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Candace the conservative

Candace Owens (born 1990) is an American writer, producer, and conservative commentator Candace Owens Owens in 2018 Born 1990 (age 27–28) Stamford, Connecticut, U.S. Residence New York City, New York, U.S. Nationality American Education B.A. University of Rhode Island Occupation Journalist … Continue reading

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News media, get off of this Black-man kick already !!!!!

Philadelphia police chief defends officers who arrested black men at Starbucks The CEO of Starbucks apologized, the mayor of Philadelphia was “heartbroken” and the city police commissioner defended officers who handcuffed and arrested two black men who asked to use … Continue reading

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Definitely police brutality

New video of cop beating jaywalking suspect released FOR JAYWALKING????? What the hell was in this rogue cops head that made him react to a jaywalker the way he did?? John Dillinger didn’t get treated this poorly. ‘I can’t … Continue reading

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Farrakhan the Felonious Fanatic

Republican Jewish Coalition demands resignation of Democratic leaders with ties to Farrakhan This man and people like him are one of the primary reasons racism is at an all time high in the USA. Check out his stellar background. reading

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Another giant step for mankind

Iran protests: How Trump can strike a fatal blow against a dangerous, tyrannical regime PDT threw his red USA hat into the ring by showing his support and backing the very brave protesters in Iran who are publicly taking a … Continue reading

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Got a loaf of bread under each arm and …

Civil rights and community leaders: Trump doesn’t deserve to attend museum opening CNN Just ahead of the opening of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum, leaders from the civil rights movement and the local community blasted President Donald Trump’s attendance as … Continue reading

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Michelle; tell us how you really feel

Michelle Obama: People ‘Don’t Trust Politics’ Because Republican Party Is ‘All Men, All White’ It should be no secret to anyone that doesn’t have their head where the sun doesn’t shine the Obamas’ have not been big fans of the … Continue reading

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Calling Out White Supremacy Comes With Consequences For Black Folks By Ja’han Jones           I say                Shouldn’t it have consequences? Are there any consequences if a white FOLK makes a racial against a black FOLK. You bet you sweet … Continue reading

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Moore’s kissin cousin

Gotta be related to Mush Mouth Moore Prestigious author compares arrests of looters to ‘white supremacy’         White supremacy my keister for Easter. Here we have another fanatic with a half a brain pictured with her 2nd cousin.  Looting has … Continue reading

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Wanna get depressed?? Read the news

FOX News headlines HAVOC ON HIGH SEAS Search for 10 missing US sailors after collision China newspaper claims US Navy is ‘hazard’ in Asian waters VIDEO: Search underway for 10 US sailors missing after collision Peters on USS McCain collision: … Continue reading

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