are not normal, healthy minded, functional people.When dealing with their unpredictability, we must be 1000% vigilant just in case. The same goes for Putin, though I think the kid is more dangerous than he is.

SOOOOOO, if all this lunatic (THE KID) desires and it will tame him down, give him the recognition he so desperately desires.

I find it very peculiar that we have the technology to read a license plate on a car from 500 miles from outer space, but with that technology we will not have the desire to use that capability to take out whatever and whoever becomes necessary. That only leads me to believe there is $ome $eriou $oldi being made over all of this instability.

I don’t trust any of our political government leaders or at least 95% of them. Our history has proven me to be absolutely correct..

When we are seeing so many negative (silently) changes being made to the military, lessening our military strength, either by cutting their financial support, (our proven ways of being successful), in my estimation there are some, serious, nefarious, clandestine underlying intension transpiring.

Never try to fix the wheel if it is not broken.

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What’s next, how to make #Molotov #cocktails ….

The University of Florida College of Medicine was singled out in a new report on how the school has adopted woke policies.

The University of Florida College of Medicine was singled out in a new report on how the school has adopted woke policies. (iStock)

The report from Do No Harm, a group of medical workers against divisive racial policies in medicine, explains that the college uses “equity” initiatives to train a new generation of “antiracists” in medical fields — two terms at the core of critical race theory. Those initiatives include active recruitment of “underrepresented groups,” suggested readings on diversity and equity for aspiring student and a code of ethics that explains how to address implicit bias.

What’s next, how to make Molotov cocktails or have a slip of the knife while slicing and dicing at the operating table to make it look like an accident. Just how far and how deep does their radical bullshit go.

Maybe I’m missing something, but it was always my understanding that schools of higher learning we’re supposed to educate people, not push hatred and create monsters out of the students to keep the fires raging.

It is no wonder that racial tensions continue to exist and do not look like they’re turning the corner anytime soon when we have organizations like this twisting and manipulating their students’ very impressionable, not yet fully developed brains.

WTF Is the matter with these fools? Why don’t they just come out in the open, have special schools set up where they have a curriculum on how to despise and not get along with white people.

This may be a case of one more time when I miss something. Will someone tell me what their end game is except to dominate the USA and impossibly the world with some of their progressive, racist,  socialist-mentality

Are these fools trying to resurrect some old hatred, old-style tactics that should be only seen through the rearview mirror?? This is one of them.

It may be bum scoop; I understand that the University of Florida starting a separate class on keeping the racial fires going called “BURN BABY BURN”. Maybe just a rumor, BUTT we all know, anything is possible and never out of bounds.

 “Burn, baby, burn,” a street slogan during the 1965 riots in and near the Los Angeles neighborhood of Watts, came from an on-air catchphrase used by the popular black Los Angeles disc jockey, the Magnificent Montague.Aug 16, 2005

Come on fools; get your head out of your ass and learn how to respect one another. You don’t have to like me because I probably don’t like you. Let us get it together, you respect me and I will respect you and that will be 90% of the battle. If you are not interested in racial harmony, keep poisoning the minds of these young kids. While you are at it GTALW off of a short pier!!!

It looks like to me, with all these nut jobs running their twisted minds, they are not interested in teaching their kids how to coexist, they want them to be brought up in the same miserable conditions they were.

I would put that under the heading of great parenting and great guidance.

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The wisest thing they have done …..

Polls show that many Americans have concerns about reelecting the nation’s first octogenarian president, and even some Democrats in Congress have called for Biden not to run again.

How many times do they have to get screwed/beat up by this fool before they wise up?

It’s not bad enough he is demolishing the rest of the world, he is even doing a number on his own party. It looks like some of them have wised up.

Kamikaze Joe is living in the past. He still has the mentality the United States is untouchable.  At one time I may have agreed with him, but not entirely now. He fails to realize what harm the democratic/progressive party has done to this country in recent years. They have chopped down its credibility and strength as a superpower. This is an issue I think that Kamikaze does not want to accept or understand.

K J is like the guy who keeps showing up to work wearing a 20-year-old-suit and thinks he still looks sharp. He has no idea how outdated he is.

Because of his ignorance and inability to shut his big mouth, look what he has done to the relationships with foreign governments.

Based on strained conditions with Russia, China, North Korea, and other adversaries we need all the support we can get. Optimistically if the shit hits the fan and it looks like that may be possible, the USA is not stupid enough to try to go it alone. Personally, I think we’ve seen our day in the sun.

