On their worst day, I will take either one over Kamikaze Joe ..

Opinion: Why DeSantis is just as dangerous as Trump

Opinion by Andrew Warren and Norm Eisen

Published 6:27 AM EDT, Thu May 25, 2023

I am baffled. I keep looking at the accomplishments of Trump while he was in office and there’s no fuckin way that Kamikaze Joe could even shine one of this man’s shoes.

I don’t care who you screwed when he was 30 years old, I don’t care what he did with his life before sitting in the big chair, all I cared about was for him to get the job done and that is exactly what he did. i

Andy Boy and Normy Boy want to call that dangerous, they should not have a problem being called ignorant.

There are so many fools in this country that do not understand, it is not easy to be the man or woman to be in charge, in control, and popular. In order to make advancements in any direction and accomplish a goal, a person has to step on a lot of people’s toes to complete the mission.

In general, people are very fearful of a very confident person that is not afraid to be aggressive. The key issue is to do the job properly and at the same time will be fair. non-partial in critical situations, it is paramount to take the gloves off and get deep in the mud to correct the problem. Nice guys and bleeding hearts finish last.

So the guy says Pussy once in a while. Has anybody ever listened to the mouth on some of the other politicians, including our supreme leader who has a mouth like a longshoreman?? Meanwhile, I do not take a back seat.

When situations come up as they did with Trump’s vulgarity, all of a sudden all of the boulder rollers turn into holier-than-thou, sanctified sons-a-bitches while they are probably much worse than he is.

LeBron James is a great example of being a stone hypocrite. When everybody was taking pop shots at Trump for saying pussy, all of a sudden the holy roller LeBron made a statement that he never heard such language. I did a post on it at the time indicating that he was brought up on the streets and has been playing sports all of his life where vulgarity is part of the game. And he said he never heard the word pussy. GMAFB LeBron.

My only concern is a man or a woman in any position of authority regardless of what color, race, or religion, perform their job in an efficient manner as they were elected to or appointed to. I don’t give a shit if they pissed in their pants in 2nd grade or dipped Lucy’s pigtail in the ink well.

If these fools want to call Trump and De Santis dangerous, this may be what the country needs to pull us out of this enormous rut we are in. a person that is not going to allow our foreign and domestic enemies to shit all over us.

If Trump was in office this very day, there was absolutely no way the United States would be in the dilemma it is now facing. If you want to call that dangerous so be it. I will take danger over a 2-bit pussy who was a liar, thief a conman, an ice cream licker, and incompetent any day.

Coming for an Old Jar-head, I would love to say, one of these days that once again I am proud of this country. As it stands today it is a total embarrassment.

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