Can the governor be related to Steve??

We absolutely need a SUPER hero to pull us out of the enormous rut we are in. Governor Reeves is getting that ball rolling, taking charge like his namesake would.

Mississippi Gov Tate Reeves sounds off on ‘left-wing woke ideology’ that could ‘change the makeup of America’

‘It makes absolutely no sense to the average American and certainly doesn’t make any sense to the average Mississippian,’ Reeves said

 Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves, R., is baffled why Democrats continue to push far-left cultural ideology such as allowing gender reassignment surgery for kids and insisting biological men should be able to compete against female athletes, but he’s determined to “protect” Mississippians if the federal government won’t do it. 

Why you ask do the far-left imbeciles keep pushing hot ticket items that make absolutely no sense at all. Reasons that pop into my head, #1 they are corrupt, they want to go against everything that gave them the freedoms they are abusing, they have too much time and money on their hands and have nothing better to do.

These stupid bastards have to learn that tampering with Mother Nature was never meant to be. This is one of the reasons why the conditions of this country and the world are in the tenuous straits they are.

I’ll tell you what I would have liked to see happen; all of the radical wack-jobs should’ve been aborted seven months term into her mother’s pregnancy. If that would’ve occurred we would not have all this lunacy monopolizing and trying to change our culture.

As Governor Reeves indicated, none of anything they are supporting makes any sense whatsoever. The governor said; if the US government does not take a stand against these wack jobs, he will make sure that his state of Mississippi does not fall prey as one of their victims.

It took a good old southern gentleman to come up and have them nuts to stand up against these idiots. I know exactly what will happen; somewhere down the line, the government will threaten to cut off their federal funding if the state does not dance to the federal governments’ tunes.

Let’s face it folks; if 2024 goes South and we continue down this dangerous path. The United States is certainly doomed.

This country cannot take four more years or even 1 more month or one more day of this administration and its socialist fanatical policies. They are literally destroying the country, and lying their stinking asses ass off to the American public like everything is OK on the Western Front. Never can we have ever imagined this once great country could be in such dire straits.

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