Will Komikaze ever change the outdated suit he refuses to put in mothballs?? I really doubt it, he is too feeble-minded and arrogant. His delusions of grandeur and greatness are off the charts!!

The real Corker will be; how many imbeciles out there would support him to run for president again. I am sure there are millions who think he’s doing a good job. They must not have been at the gas pumps, eaten in a restaurant, or gone shopping for groceries.

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They won’t stop until they destroy it all ….

Pentagon promotes critical race theory, gender identity ‘insanity’: GOP report

Defense Department insists it does not teach critical race theory

The report from Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., and Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, details how the military has allocated resources to root out extremism within its ranks as it promotes predominantly left-wing ideas on race and gender. This includes documentation on how military employees promoted critical race theory and espouse anti-White views.

However their own study they conducted blew up in their own face. The report from the Biden administration, “Countering Extremist Activity Working Group,” later identified fewer than 100 cases of extremism from the 2.1 million active forces, a rate of .005%. Those are some pretty low percentages, no matter how the baloney is sliced. They are trying to make a problem where one does not exist.

These fools are trying to fix something that is not broken which is just another giant step in the extremists’ far-left attempt to weaken and destroy the country.

I would hope that these shit-stirring bastards are on the front lines having to face the consequences when all of these radical decisions they’re trying to push come to fruition so they can be victims of their own insanity.

I did my time in the military so I can speak 1st hand on the racial climate when I served. There was none. A Marine was a Marine,

Black, white, yellow, green, Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, democrat or republican, it didn’t matter who their daddy was.

Having served in the military should be the top requisite for any politician to hold office, especially the president. GMAFB

As a matter of fact, while in Parris Island boot camp, me being Italian, from Cleveland, and thought I was a bad-ass, was abused more by the DI’s than any of the black guys were. It was all part of the training.

At the time, because of the intensity and their sick way of instilling discipline, I thought I had died and gone to hell. Looking back at it, in retrospect, I would not have changed a thing.

As a matter of fact, the civilian population should use the military as an example of camaraderie and how people should get along. If and when two people (fights were far and few between), one black and one white got into of fisticuffs, it was not about race it was about two guys trying to kick the shit out of one another.

When the dust settled, they both went their separate ways and neither one of them went to the barracks, retrieve the gun and shot the other one. In my opinion, I would say there was no racial discourse in the USMC at the time I served.

I had a lot of black friends as well as white friends. Some of the black guys could be trusted more than some of the white. We did not have someone in the wings trying to shove their radical ideologies down our throats creating something that did not exist.

As a matter of fact, I had a black kid from Cleveland named Roy Clark over my house for dinner after boot camp. That shows you how prejudice my family and I was/am.

Leave well enough alone you bunch of five-star Jack offs, you and the BIG GUY fool that sits in THE BIG CHAIR. Using the old cliché; if it is not broken, don’t try to fix it.

The only thing I would recommend to alleviate the problem that does not exist; get rid of the assholes that are running the operation (military and civilian) and put some fresh blood in there that does not have their mind twisted by the establishment.  

My advice to the civilian powers; keep your fucking nose out of military business/operations. 99% of you parasites have never served in the military, so what the fuck do you know about military procedures and operations?? Go back to work (the politicians 4 letter word) trying to figure out other ways of screwing this country up. Leave the military to the military.

Having served in the military should be the top requisite for any politician to hold public office, especially the president. GMAFB


Get down and give me 50 you assholes.

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They finally figured out which side their bread was buttered on ……

One of country’s most liberal cities takes moderate turn after election, pushes back on ‘Defund the Police’

Candidates backed by law enforcement and the Chamber of Commerce are winning in West Hollywood

They finally figured out which side their bread was buttered on.

It must kill these fools forced to eat crow.

Pass the salt and pepper – the feathers are gagging the shit out of me

Even the most, stubborn, naive, and ignorant people in the country, at some point in their life, must come to a resolution and figure out what side their bread is buttered on.

The fact of the matter is; they knew the difference/ quite some time ago but were ignorant and stubborn to admit the F-edup. I guess they had to be abused and bleed a little bit before they would concede to their stupidity.

I wonder just how bad crime and lawlessness must get before the rest of the country wakes up?? Some fools never learn!! How about it Kamakazi??

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Easy solution – WTFup ….

