Sad to say, the grieving lady is speaking to deaf ears….

Heartbroken mom of 20-year-old who was allegedly killed by MS-13 gang member sends fiery message to Biden

Tammy Nobles speaks to ‘Fox & Friends First’ as illegal immigrant faces rape-murder charges in daughter’s death

A Maryland mother, whose daughter was raped and killed by an alleged MS-13 gang member, is set to testify before Congress on immigration after she says the White House let her daughter down over her tragic death.

“If there was a more secured border and individuals coming here was properly vetted, my daughter would still be alive today,” Nobles told Ashley Strohmier on Tuesday. “They let her down.”

I will go a set further and say; THE POLITICIANS KILLED THIS POOR GIRL.

What do we see when you look at this picture and into the eyes of this walking corpse ?? I see a walking, non-functional dead bastard. There is nothing behind his eyes but an empty space.

I saw this pathetic bum giving an interview yesterday; he continually was looking down at his lap, when I noticed he had a cue card and was reading all of his rehearsed answers.

Isn’t it a sad state of affairs when we have a government official that is not able to shoot from the hip and give honest and direct answers without being rehearsed. I compare that to kids in school that are allowed to use calculators or computers. Who was really answering the question or solving the problem the computer, the calculator or the kid??

The saddest, most destructive and horrendous day in American history will be recorded as the day that Kamakazi Joe was elected president.

The decisions and directives that have been passed directed by the Biden Administration have literally destroyed this country. The blood of all the victims should be on Joe Biden’s hands (instead of an ice cream cone) and be held accountable for each and every one of them.

The man, his constituents and den of thieves have no heart, no soul, no moral compass, and accept no responsibility whatsoever for any of the ungodly, precarious position the United States is in at this moment. It is going downhill more every day. He and his fuckin henchmen have put us there, but all you get out of this son of a bitch is, I do not see any problems there’s some chocolate milk in there from lunchtime bitch, or I had nothing to do with it.

I never thought anybody could be so ruthless and cold-blooded.

Being that this pathetic hypocrite espouse the Catholicism, I hope the son of a bitch burns in hell, taking all his henchmen and the criminals in his family with him.

On top of it all; this prick has such a bad memory he has to tell 20 lies to get out of the first one.


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