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Catholic hospitals’ attorney reacts to win against Biden admin’s ‘shocking’ threats to force closures

‘I’ve been doing religious liberty work for a long time and I was shocked,’ the attorney for St. Francis’ hospital system said

This is really one for the books. The entire United States is metaphorically burning to the ground, but the only thing that the Biden administration can’t focus on is 1 candle burning in churches 24 hours a day.

The federal government (BidenAdministration) had attempted to force the St. Francis Catholic hospital system Oklahoma to choose between losing its accreditation for Medicaid and Medicare or removing eternal flames from its chapels, which is central to their faith. The hospital system refused, citing their First Amendment rights and religious beliefs. 

The hatchetmen in K J’s crew not only put Saint Francis Health System in peril but the entire State of Oklahoma and any person in need of Saint Francis Health System’s preeminent care, all because Saint Francis maintains a single, enclosed, and reverently kept eternal flame in its chapels,” the letter continued. “In requiring Saint Francis to extinguish its flame, you are trying to extinguish not just a candle, but the First Amendment rights of Saint Francis Health System, as well as vital healthcare for the elderly, poor, and disabled in Oklahoma.”

I have to wonder what Frany thinks about his pal’s decision to put the boots to the Church by cutting off their aid??

Thank you so much for that huge envelope Mr. President, I can use it to pay off about 400 more pedophiles.

The pope sold his soul for an envelope stuffed with $$$$$$, dead presidents.

FYI; the Pope, going against one of his bishops in the United States that turned down Biden for communion because of his political views on abortion. Mr. and Mrs Kamikaze take a trip to Italy shortly thereafter where the Pope gave communion to the dastardly duo. This act of being a traitor (the pope), gave one of his bishops proverbial slap in the face by administering Mr & Mrs the holy sacraments. It is all about the bucks folks.

Joe Biden was denied communion at Catholic church in … › 2019/10/29 › politics › joe-biden…

Oct 29, 2019 — Former Vice President Joe Biden was denied communion Sunday at a Catholic church in South Carolina over his support for abortion rights.

Bishop Rummel had the balls to make a point, take a stand, but no one else did, not even pope.

In April 1962, Archbishop Joseph Rummel of New Orleans not only denied Communion to three Catholics in his archdiocese; he went a step beyond. At 86 years of age and in ill health—he would die two years later—he formally excommunicated the three, who vehemently opposed his efforts to desegregate Catholic schools.

The nearly 60-year-old excommunication controversy in New Orleans is taking on new life. While some people now cite this as an example of a church leader willing to challenge opponents of Catholic teaching, this history is also used to buttress the argument for withholding Communion from President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and other public officials over their support for legal abortion.

The bishop was trying to do what was right by the Catholic Church setting an example and his boss kicked him right in his holy nuts.

How could that hypocritical bastard K J even have the gall, to put on a show wanting to receive communion??

Three cheers for the Bishop, two giant thumbs down for the Pope.

I wonder if Kamikaze got down on his knees and went to confession to the pope before he received communion. How can the pope give absolution to someone that is responsible for thousands of deaths, incalculable amounts of destruction, mayhem, because of his incompetence, mountains of chaos he and his HIT SQUAD has created trying to destroy a country??

True to form, it is always about power – control =

If Franny is the top dog, who does he confess his sins to??

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