A LADY with big balls …. Good for her


She has my vote …..

The firebrand congresswoman said Biden should be removed from office because he has failed to secure the border and has “deliberately compromised our national security by refusing to enforce immigration laws and secure our border.”

Greene berated Biden for permitting “approximately six million illegals from over 170 countries to invade our country” and accused the president of depriving Customs and Border Protection (CBP) of the resources needed to secure the border. 

It is about time someone steps up to the plate and puts the heat on Kamakazi Joe for the everlasting damage he has caused this country.

For the life of me, I cannot figure out why the silent majority has been for so long. The man (if he can be considered a man) is a disgrace to this to this country and for all our country used to stand for.

At least if these impeachment proceedings don’t go anywhere, and I doubt they will, if everyone in this country does not know it by now, this will expose Kamikaze Joe for the traitor he is to the United States.

It is incomprehensible that a sub-human as he is, and his criminal constituents are able to inflict their destructive ideologies and bring the country to its knees.

At the end of the day, these socialists/political Ponzi scheming bastards are the only ones that are gonna be the winners. All the ignorant birds on the trees under them are only gonna wind up covered with shit while the orchestrators of this madness split the bounty.

I may not be as shocked as I am if the perpetrator was a low-life foreign bastard that was trying to undermine the security of the United States. But for the president of the United States to be involved in this type of conspiracy is unthinkable.

If he is not removed from office and all of his hatchet men dealt with in the most severe manner, if he gets reelected in 2024, the ball game is over for the United States.

How much of a beating coming from all directions can this country take without falling completely apart. I really believed we have reached our pinnacle.

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