Crime, panhandling hurting local businesses, Nashville area store manager says: ‘We’re losing customers’

Crime, panhandling negatively impacting local economy, Madison, Tennessee, business owner says

For the fools that vote consistently vote on the socio-democratic ticket and continually have problems with out-of-control crime, keep putting these brain-dead politicians in office that are against upholding the law. It can’t get much more simple than that.

No one to blame for yourself.

Politics & Voting in Zip 37115 (Madison, TN) › zip-code › tennessee › mad…

Davidson County, TN is Very liberal. In Davidson County, TN 64.5% of the people voted Democrat in the last presidential election, 32.4% voted for the …


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Drag her out by her vile tougue …

Kevin McCarthy says he will remove Ilhan Omar from committee assignment over ‘antisemitism’ when speaker

Omar has been accused of making several antisemitic comments in the past, including claiming Israel has ‘hypnotized the world’

It’s about time somebody puts the hammer to these out-of-control anti-American bitches They have been getting away with their inflammatory rhetoric far too long running their mouths without any repercussions. Mostly everyone is fearful of being called a racist if the bump heads with these socialist hogs.

I have always maintained, if I were invited to someone’s house for dinner, and enjoy all the hospitality and food that goes along with it; I would be a total imbecile if I were to insult them and should be tossed out the back door immediately,  

Rabble rousing bitches – Squad is too polite

Their disrespectful behavior shows just what kind of degenerate anti-Americans they are,, abusing the system it made it possible for them to live in this country with all of its freedoms and benefits. Essentially they are spitting the (freedom) food they are eating back in their host (USA) face.

I’m elated to see that McCarthy is putting the hammer on these Broads. It’s about time we have somebody in office with some goolunies that can stand up to them and not be intimidated by their big mouths and their racial heritage.

A small example of what classless bimbos they are. Take a look at who is standing next to this beast when she went off on Trump. Real classy lady.

New Congress member creates stir by saying of Trump: “We’re going to impeach this motherfucker!”

I hope her husband has a little more refinement than she does so her kids don’t grow up to be a big imbecile like she is. Doubtful; People that live with a dog (bitch) you generally get flees.

MESSAGE TO THE BEAST: Girl; don’t like the food at the party, TAFHike. Drag your beasty-step- sisters with you.

Take my word for it, you will absolutely not be missed.

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Every man’s dream …

North Korea unveils daughter of Kim Jong Un at missile launch site

Kim Jong Un’s daughter’s name, age remained unclear

Every proud man’s dream; is to be able to showcase his daughter on her coming out debut at one of the missile sites he uses to threaten the world.

I tried to figure out many times what makes these people tick, but can never come up with a sensible answer. Where is the justification as to how these Mad Men like Putin and The Kid Dictator operate? They have the conscience or rational feelings and attempt to pose as a decent family man while they are brutalizing so many people in this world.

I guess that is the reason the term sociopath was coined. In their sick minds, they have no regard for anything or anyone but themselves. In many cases that includes their family.

They are not normally functional people and are demented to the core. Who else do you know of that would execute his uncle with a grenade launcher because he fell asleep at one of his meetings?? That really speaks volumes. There is no way possible to get into this guy’s head, except he is a very sick puppy void of feelings and emotions.

Kim Jong Un showed off headless body of his executed uncle › world-news › kim-jo…

Sep 11, 2020 — North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ordered the killing of his uncle Jang Song Thaek in 2013, two years after he came to power.

Kim Jong-Un executes defence chief with anti-aircraft guns › watch

North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un has reportedly ordered the execution of his defence minister, Hyon Yong-chol, with anti-aircraft …

YouTube · Channel 4 News · May 13, 2015

Honey; this is the BAD BOY I use on people that really piss me off!!

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How did WOKE let this one slip by …..

Products to get before Black Friday arrives—and other shopping tips

Kaleb A. BrownRachel Moskowitz

It seems odd to me that none of the radical black community members ever jumped on the bandwagon to get the name BLACK FRIDAY shit canned. Possibly their WOKE hasn’t completely AWOKE yet.

All this sensitivity about changing the names of sports teams, buildings, statues, etcetera has been blown way out of proportion. It used to be a huge compliment to have something named in a person’s honor.

Another blip on the WOKE radar screen until recently is Aunt Jemima. She has been on the pancake mix box for 100 years, and now all of a sudden she is WOKE TABBOO.

Slave in a box – GMAFB

If they were smart, they should be looking for royalties instead of lawsuits.

Just like the pancake mix, there is always some nutcase out there stirring the shit pot to keep the racial fires going.


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