How do you think Pat paid for that ugly piece he wears?

‘Wheel of Fortune’ fans rip game show puzzle after another contestant ‘robbed’ of big prize

‘Wheel of Fortune’ player missed out on $100,000 during bonus round

For the category, “Phrase,” Cesar chose four additional letters “HGMA” and was left with the puzzle: “THAT _AS A _ _ _ _ TAL _A_T_R.”


The only pivotal factor in this situation is, this guy went from a winner to a loser in three seconds.

It should not be a surprise to anyone, the bigger the payout the harder more absurd the questions will be. Do you think that the game is possibly rigged??

How do you think Pat paid for that ugly piece he wears; not by making the answers easy. Although this question was a little over the top and makes no sense at all. Do you think that THE FIX is done deliberately?? Absolutely.

Keep the rug on Patty Boy!!

Like Karl Malden would say about his Amex card;

Don’t leave home without it.

There is another game show I have some reservations about as it’s legitimately, the outcome can be controlled with a little puff of invisible air.

Never say never.

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