A little late with this news flash George ………

George Stephanopoulos says new 2024 poll ‘brutal’ for President

ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos reacts to a new ABC Washington Post poll that found that 63% of Americans do not think Biden has the ‘mental sharpness’ to serve another term.

ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos pulled no punches reacting to a new poll on air Sunday that showed the vast majority of Americans don’t believe President Biden has the physical or mental capacity to serve another term.

No shit Sherlock, I said that long before Kamakazi raised his crooked hand to swear to deceive the American people and lie his fuckin ass off.

HELLOOOOO; what took you so long George?? Vast majority of Americans don’t believe President Biden has the physical or mental capacity to serve another term.

There are too many deficits wrapped up in KJ’s complicated personality, and unexplainable character, that disturbed me, starting with his mental and physical conditions his mental and others too numerous to list.

The one that dumbfounds me the most, this is the same man that ran for office in 2020 and got elected, this is the same man that suffered from these conditions way back then, this is the same man that the imbeciles in this country elected.

Car-mella was absolutely right. The fools in this country that voted for them got exactly what they asked for.

There was probably nothing different about him 2 1/2 more years ago than we see today, except he has a lot more time to season his conniving, thieving, devious, deceitful characteristic.

The 64,000$ question is, will the same brain-dead people that elected him in 2020 repeat history in 2024. Actually, I’m afraid of the answer.

There are too many blood-sucking parasites out there that love the 4-letter word FREE and hate the other 4-letter word WORK. That is what nay put him over the top. There are 100’s of 1,000,000’s that espouse to that way of life. There could not be a greater example describing the worthless leaches that feel they are entitled to reparation. GMAFB!!!

From where I sit and what I read, this country and the world has never been in a more precarious deplorable condition than it is now.

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