Taking a Half-assed responsibility ……

Biden quietly admits the border has been in chaos ‘for a number of years’ ahead of Title 42 expiration

President Biden has publicly blamed Republicans for refusing to act to secure the US-Mexico border


How pathetic is the lying bastard. He did the same thing only in reverse, claiming that he came up with the cure for COVID-19 and shut Trump right out-of-the-box. Any way you look at it,this guy is 1 obsessive, pathological layer from stem to stern.

K J had no choice but to admit his partial complicity when confronted with the facts concerning the border in front of the camera. How long can a person continue to bullshit, being denial with the truth that is staring them directly in the face.

Needless to say Kamikaze is a professional in that department.

In one breath he will admit there’s chaos at the border, in another breath he will try to deflect the blame to the Trump administration. Typical politician.

JK: I am part of the problem, BUTTTTTT

Hopefully his charade of lies will continue to come crashing down on him. He is like the bank robber who was standing at the window with an AK47 and deny he is robbing the bank.

True to form, with his half-assed admission of guilt naturally, he is blaming the other side. But what the hell is new.

Most people that hold political offices want to be remembered for some great accomplishment they made. Kamikaze Joe can go down in history as one of, if not the the greatest fuckin bullshitter to ever walk the face of the earth. That in itself is a hell of a way to be remembered

Based on the new revelations involving him and his criminal/thieving son as well as other members of his family, the Wall and the border may be the least of Kamikazes’ worries.

With the combination of newly discovered incriminating material, and a few more whistleblowers surfacing, if the justice system works the way it should (doubtfully) he and his crew will be taken out of commission for quite a few years.

In one breath K J will admit there is chaos at the border, in another breath he will try to deflect the blame to the Trump administration. Typical slimeball politician.

JK: I am part of the problem, BUTTTTTT …..

I still say; when the heat is turned up on the SUPER PUNK, THE BRAT is going to throw his father under the bus to save his own pathetic ass.

Holy Toledo Batman; did someone fuck up bigtime when they put this book together

Very close resemblances

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