This bum has his wires crossed ..

Some are calling this bastard pure evil, that doesn’t even come close to describing this decision-causing characteristics

Biden blasted for calling ‘white supremacy’ ‘most dangerous terrorist threat’ at college speech: ‘Pure evil’.

I say he is as pathetic or more so than Donnie Lemonade, the former CNN superstar saying that white men are the biggest threat to the United States when this homosexual hypocrite bastard is married to one.

Once again Kamikaze Joe has all of his ducks in the wrong fuckin row. He and his conspirators, the anti-American pricks that are backing his insane movement to socialize this country, they are the real culprits and the white threats of terrorism to this country.

Folks if you haven’t figured it out yet; Kamikaze, this anti-American prick, and all of his cronies want the United States to be in an upheaval, this fits right into their long-range plans of all Americans being dependent on their socialist regime.

They do not want peace and harmony, they do not want immigration control, they do not want crime control, they want this country to get in such deplorable shape, that at the right time just before the election, they will come riding into town on their mighty steeds ready to conquer and ruled the United States. These are some devious motherfuckers. If you don’t believe so take the blinders of, open your eyes, and take a look at what’s going around you today.

Everything that Kamikaze Joe and his crew has touched since he’s been in office has been orchestrated to put this country in turmoil. This is the way they want it.

I’ve said this several times, but it bears repeating. With the flick of a pen this son of a bitch can turn this whole country around to being the most prosperous nation in the world. But democracy is not the route that they’re taking, it does not fit into their dominance and control aspirations. They want it to be this way.

Conservative Twitter users ripped President Joe Biden for claiming that White supremacy is the “most dangerous terrorist threat” in America during a commencement address at Howard University this weekend.

Critics accused Biden of using the opportunity to inflame racial tension in the United States.

The 46th president addressed the graduates from the historical Black college at Washington D.C.’s Capital One Arena Saturday, speaking to them about the threats they face from the division among their own country.

One very important factor that Kamikaze Joe neglected to mention in his riot-inciting comments, he is a very big part of the white supremacy that is causing the upheaval in this country. He has been milking the political cow for over 50 years and sucking it dry. He has to be one of the most despicable people on this planet. He is among the many assassins that have accused Donald Trump of inciting riots by his inflammatory rhetoric. Isn’t this the same fuckin thing??

Keep telling people how bad they have it instead of encouraging them to get an education to further themselves and they will keep sticking their hand out for reparation and any other freebies that the government wants to pass on to them.

These socialist bastards have created pathetic monsters that I hope someday will gobble them up alive.

Who could have ever envisioned just how despicable Kamikaze Joe could be as the president?? I am at a loss for words critical enough to explain what a detriment this son of a bitch has been to this country.

One thing that would ease the pain, if he and his family are brought to justice for all the crimes they’ve committed over the years. Sad to say, in politics which is the most corrupt occupation in the world, it is all about conversation and smokescreens and little action.

Folks, once again they wanted it this way. They have the power the wherewithal and the authority to turn this country back around but they refused to do it. Just how bad can it get?? I’m afraid to say the best is yet to come

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