The time for action and less bullshit politics is upon the government ….

Now that they have so much overwhelming evidence, what are they gonna do with it?? Is it going to be lip service as usual, or will someone or somebody that has a great deal of integrity in guts, go after these gluttonise pirates, bring charges against them, and prosecute the shit out of them. I do have my reservations.

You may ask; who are these thieving son of a bitches??

None other than the president of the United States and his corrupt family.

If anybody believes that the evidence in-hand is the extent of Kamikaze’s criminal activity and thievery, they are sadly mistaken. This SUPER THIEF has had his hand in the cookie jar, and been up to no good ever since he’s been in politics, and probably long before that. He has gotten away with it so long that he thinks he is bulletproof, and we will see, he just might be.

He probably stole so many vegetables and fruit from the local huckster in Pennsylvania when he was a kid, that is how he honed his criminal activity to where it is now.

The sheer magnitude of Biden family corruption uncovered by the House Oversight Committee can only be described as breathtaking. It is also deeply alarming. If the fruits of Chairman James Comer’s investigation are exactly what they appear to be, Joe Biden may have jeopardized our nation’s security by selling out America for cold hard cash.

Documents show that over $10 million in foreign money flowed like a river into more than 20 shell companies and LLCs created for the Bidens’ financial benefit, said Comer. Much of it was then surreptitiously shuffled around various accounts before it landed in the hands of nine members of the president’s family. Those companies have no apparent business purpose other than to serve as a receptacle for hiding cash derived from suspected influence peddling schemes overseas.    

The evidence at hand right now is just the tip of the ice pick. It would probably take 20 years to uncover all of his misdeeds since he’s been in politics and another 20 to uncover the involvement with his family’s illegal activity.

He is like the clever bandit that keeps robbing the same bank time after time, never gets caught or held accountable, so he said to himself; what the fuck, why not do it again and again.

In this situation, I will compare him to Wild Bill Clinton that was fucking everything that walked. He got away with it for so many years that his insatiable appetite for booty never was enough. It wasn’t until he got caught with some stupid starry-eyed intern under his desk taking DICK-TATION) that caused the hammer to come falling down on him.

While Bill was so bold he even had the state troopers escorting hookers to his governor’s mansion when he was in Arkansas. No that takes a lot of balls. Do we think that Horrible Hillary had any knowledge of his infidelity?? I would say so. She may have even had a little thing going on herself. Lots of speculation out there.

Don’t forget where and when they were brought up; free love – free sex and all the MARY JANE they could possibly smoke. By the way, Billy Boy never inhaled.

He kept beating the system so he figured why zip it up!!

As for Kamikaze Joe, he has been beating the system for so long, why hang up his spurs now??

Take a good look at all the improprieties he got away with with the opposite sex. If that would have been anyone else they would have had to walk the gangplank many years ago.

My question has always been when is enough for enough for these thieving bastards. How many millions or billions do they need before they quit stealing?

They are not satisfied with the small piece of the pie, they want the whole thing. In Kamikazes situation, he just does not want the whole pie, he wants 10 gallons of ice cream on top of it.

Jesus Christ, take a look at this thing, it is almost as hard and big as MR JONES

One of my reservations in this whole scenario is, somehow these bastards with their political influence and money, just MAY beat system. If in fact they do, if the truth is told, this will go down in the American history books as the most egregious example of corruption of all times.

Whoever is responsible to make sure these people SUPER THIEVES Pay the Piper, I certainly hope that they will do their job, not be influenced or pressured by outside sources or bought off as just so common in politics.

In my opinion, justice will only be served (POSSIBLY) depending on how the 2024 election turns out. If the Democrats/socialists win; The Biden family will not only have dodged the bullet but they will continue to rob as many banks as they can. They are so proficient at what they do, they make Jesse James and his gang look like beginners.

Hopefully what we’ll bring them down is their greed. They never have enough.

Just like all the other law-breaking bastards that sat in THE BIG CHAIR, why put a halt to their criminal activity if they do not suffer any consequences??

It looks to me like when a person is elected president or many other high positions in politics, they get a free pass, only if their name is not Donald Trump.

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