Gotta wonder about PDT ….

Let the man rest in peace …

In a meeting PDT was having about the Boeing air planes he was instrumental in grounding, some how John McCain came up in the conversation.

It is no secret that the men would rather climb Mt Everest on their tongue then shake hands with one another; that is when PDT took another shot at the dead senator.


First, he lambasted the late Arizona senator for giving the uncorroborated Steele dossier to the FBI. Trump quoted Ken Starr as saying this was “unfortunately a very dark stain against John McCain.” Trump added:

“He had far worse ‘stains’ than this, including thumbs down on repeal and replace after years of campaigning to repeal and replace!” And there was another shot against “‘last in his class’ (Annapolis) John McCain.”

These are the things that make PDT look like a fool. Very unprofessional and unnecessary. Let the man rest in peace.

Can he really blame people for getting pissed off at his adolescent remarks?? What the hell is he thinking of??

Pete and repeat; PDT is his own worst enemy. He could go through life a hell of a lot easier if he watched his P’s & Q’s, but doesn’t seem smart enough to GET IT!!

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Judas around every corner ..

Fox News

National Enquirer paid brother of Jeff Bezos’ girlfriend $200,000 for text messages: WSJ

The National Enquirer paid the brother of Jeff Bezos’ mistress $200,000 for the private text messages between the two lovers that were published in January, according to a Wall Street Journal report Monday night.


Michael Sanchez, the brother of Bezos’ girlfriend Lauren Sanchez, reportedly provided the intimate communications to American Media LLC, this after months of speculation as to how the tabloid obtained messages revealing lurid details about the Amazon CEO’s alleged love affair.

Like the biblical Judas, Sanchez sold his soul for a mere bag of silver.

On the other side of the penis; one has to wonder what Jeffery has between his ears that he would take selfies of the LITTLE GUY to send to his broad??? Jeffery is only worth 144 billion (at this second) and should know there are droves of people out there wanting to take him down or get a PIECE of him.

Then we have Sanchez (JUDAS) that probably could have named his price if he approached Jeffery with a shake-don proposition, but Judas did have the balls to do it. As a matter of fact, he initially denied he had the texts showing the LITTLE GUY smiling.


The question still remains; how did Sanchez get the texts? His sister (Jeffery’s broad) must have sent the text to him. In that case, possibly Judas and his sister may have been in cahoots.

Lauren may have cooked her own goose with Jeffery. You now, the trust thing!!

Strange world we live in.

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Blind runner finishes NYC Half Marathon with help of guide dogs

Blind runner finishes NYC Half Marathon with help of guide dogs

That is why they are called man’s best friend.

Congratulation to Thomas and the pooch

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Is Fox loosing its backbone …..

Fox News pulls ‘Judge Jeanine’ show one week after remarks on Rep. Ilhan Omar’s hijab

A week after Jeanine Pirro questioned U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar’s hijab and patriotism on the air, Fox News pulled “Justice With Judge Jeanine” because of “scheduling matters.”

You know what my rebuttal to that is:

Pirro has been embroiled in controversy following a segment last week, where she questioned if Omar’s headscarf means the Minnesota congresswoman prioritizes Sharia law above the U.S. Constitution she took an oath to protect and defend.

“Omar wears the hijab, which according to the Quran 33:59, tells women to cover so they won’t get molested,” Pirro said during her “Opening Statement” segment on March 10. “Is her adherence to this Islamic doctrine indicative of her adherence to Sharia law, which in itself is antithetical to the United States Constitution?”


It’s not unusual for Pirro to get criticized for the things she says on the air but it is slightly out of the ordinary for the rebukes to come from within Fox News itself.

It is obvious as the nose on Pinocchio’s face that Omar has an ax to grind by her attitude, the way she displays that gigantic chip on her shoulder and spouts off with all of her hateful rhetoric.

She absolutely is SIGNIFYING by wear the hijab. I am not suggesting she does not wear the head-dress, that is her prerogative, but do not take offense if someone asks why.

SOOOOO, is the judges question as to where the rebellions Muslim’s allegiance stands out of line?? Not as far as I am concerned.

What do we see in this picture.

Good observation; a pig in a pen eating. It is not a swan in a lake swimming around. SOOO, call them like we see them.

If Omar is offended by the judges question, that her fault. If Fox is capitulating to the other-side, getting weak in the knees, they are metaphorically sleeping with the enemy.


