A disgrace in every sense of the word ….

Afghanistan document shows Biden ‘didn’t heed’ warnings ahead of withdrawal, Rep. McCaul says

Rep Michael McCaul says the Afghanistan dissenters ‘were absolutely right’

The incompetent Biden administration failed to heed certain warnings from U.S. officials on the ground in Afghanistan prior to the president’s withdrawal operation in 2021, causing catastrophic untold death and destruction. Where the hell is the accountability??

Leading me to wonder, in this fool’s solitary moments alone when he has time to reflect and meditate, does he ever have any regrets about his irresponsibility and poor judgment or is it just another one of his premeditated plans to put more spikes in the coffin of destroying the United States? Personally, I think he is too fucking ignorant and toooooooo self-centered to have any remorse over any of his disastrous/deadly decisions.

To kamikaze Joe this is just another game he is playing with other people’s lives.

Possibly not to the fullest extent, I could put K J in the same category as XI – Putin and The Kid Dick-tator as far as their responsibility to the citizens of their country.

As a compassionate caring human being as he should be, being the leader of the USA, Kamikaze comes up as a complete 0. I used to think that the USA was more civilized than the above-mentioned homicidal monsters.

Whatever goes up, must come down. We are now heavily into mode # 2.

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