I guess stupidity need not be permanent …..

VOTERS’ REMORSE: Blue state survey shows majority want to re-criminalize drugs: ‘We made an enormous mistake’

‘Oregon has turned into an international spectacle’ after drug decriminalization, trial attorney says

Even a tree-chopping imbecile has the right to change your mind. Now I will take them out of the Imbecile column and put them in the foolish section.

For what it is worth, I give the people in Oregon and other blue states’ credit for waking up and smelling the very harmful Mary Jane and other more-powerful drugs. FINALLY they can see the error of their foolishness and are recognizing the only direction fools hooked on drugs can go downhill.

I have always maintained there was no such thing as a recreational drug user. Either you are a druggie or you’re not.

Let us hope this move of theirs is contagious. If not they can go from looking like this, to looking like this. What a pathetic-looking degenerate this F-in bum is.

I guess stupidity doesn’t have to be permanent, or does it!!

Who can we credit for guiding and protecting this bum thru life, none other than HIS GUY.

Don’t expect to see me getting off of this one nay time soon.

K J may be reaching in The Brat’s shirt pocket for a joint??? Can’t be balloons (rubbers) we know The Brat never uses them.

We know, politicians do not inhale, Wild Willie told us so.

Talk about a couple of double-headers coming back to bite him in his balls. Under the desk!!

The Horny Toad Bill doesn’t lie either.

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