This women was elected to up-hold the laws of the United States, not to spread her poison throughout the country. That is exactly what she is doing. Anyone that can not see that is blind ORRR, one of the same.

FOX, GET A SET and reinstate the judge’s program. The good guys need all the people we can muster defending this country and telling it like it is. The Judge is one of the best.

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PDT should send her flowers thanking her …..

Fox News

Jewish voters are furious at Dems’ defense of Ilhan Omar


Jewish voters furious at Democrats’ defense of Rep. Ilhan Omar say they’re done with the party that has held their support for generations.

“We felt we had a home there,” said Mark Schwartz, the Democratic deputy mayor of solidly blue Teaneck, NJ. “And now we feel like we have to check our passports.”

Caulk one up for the Republicans. The more this anti-American socialist runs her mouth, the stronger PDT looks for reelection.

This can be a great example to PDT on what the END RESULT of popping off at the mouth can get a person.

Learn by others mistakes.

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If I were a betting man …..

Dead model linked to Silvio Berlusconi ‘bunga bunga’ trial showed ‘symptoms of poisoning’: report

ROME – A Moroccan model who was reportedly a regular guest at sex parties hosted by former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi — and was said to be writing a book about her experiences — may have been fatally poisoned, prosecutors in Italy say.

Imane Fadil, 34, died March 1 in a hospital in Milan, where she had been undergoing treatment since Jan. 29 after exhibiting symptoms of poisoning. Laboratory results suggest she may have had radioactive substances in her system, including cobalt.

Now ladies and gents; cobalt is not a substance that anyone on can walk into the corner drug store and purchase a pound of. SOOOO, if I were a betting man, I would hag the jacket on Silvio, either directly or indirectly.


Through the years, this guy has continually been beating the system, using his wealth and power.

Take a look at what Wikipedia has on the guy. Teflon Don Gotti looks like a beginner compared to Silvio.

When we are kids, we look at the world like looking through a kaleidoscope with all of its beautiful colors. As we get older, reality sets in and we see just how corrupt MOST of the world really is.

Unfortunately, the people that we should be-able to trust the most are the ones we can trust the least!!

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Off base John ….

Fox News

John Gotti Jr. slams cops over Frank Cali accusations, demands apology

John Gotti Jr. took a whack at law enforcement Saturday after law enforcement sources revealed that Gambino mob boss Francesco “Frankie Boy” Cali was slain over a “personal dispute” with a 24-year-old Staten Islander — and not by his recently-sprung uncle Gene Gotti.

“I wonder if these tremendously insightful law enforcement individuals are going to issue an apology to Gene Gotti,” Junior, 55, told The Post.

“He has grandchildren and to have to endure the last several days of that propaganda nonsense. I’m sure it was hurtful to the kids and this is the problem we have today,” he said.

HELLOOOOO John. Do you think if your uncle was concerned about what his kids will have to go through in life because of a false accusation, he would have chosen a different occupation???


Prison and release

On May 24, 1989, after two mistrials, Gene was convicted of running a multimillion-dollar heroin smuggling ring. The first mistrial was for jury tampering, and the second mistrial was a hung jury. Two jurors were dismissed from the third trial, including an alternate who said he received a threatening visit from two men.[3]

On July 8, 1989, Gene was sentenced to 50 years in federal prison. After his sentencing, the Gambino family demoted Gene from capo to soldier because he was in prison.[4][5]

Gene Gotti was imprisoned at the Federal Correctional Institution, Pollock, in Pollock, Louisiana, from 1989 to 2018.

Gene was released on September 14, 2018, when he was 71 years old, after serving 29 years of his sentence.[6]

Gotti took aim at some law enforcement officials “who are quick to speculate and their government cooperators are all too eager to contribute to these wrong theories and therefore you put individuals into a position where they are guilty until proven innocent. It goes to show you how broken the system is….Thank god there are cameras to help law enforcement to do their jobs,” he added sarcastically.

One law enforcement source involved in the Cali investigation offered this response to Gotti’s apology demand:

“Tell Junior we will apologize once his family apologizes to the Castellano, Lino and Johnson families, and all the other families whose relatives they killed and got away with. He should stick to the movie business, or whatever else he’s doing to pay the bills.”

That about sums it up!!

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