A rope will get rid of that smile immediately ….

Idaho murder suspect smiles in court as judge enters not guilty pleas

Idaho murders: Bryan Kohberger’s defense stands silent at arraignment, judge enters not guilty pleas

Bryan Kohberger was arraigned Monday on charges that he killed four University of Idaho students

I have always supported family justice. Turn all of these unrepentant-criminals over to the family members of the victims and let us see how long the grin on the face will last.

What a disgrace, this bastard cold-bloodedly killed these four beautiful people and he finds humor in it.

All four students had been stabbed to death, according to Latah County Coroner Cathy Mabbutt – and at least some of them were likely sleeping at the start of the 4 a.m. ambush.

It would be my recommendation this vermin be put the death after being found guilty in the same manner he slaughtered these four young people, in cold-blood.

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