Seven-year itch???

North Carolina teacher accused of having sex with student, busted again with juveniles: police

Elizabeth Bailey allegedly violated the terms of her pretrial release for the second time since she was arrested last year for allegedly having sex with a student

Elizabeth Suzanne Bailey, a 37-year-old North Carolina teacher who was arrested for allegedly having sex with a student, violated her pretrial conditions for the second time. (Iredell County Sheriff)

Some fools never learn their lesson. I guess when a person looks as rough as this broad, she GOTTA snatch-up whatever she can.

Meaning of seven-year itch in English

A married person who has a seven-year itch is feeling unhappy with their marriage after seven years and is considering having a sexual relationship with another person. Marriage, cohabitation & other relationships. adulteress. affinal. as husband and wife idiom.

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