She can’t take the heat so she slithers out of the kitchen

Karine Jean-Pierre ends press briefing after being pressed on Durham report: ‘Fled the podium’

Twitter users attacked White House press secretary’s response: ‘She’s deflecting’

I call it hauling ass out of there.

I have made this observation so many times before. Why bother having press conferences if Buckwheat and her sidekicks control the entire narrative. They only answer what they want, how they want, looking like a Chinese fire drill storming out of the room when ask something that may be detrimental to their cause. In short, they pick and choose.

It should be their obligation to answer all questions, the easy ones and the hard ones, or why bother having any news conferences at all.

Just another sign and how the socialists want to control the entire ball game. There is absolutely no transparency in this administration’s agenda.

The only questions that Kamikaze will answer truthfully is, 1 scoop 2

I knew the guy had a big mouth, BUTTTTTTTTT

Even if many of the answers that Donald Trump gave were pulled out of his ass, many not making sense at all, at least he did give an answer.

If we want to talk about deceit, deception, dishonesty, and dirty politics, these people have cornered the market on them.

When they are backed into a corner when being questioned, they do one of a few things. Ignore the question, pretend they did not hear it, don’t answer the question, or lie their fuckin ass off, door # 4 is their specialty. How can you beat that for being able to trust your governmental officials?

I am starting to believe that the only thing separating us from some of these enemies/terrorist countries is a body of water. The officials on both sides of the fence are all the same, they only say it in a different tongue.

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