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The only one to blame is yourselves!!

Fox News Canceling a father-daughter dance is an incredible example of political correctness gone out of control Mankind or should I say people-kind, so the Canadian Prince of Fools does chastise me, has no one to blame for this completely … Continue reading

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Fox Marc Thiessen: Trump won over a lot of Americans this week. Let’s see what he does now Any open minded, intelligent person – I say – any open minded, intelligent person that watched PDT address the nation, (intelligent being … Continue reading

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Force-feeding society

Akron couple walks away from nearly $1 million on LeBron’s NBC game show ‘The Wall’ Come on folks; hasn’t this type of entertainment/exposure gotten way out of hand or what? This husband and wife team was on the TV program … Continue reading

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Just how far will they bend over????

Cleveland Indians will abandon Chief Wahoo logo next year Never in my very long life have I seen so many getting ramrodded and the shit kicked out of them by so few.  The majority has turned into the minority. Where … Continue reading

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What has proven more successful, politics or the private sector??

This article was sent to me by a good friend JA. I did many posts on the same subject in the past but I felt this was worth passing it on. Core Competency  These numbers help explain why these last … Continue reading

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He is the guy to watch

Born Abdulrahman Mohamed El-Sayed October 31, 1984 (age 33) Detroit, Michigan, U.S. Education University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (BS) Oriel College, Oxford (MA, PhD) Columbia University (MD) Political party Democratic Spouse(s) Sarah Jukaku Awards Rhodes Scholarship Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowships … Continue reading

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You can take it to the bank

US intelligence fears holiday terror attack It is a very sad commentary as to how low some bottom-feeders have slithered in so many areas, especially terrorism, with their total disregard for human life.   It is not an exaggeration that … Continue reading

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