Joe; where are you cue cards??

Fellas; guess what the doc made for dinner??

How many months have these irresponsible/do-nothing jagoffs had to resolve this debt ceiling and here we are days away and they still have their thumb up their ass.

On the 11th hour, they all will be putting on the act, breathing hard like a marathon runner pretending they work so fuckin hard.

It is my opinion that 95% of all politicians have lost the concept of what it is to work hard for their people. They only give a shit about this their tenure, when their next break will be, and how much more inside information can they scrounge up to further feather their nest. That’s what their priorities are.

I remember so distinctly a few years back when the government was supposed to be shutting down because of the inefficiency of the assholes that run it, mysteriously, out of the clear blue sky the politicians came up with a bill that would prohibit their paychecks from being stopped. It took them all of 15 minutes to do that. So who do they think they’re bullshitting?

Folks, at a very early age, if you want your kids to have a free pass in life filled with all the perks they can possibly use, free insurance, free food, free medical, free transportation, free parking spaces, an astronomical pension plan; free free free free free, start setting their sights on becoming a no good worthless politician. All of the above come with the job. Did I say free???????????

The only ceiling that I am concerned with right now is the one that all these fools are sitting under that should fall on their heads, maybe that would rattle their brains and wait them up.

Worthless doesn’t even come close

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